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Edrick Banks: Love it

#WHO DAT KID504: don't do Mushroom not kool mane LOL

joshsworld909: Lil Wayne bursted through a wall 😲

xxXJolloRulz69Xxx: HAHAAAAAAA That bat reference tho XD

Merena gonzalez: I would love to party with him

Zidane Hernandya: YOUNG MULLA BABY

Ebenezer G.: What has been seen , cannot be unseen.

Hanad Cade: hhh You can look me in my face (I ain't got no worries)

Joyce Jent: tunchei in this bitch everbody should be worried them kitty niggas be puring bitches be digging me I feel buried

Terence White: I cant stop listening to this song

Terence White: my favorite song haha pls sub to me I have 0 sub

Linhill Joy: is there a bird in las vegas wow!

Linhill Joy: is there a bird in las vegas wow!

Claud Cj: Like this a lot look every body high having good time No Worries

charlie marlie: me and my friend used to jam to this

Peter McGuire: krow me in my face i got no yorries i got no yorries

jános toth: xd

jános toth: nagyon joo zene

Benger2185: Looks like Wayne has a lot to worry about these days lol

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