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Mar 21 2015 by Lyrics
Ahmid Hopkins: Lil Wayne should be a stand up comedian. Hello everybody my name is YOUNG MULA BAABBBYYY!!! And the first thing I would like to talk about is weed. Woo! Weed is the best muthafreaking thing invented since booty. And did ya'll hear about the new drug called deaf? Hit that crap twice and you won't hear a muthafreaking thing.

Vicky utube: Lol damm lil wayne killed that crap best rapper 

James Buchholtz: lol she said that kitty is furry well i put it in my face because i aint got no worries

prabin sharma: He is best rapper alive Seriously, he can make any song hit Imagine what would've been if Eminem sing this song . This type of music actually suits him Everybody's got a problem in life but imma listen to this song and yell i aint got no worries . why listen to sad song 

Theron Williams: I been up sense 1am I started driving again. I am no Lil Wayne fan but I do like this song #NoWorries 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 Have a good morning everyone💴💷🙌🏿

Austin Jones: I dont know what crap hes on but i want it

Oliver Mcgarity: Lil Wayne - No Worries (Explicit) ft. Detail:

everything life: The best rapper ever lil wayne

Thy Name is Jimmy: What.......... what the freak did I just watch?

Ally Frost: weird AF music video tho

Dominique Cp: I thought of the meaning of this song. Don't take drugs kids! 🙌🔫

Julian Rocha: He does have a worry by not having any worries 👻

chico malo: lil wayne > eminem, tupac, biggy, and nas

autumn valverde: this song never gets old lol

Victoria Carrasco: ONG LIL WAYNE IS LIIFFEE!!!

Levani Mirvelashvili: I ain’t got no worries 

terry sanon: Lmao I never knew Wayne was such a clown 

Lisa Matheny: You r a animal lil Wayne in that video

Jay six: man this crap looks crazy when ur high

jorge ponce: According to a study conducted in 8/1/2014, after careful consideration and an intensive three years of research scientist and professors at the university of Harvard have concluded that Lil Wayne in fact "ain't got no worries" 

LUKE OVERTON: d3M shroomi3s

myka dumas: This niqqa needs to be worried now

Peter Debreczeni: lmao fear and loathing

frerddrick freeman: Lil Wayne - No Worries (Explicit) ft. Detail:

Wayne b: lil wayne is so crap in the best way possible i can't even describe him ahaha very odd and strange lyrical content but its very effective 

illestracks21: Fear and loathing in las Vegas......

Jose gomez: 🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔫🔪🔪💵🔫💵💵💵🔪💵🔫🔫🔫💸💸🔫💸🔫💸🔪💸🔫💸🔫I lile at

Elizabeth Michelle: Hahahahaha, this song makes me happy xDDD very funny!!

Brett Lake: Doing Shrooms is the best to this song 🍀

bandannaboy113: Lil Wayne and lil b have to make a song together

Marcel Fertil: Best song ever

Giovanna Ndula: He talkin bout sex but he still is my 2nd favorite rapper after Nicki minaj 

Jeremy Raymond: Killed it this song is the crap .......?!!!!!!!!$$% 

Not Nick: This guys sucks... Just like any rapper. Rap sucks pickle

Josh Caleb: "look me in my face I ain't got no worries" lol

Isabella Islas: This is simply perfect

Mike P: Which one better lil Wayne or meek mill

Conall Keller: * talking *


sniper boy: detail just killed da crap muhfreaker :3

psychedelictrip: Oh god, this music video is cheapening a classic film.

Spencer Habbie: Could only imagine what the hitchhiker would be thinking

Maurice White: detail look like a big ass cocane head

Arthur Muntz: he is high evry time he makes a song he has to be high in order ton make a song

jakboub bavary: freak you haters i like this

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