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Natalie Wood: I smoke more than a magic show 😂

Babalu Acevedo: 👑

OTF OTF OTF OTF OTF OTF: old rap was so good now it's freaking mentally retarded rappers mumble rap

Zax Gaming: Most Clownin video

Hoopfan83: one of the best music videos of all time

Mr. Revidently: Eminem is trash now. his last good bum was Eminem show...then he fell off.

sonicoduh1125: This is a good perspective on what being high looks like

uggolebg.2 ugo: xD in 2 speed xDD

Black Dynamite: Bitches be digging me i feel boring

Fernando Howard: Birdman Has No Worries

Mikelogin12: 1:55 we ain't got no worries when I'am high

Drezi collinz: listening in 2017 😦😧😧 Fire 🔥🔥

100 X: they so high they forgot they left the hobo in the backseat 😂😂

Space Man: This video is kinda inspired from Avenged Sevenfold - Batcountry

3mo3 ReGritz: bat country? anyone?

Jay Hib: this video is based on 'fear and loathing in las vegas' the book and the movie that's dope

Kilahn Campbell: Help me in face I got no worries motherfreakers 😆

Jerrion Mitchell: 2017

Abel Mauricio: Lil wayne talks about kitty

Poonam Hoval: look at his Face

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