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juan manuel: aun en 2017 sigo escuchando este tema , me re encanta el tema y video

Gina Ziko: can someone please do a makeup tutorial of this look 😅

Filippo Pizzo: in a letter??? whore dumped me on Facebook......

Sunnybungle1: She is just great and the white outfit is very sexy

Colin Pater: Don't mess with this woman 😳

SHAE SEAGER: My auntie did a good job on this song. Yes my auntie is Kelly Clarkson. LOVE you Kelly.

Nicolás Rabini Sestelo: SHAKIRA DONT BOTHER PLAGIO!!!!

Stacey Simmons: Great song for my EX

Romana Chmelařova: I love her earrings.

Becky Lynch Bayley: Kelly Clarkson Is Hotter As A Blonde Then A brunette.

Daniela Taylor: Never never never jajajajaja

bean: that eyeliner tho

Cameron Miles: never thought id say this but this reminds me of my just now ended relationship. except I'm the guy here minus the murder and cheating. we were just opposites wanting to stay together

Emily Tomlinson: i want this kelly back

don rob777: I never noticed how petite she looks in this video; she almost looks like a different person

ирина паник: моя новая любимая песня)))

Barbara Wheeler: she will find out the truth about you as your other women Gilbert

Leila Cabral: I've always thought Kelly would do a great actress just for her music videos

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