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AdDI SeLa: 2016 and im listen this song 😁

IllumiNOTi The_Oblivion_Light: I've seen that white guy before... Anyone?

Zachary Gallegos: this aint rap wtf

Mikey Krcma: ppl don't get message ," no worries

james kelly: How will watch this in 2016 June

Josef Alaa Eddin: Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Tega Johannes Oghoro: whos watching this in 2040

awsome BROCuRrY: have to bare with U$ lil w@ne

WWE Videos: If he came out as gay ..... the freaking world would stop.

Chai Wilkins: ok 2nd ghosts ♡

!Freddyy !Mkoi: I miss lil Wayne

abady ali: " i would talk about my di*k but that would be a long story "

Official J. Light: Could yall go on my youtube channel and comment your feedback on my newest song. I would appreciate it. Thanks and much luv! I'm an artist who deff has a rare sound/style for the art of music.

Epic Pranks: i say this when im in trouble

Yesenia Canez: your song is amase👅👅

Simphony Howard: Wait hold on let me put u in the fish tank😄

Kristopher Bachman-Haftl: you are bad singing no worries it  is bad to hear for 9 years old boys  and 10 year old boys

Brennan Wright (DecKo JoKeR): They copied avenged sevenfolds bat country in this song!

Simply A Dipper: Who Still Bumpin In 2K16???

Jonathan Drake: "I smoke more than a magic show"- Lil Wayne, 2012

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Lil Wayne - No Worries (Explicit) ft. Detail 5 out of 5