Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video)

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sgmlol: Favorite Disney song ever.


suiseiseki151: Ruego e imploro que usen de nuevo este dueto en la del 2016 DEMASIADO PERFECTA.

AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler): Truly amazing. One of the most special vocal performances ever. Brings me to tears every time.

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme... Beauty and the Beast"

Adriana Gaytan: I love this a lot

jherica allen: CELINE!!!!! <3

Andre Cookie: ♡.♡

Chloe-Ane Wragg: Even when I'm on the verge of turning 21 I find myself still in love with Disney movies as much as I was when I was three. And it'll always be the movies that came out before 2000. Whether we're talking Sleeping Beauty 1959 or Pocahontos 1995 or this beauty. There's just something about the way they made these cartoons back in the days. I miss it

Tadanobu Kamijou: Eye on me

Carl Jerome Dayrit: GOOSEBUMPS 😨😍

Vanessa Simon: omg amazing #memories ♡

Rilchie Dávila: Excellent!!

Sophie Skye: Loved this song after the film (on video) and still love it now! This and the end credit song to Thumbelina such wonderful songs shame they don't make song like this no more!

Mesa Astral Del Cosmos Y Del Universo Galáctico: ¿Does anynody knows another version of this? It is for school, i swear.

Very Lit: I always think about my otp whenever I hear this song

Patrik Adolfsson: remastered versions of all the Disney classics from especially the 90's and early 2000's looks so crapty right now, I can only watch the old format through this music video and it looks so much better.

Симона Томашова: #COOL

Gen Emmanuel: Emotional Disney movie all time classics

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Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video) 5 out of 5