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Hector Zamora: Shoes watching in 2017

layon kamika-z Oficial: 2017

brian Rosa: 2017?

untitled BxM: Took five years to know finally figure out what movie this music video was like. Fear and loathing in las vegas.

Alex Nemirow: One of the greatest music videos

Kirito Hatani: Still listening in 2017 who's with me?

Chandler Young: Took me years before I figured out the chorus wasn't lil Wayne lol

Gary 212: September 2017 anyone ?

Paul: This crap still bangs in 2017 I swear 😩🔥🔥

Andrej Rudjonok: 2017?

Black God Larro: this song makes wanna go to Vegas and pick up a homeless guy

Solo Gangz: you'll never hear this again..

zombiejack3 zombiejack3: Hmmmm this reminds me of a auther named Hunter s Thompson

Roach Boy: Whoop whoop

Deltrice Malone: that was tight

Needs More Cowbell: Im gonna be rockin out to this song when he finally Overdoses.

Terrance Edwards: lilwayne did is # 1 video win he made no worriez and kept birdman

Enedo Hila: he's my boiiiiiiiiiii

Enedo Hila: wayne the man

Edward Victor Muñoz:

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