Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video)

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Jazmine Contreras: ❤️❤️❤️❤️Beauty and the beast 🌹Tale as old as time❤️

Kyou@: やっぱこっちやで

Nancy Klein: Still the best rendition out there. Peabo Bryson's voice is incredible.

flightforge30: After watching the movie just right now, it brought me here to listen to this beautiful classic!

Salt 'n Pepper: In all the new ones they say neither one prepared and the old one they say nEEther

Sophie Jeneya: Celine is amazing!!

Thảo Vy: Every time i hear this song, i always want to sing along and find that my voice's is so bad. The song is so emotional and beautiful. And look at the eyes of Peabo for Celine, seem like he really loves her. Don't ever take your time to compare this legendary version to the 2017 version, because it never deserve.

Baha Elmak: I think new generation started to watch this version!

TemplarBlood212: Beauty and bestiality.

Harry Peters: the best

Adam Dalton: I love Ariana Grandes version but you cant NEVER beat this one! Celine and Peabo rise above the notes and soar!

TheAsianAshez: I'd rather dance to this song than the new version.

Freya Chiva: the original is definitely better than the new one! Celine Dion is so good! especially her song in the Titanic movie.

cloudsweapon567: Musical culture might be dead but at least we can still listen/watch timeless classics even when they become as old as time.

naire millio: New version is just another copy of original

Raquel Thomas: Celine 😍👑

Baha Elmak: there no relation between the two version's
old is gold even u don't know who made the new one!!

RRLnext: still the one and only...

Penelope Velazquez: Love beauty and the beast my favorite princess movie

Phong Tran: this version is way better than ariana grande even ariana voice is not bad

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