Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video)

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Aug 28 2014 by Demo
David Fern: I feel like the beast ... got so little time to live

Alan Bourbeau: This past Tuesday, i was on the phone with my girlfriend and she told me what she and i could be for Halloween this year. She suggested Beauty and the beast. And i agreed to that idea. And my senses tell me that she's my soul mate. :)

Jessica Ray: This brings back memories of my childhood. This is one of my favorite Disney songs and movies. It's so beautiful. What happened to the passion and emotion Disney films used to have? Disney now will never be as good as it once was.

Wolfgang Eduardo Nuñez Gonzalez: Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video)

LaCheleWallace: I've always loved this song. I never realized how good of a singer Celine is. I've always overlooked her. Peabo is everything vocally. I love a Narada Michael Walden production.

SuperSaiyan 2012: How come Peabo is not really known like CD? He's really good. I mean Music these days are garbage.. Rick Ross Kanye West? you gotta be kidding me

MrGirlfucker: Pure Magic.

Alec Clark: The story is just so rich and enchanted that you get the goose bumps from time to time. Sometimes it just makes you wanna cry.

Lee Xiong: So beautiful.

Loyd Kammeron: so true 

conghamking: This song was originally going to be a solo, but because Celine wasn't so well known they thought adding someone who was known would help it, and I guess they were right! I couldn't imagine this song any other way, two great voices singing in unison! Love it!

amy Ochea: my favorite disney movie,..

Envory Jazz: no chemistry between Peabo and Celine as compared to "A whole new world" peabo and regina.

cajayson8301: I'm so pleased this won the Oscar for Best Original Song...one of the most deserved wins in that category. Incredibly beautiful and wondrously written.

runner13100: I didn't know celion dion sang this

amy Ochea: my favorite disney movie,..

Marva2552: Peabo has THE voice!!

Sonia Black: freaking brill

Matthew Zunder: Isn't this such a classic story? The bad, gruff man who is emotional inside but cannot express it. Then the sweet and determined girl comes a long and changes him into a sweet guy who can express his emotions and let go of his anger. It's total bullcrap really, probably why so many girls end up with absolute wankers and then wonder why their relationship sucks.

Vivid Life: I love Peabo. His voice is very wonderful. He is perfect. Celine and Peabo is such a good tandem. 

Elisia Holmes: Love this song it's so beautiful ♡♡♡ I dedicate this song to my bae/ husband 

Kethie k.: i miss this kind of music. it's just so calming and beautiful

Brian McCormick: Peabo Bryson is wonderful. I will be dedicating this song and A Whole New World to Howard Ashman and Robin Williams. Thank you Robin. You're in a whole new world now. RIP

Nekotama なる: Omg this is timeless !

MsWhatzmyname: I watched this movie as a child and today my two own children watched it and loved it too! :)

Harlequine Clay: So Romantic!! <3

Carthy Calder: Both Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson are good singers, but if they couldn't sing in the same key Disney should've chosen someone else.

fre sh: PEABOOO

Sonia Suresh: Love bell a lots <3

rebecca scott: Bring back my childhood. 

Prophet293: Beauty and the beast, the tale of most epic Stockholm Syndrome ever told 

richard stokes: The Everest of Disney magic.

funandlala: 2:08 the beast looks soooooo cute here

Annabelle Narny: I always cry every time I hear this song

melissa mathis: Love this song♥

Eve Dominguez: Oh disney....another song I so love...classic but never forgotten

javier delmonte: This song is so beautiful.This movie is the best movie disney has ever made its just incredible

Elisia Holmes: Love this song it's so beautiful ♡♡♡ I dedicate this song to my bae/ husband 

No-Buhl Cher: Uploaded exactly one month after the 9-9-9 celebration. That is a rare event and unknown to the public so far. Good to see beautiful things connecting somehow, anyhow, to make a history of love come alive someday soon.

Ritche Giles: THIS IS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

hazel grace: The memories 

Margaret Sithole: nice collaboration,,,,,,,,,

Ayat Ti Ubing: im gonna sing this to my sister's wedding.

kittiya malika: thing song so amazing . First minute when i hear this song .I want to be bell

Sonia Suresh: I'm so in love with this song ,the movie,and the beast Tears coming from eyes it's so beautiful and romantic..

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