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Dec 05 2014 by Demo
prabin sharma: He is best rapper alive Seriously, he can make any song hit Imagine what would've been if Eminem sing this song . This type of music actually suits him Everybody's got a problem in life but imma listen to this song and yell i aint got no worries . why listen to sad song 

Yagami Wolf: Pile of trash rapper, like seriously, this guy is a joke but a bad one! I hate his gayass laugh at the start of his crapty music going with his gremlin looking ass face and his fans are a bunch of degenerate morons who are too freaking stupid. I read some of the comments from his stupid fans and I swear I might have lost brain cells looking at these degenerate morons opinions. Lil Wayne is a maggot as well as his stupid fans.  He is like the Justin Bieber of hip hop. He is the worst rapper in history! I await your comments, if you dare! >:)

lil Bit: I aint got no worries!!!!!!!!

Lil Wayne: Check out the New Video for Grindin #CarterV - Lil Wayne - Grindin' (Explicit) ft. Drake [Official Video]

Giacomo F: Fear n loathing fan right here but never saw this video coming lol

gdnam32: This is so terrible that I like it. I think some people are just taking Lil wayne way too seriously, I just listen to him for the laughs. This song is the definition of so bad it's good.

Pedro Gonzalez: Lil Wayne has good teeth right I think I saw him getting them a a dentist dimond and gold for like $40,000 or $50,000 

kayla baylor: I ain't got no worries. Man lil wayne is the best . Love almost all his songs 


JaySpacey: Guys chill the freak out. Sure he may be a crapty rapper and this may be a crapty song but do you really have to listen to it? No you don't. So go take your preaching about "What has music come to?" and "In my day it was better." somewhere else because technically music has always been crapty. Nothing has changed so why bitch about it? Not every song is required to have a deep meaning. Go listen to YOUR music if you're so worried about this music.

Drew Anderson: No one else noticed the Avenged Sevenfold reference? Swatting the bats??

BuIletForMyVaIentine: I'm Weezy F. Baby and ya'll watchin Disney Channel doo do doo do!

orville richards: Lil Wayne ur the freak best 

Cameron Canant: "YOUNG MULAAAA BABYYYYYYYY!!!!!" o.O

Darrin Robinson: He's not trash most black people don't get to see fame or have any type of money so they act out in the strangest ways but still he is great for his work he had a choice Do it for his self and not you so dnt hate because you dont have what he has you took your time to say how much you hate him so that shows how much attention that you are paying him really smart kid get a life and just don't comment on things that your not interested in ok 

Michael Almond: Yo yagmi wolf I will knock yo bitch ass out u dissin little prick lil wayne aint no trash like u hoe and I'm a fan if your to stupid to realize its rap its suposed to be about that stuff you dumb ass how u r dumber than èd edd and eddy

Nik De Bolle: how did 41,000,000 people watch this when there are only 2305 people in the world

Jake Martin: Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are freaking jokes and they both literally rap about THE SAME crap!! used to like them till i discovered real crap like Nas and Hopsin (JUST HERE TO SAY MY GOODBYES) 

Robert Noel: lil wayne can rap when he first started with the hotboys had a flow he made so much money now he don't give freak if he fart on a record it sell.

Lbleize: You see money right there, that's Tunechi right there, turn and that's mack maine right there.

Woahh Cloud: anyone else notice the illuminati 0:30 look between his hair... EVILLLLLLL

Edward Victor Muñoz: I have no worries just b-rich hookers players 4 life weezy tunechi I must be torture

Tristan Kayseas: You ain't got no worries? How would we know for sure? Like you said it about 20 times.. you sure wayne?

LoganHill VEVO: +Yui Fanatic #freakyouifyoucanttakeajoke Ur A Fuqing Cunt Even Doe U Never Seen 1 U Gey ass Lmao But Mostly In This Comment NICE SONG LIL WAYNE A Good Raper and that +Yui Fanatic u can #smd u #ratchet #ass #cunt 

Colin Kaepernick: What happened to wayne? I mean he was good back when he was rolling with the BG but after that he sucked 

Manutd8491: Bro's Before Hoe's

TeamFiyaFG: if your gonna hate on wayne if definitely shouldn't be on this track. 

Luke MC: It's so funny how almost the entire video is Lil Wayne going around tripping balls. Also, some people hate his laugh, but I find it incredibly funny.

Jeanette Lopez: Jeanette Lopez Nicky Jam Voy

Alisha John: Lolzzz...that video tho...wayne looks high:P

Tempest Procella: Lil Wayne is a fake ass lil wanna be Piru nigga. He got kicked out of his home town for reppin that crap. Fake ass lil bitch. Bet he wont throw hands with me. 

PackOfSpOOns: Stop hating he is just making a living and doing what he loves, so please keep your comments to yourself, and if you don't like him why are you watching his YouTube. Go #teamWeezy

Matthew Yeakey: Eastside got no worries

ONEIGHTWO TWONEIGHT: Fear and loathing 

Maya Loel: I wonder if he was actually high while making this video....

Donovan Rivers: Is that icejjfish in the background at 2:48

Joseph assaf: He is the best rapper there is way bettter then emenim 

Nick Heyart: freak this song it gets me pumped Wayne Jesus's right hear is called the best rapper 

spinthembottels: This is to funny,him acting high and everything else 😂everyone says he dumb but he's suppose to act like that because he pretending to be high❗👊😵 

William Huezo: *gremlin looking ass face* LOL

Gary Mancino: like this comment if some parts of the video make you high lel

Resistnomore: 3:14 freaking birdman.

Robert Noel: that scorpion look better looking than lii wayne

Hurry Rygor: Is this supposed to be music? Just saying some words with beats in the back round barely rhymes no point to the lyrics. Its kinda trash. Let the hate begin

Keziah Pegues: Lmao I love lil wayne... 😂😂

Stephen Chandler: Lil Wayne's producer is the real talent.

Burrdmizzle: "i wanna tell you about my d$#% but that crap be a long story"...lmao

Jimmy Lundun: Was that a price tag on his shoes? 1:55

Assenav Sinape: 1:56 I remember walking into places like this...long time though.

Curt Allen: Waiting forthis v to drop.

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