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Adrienne Johnson: Still a dope song tho lol

??? ???: i tried shroomies and i had nothing but worried. but going backward and forward through time was really cool

N2Flashy: freak me in my face

ItsShawk: 2:51 when your girl on her period

Austin Gra: still here nigga

Antuan Mcfadden: I got no worries fav

Clash With Josh: Lil wayne be flexing g shock

Cadinho Viegas: É o cara pohaaaaaa, MC troia do EUA

YoungMoneyOfficial YM: 2 0 1 7

F.W. Dayday: This song ironic cyz na lil Wayne got a lot of worries nowadays

WE ISRAEL: Matthew 10:26
[26]Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Jake pual gamer: Know worrys about his bills

Masooma Fadaei: very very good song

Rosa_Azul The Legend™: If you don’t Kno, now you Kno. Ya Kno?

Cunninlynguists ℗ APOS/RBC Records

Rodrigo Hernandez: Same I haven't heard this song in 5 yrs ago and I still know the words

Josh Smith: These are the worst freakin lil wayne lyrics I've ever heard. I'd rather listen to lolli pop 50 times in a row than here this crap one more time

Johnhtw: This is such a great video lmao

Mulisa Ndou: this is a curseing song i disliked

King blah blah: crap was cold at the end he did some dbz crap.. 3:30

Alex Cerda: This song is badass

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