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Jul 07 2014 by Fresh releases
Marjorie Sevilla: It kind of dawned on me....women often leave a relationship no matter how bad it was with a heavy heart and terribly burdened with guilt....I men, leave the same way, with a heavy heart....and a burden of conscience??? Regardless if the relationship was good or bad...or better yet, simply because there's another woman in their life waiting??? Do they walk out with any guilt???? Or are they just as heartless to walk out the door as they were when they decided to be unfaithful????

Ash Hossain: Poor kelly this song nearly ruined her career- not just my words, idol judges too

Maddy K: Some say this song almost killer her career, But in my opinion she's so EXTREMELY talented it doesn't matter. She could record a jazz funk or classical pop song it still would be America's no 1 hit for at least 2 weeks. TRUE KELLEBRITIES stick by her side with ANY song she chooses to record. KELLY IS QUEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE. SHE IS MY ROELMODEL AND I LOVE HER TO DEATH<3

sak lee: and did kelly steal his car in the end?

DOG LOVER: love this song but didnt really understand the ending... explanation plz >.<

Ivan Chernenko: Kelly is a girl

Nima Liyanage: i kindda feel bad for that guy 

Amalia Perez Pasillas: Love this song

Chelsea Lynn Charters: I think this video is pretty awesome.

Martina Swackhammer: I agree he is gorgeous love this song SO MUCH

Ed Junior: I love Kelly, but I like this song better when it was called "you oughta know"

Philip Hill: Must stop listening to Kelly Clarkson or I will never move on in my life. The lyrics in her songs are way to close to how I'm feeling these days.

cheesesmiles: Break ups are devastating for both men and woman. Men do handle break up differently, mostly because they don't have an outlet (friends, family) to talk about their problems with; guys usually prefer to deal with things on their own, whereas woman talk and slander as much as they want. Meaning, that because woman can express their emotions, they move on quicker than men. IMO (every person is different) but guys are not heartless bastards that have no emotions..they are humans too. I just broke up with my boyfriend 2 days ago, but that doesn't mean that i think he's a heartless jerk, i still respect him as a person.

GodOfThe Wolves: I have a friend who only comes to me when he has nothing to do I am his freaking rebound toy. lets hope the talk me and him has changes him because I don't think I can live tough lousing another friend.

Andrea Martin: I love the videoclip haha

alissa aguilar: That blond bitch is ugly

angela lissette: best song ever!

rockstardiaries: Going through this right now. This song hits me hard man.

BELLE HITT: SHE is A Awesome SINGER AND ARTIST STOP DAMN HATING! I think closed mined oeople suck and try make life hell for all! opinions are like asshole we all have one......its an awesome song, its real and she will be through with you, they may believe u , never freaking again her 

Irlanda De Leon: Ignorance is bliss

Ashley Marie: i don't know why but she reminds me of mandy moore mixed with khloe kardashian in this music video. Anyways i love her <3

nayara sthefany: Never Again !!!! ;)

Caah Tomé: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again

Kelly Cline: Why do people keep saying "i miss this Kelly" like shes the same person shes still an awesome singer shes still an amazing person shes just married now and is having a baby (so cute) shes not like other singers who have gone crazy *cough* miley cirus *cough cough*

D. Cruz: Kelly looks like a ghost when she was in the airport

Mocking Mshaw: I LOVE THIS SONG 

Ezra Aria: No Hate because I love Kelly and her music but I think her music has gone down hill, this is a great song but her new ones, I'm glad she found happiness but heartbreak made her music great, (not that I want her to get her heart broken) 

Bacon Eggs: What the freak happened to this motherfreaking awesome singer ???

sak lee: he's getting married or is married to that blond girl but he cant stop seeing kelly? thats terrible. and he is the one that broke up with kelly, right?

TheBatshy: oh well , that Guy made a hell of a mistake, but he deserves it, Kelly go on ....great song

Darine Ken: she hits the walls <3

A. Tournear: To the wives that have had their husband's cheat with a home wrecker, or an ex girlfriend that JUST doesn't get that he is taken. They will miss the BEST thing that ever happened to them!!!!

Laís Lima: Love this music! ♥

isaac gomez: i'm the only one that hear a girl whispering things on the chorus background?

ParaditeRs: Not to take away from Kelly, but the real beauty in this video was that car <3

Kristen Miner: such a great song! so powerful 

sak lee: that guy is crazy

Allie Lee: wat i got from this video was he tried to kill her and didnt succed

Dominique Pace: my life right now 💔

LostAndEaten: I love how her earrings just *blings* at all the right times.

MrTaser99: So sad how women have to tell us all their little whiny ass stories. Hears some advice stop freaking his friend

MikoyCreator: Sing it girl I just got out a bad situation, I'm FREE!!! XD

Autumn Giannette: Love this song I love the attitude you bring to the song Kelly Big fan

Julia Macatangay Santiago: Stop haunting the damn guy and get over yourself. He has a fiancé which means he doesn't care if you will never again kiss him and whatnot. 

Joan Play: My message to you!!!!

Jennifer Erhardt: Very powerful video, I miss this Kelly.

Lorena Mariz: Kelly have no boobies, but don't get me wrong!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! :'D

F-ton S-hairs: killer song!! i knew someone like that. i feel sorry for the new gal. "ignorance is bliss" 

Hannah Joy: Best music video ever!

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