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Apr 09 2014 by Songs Tracker
trevor: ah fear and loathing in las vegas

natwat123: I've not listen to his music in a while and he's worse than I remember him to be.

P3rsp3ctiv: I think we have had our first contact with aliens guys

siimoncray: Chance did it better. 

rad rhys deasis: Worst rapper of all time

Adam Taylor: How much do you want to bet that Lil Wayne didn't read the book, did see the movie, didn't really understand the message but liked the fact there were drugs?

Callum Smith: 1:22 

Maka Albarn: She Say Sorry I Didn't Shave. So That kitty A Little Furry. I Put That kitty In My Face. I Ain't Got No Worries. Tunechi XD I Love This Song!

Austin Murphy: The fact that someone can get rich from doing this, speaks so poorly about our society.

Bathtub Hobo: He totally mocked Avenged Sevenfold's bat country video at the beginning :/

Ron Fisher: this is by far... the trippiest video for a song in existence...

jimmyblaze87: "no worries" - no one acts like this if they are not repressing their worries from childhood. EVERYBODY - :( lil wayne is in trouble with drugs....he is a terrible role model right now. one day he will make good music and he will touch souls Look at HOW TO LOVE and GOD BLESS AMERIKA - real Wayne coming out - look at eminem - he started off freaked off and worked his way towards positive messages. BUT he is a shaman(uses acupuncture, gems, precious metals, talismanic tattoos, herbalism) - we need to support him with words not our money. What the freak are you talking "stewardess is your bitch, nigga, BITCH NIGGA| - dude you will learn respect one day.get over yourself. find sufism, yoga, taoism, voodun something that will remind you you are of shaman lineage SUPPORT OUR BROTHER WITH PRAYER - ONE LOVE

Alan Henderson: +natwat123 u crazy weezy still go hard

chaz tocheny: XD love how he is doing the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas skits XD

Matthew Moyer: best rapper

Edward Shelton: No Worries by Lil Wayne was my absolute favorite song back when it first came out <3 i would start going crazy every time it came on!

Shawnese Wells: I ain't got no worries

Kody Willavize: You need to make a unclean video

lisa carstens: how did the black community go from Hendrix to this the race is really "EVOLVING" psst they should be very afraid of their future , smh 

maliek massey: thats how yall know yall hatin becuz you look up ''lil wayne- noworries'' to say a coment about him -.-

Tyler Anthony: I fail to understand rap music...

Savon Solomon: Fear and loathing in Las Vegas 

Jordan Binkley: I'd love to party with Wayne just one time. crap would be crazy I bet.

Mason Sanchez: I ain't got no worries you say money wright there.

ruby reese: I like it

Jase Mitchell: sorry i didnt shave 

Omar Colmenero: Hjje igjqgkkridh 4krj

Greg Arnold: I freaking love this song

Bj Cj: Best rapper of year

Devin Fowler: This is his best song, no doubt. S:

Bernard Ifeanyi Nwankwo: lol does he have tatoos on every part?

BrownMInc: Dafuq? Loooool #Lil Wayne

Angelica Ricoy: I like lil wayne

Kristin Washington: This my crap

Samuel Guimarães: 2:52

Scruffy McConville: No worries!!! KANSAS CITY MO

raphael perez: Lil wayne got swag doe 

Dean O Neill: This is a load of crap if Hunter S Thompson was alive today he'd make sure a wannabe rapper wouldn't be using his story for a rap video

Conor Kelly: He was so High during this video

Taylor Hassa: Nigga I aint got no worries

RandomGames503: TEEMO :D 

Dave Ep: Whoever wants to encounter Jesus can call me, 4693433233 dont be afraid ,He is alive and wants you to know it. Ive seen him do many miracles, and if you want to experience christ you can now.

Marshall Johnson: thats lame

DJ Aiman: 03:02 mother pass away LOL _"

FrayDawg's: Lol 2:50 Burt's through wall lol hahahahahahahah

ROBLOX FANS: In the beginning he has my glasses but mine are blue and shiny ●_○ 

Travis Lee: I wish I could sing like that

Marco Catalan: No worries bitch


QreshaBoo23: Very good souing

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