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Fan Comments

angel marquez: I'm 10 he is the best

Shawn'ta Edwards: this video is hilarious one of my favorites!

Hannah Vaughn: love little Wayne

YoungDilly504LPST: Totally just found out this music video is based off of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

Seth Phillips: Wrecking ball: this is your brain
No worries: this is your brain on drugs

blunty gagnon: Donaldl Trump 2016!

sabia underwood: ❤️Lil Wayne❤️

elisa alvarez: Hay im olay 8 yarsa wene i group im going be lke you im gitto and i waes rasd in the hoand

Avana Clark: I love this

raul ruiz: now i haaave to light up and watch some FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS HAHA

Stephanie Rosete: That's mah BABEE ...:)

George Chimon: Haha wtf xd

Lukiee_: :O

debby seymour: I love lil wayne song two it's name no worries I like it so much two

Isaac Manassés (Zack): Foda

Seth Baga: 3:05 he high asf 😂😂

Sammy Kay: The pride and joy of DP lol

Sammy Kay: The prize of DP the golden child of DP

Sammy Kay: She's going m Cyrus on us and hafi is a good girl

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