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Feb 24 2014 by Demo
Emily Blyth: He's gorgeous

Nima Liyanage: i kindda feel bad for that guy 

Terrie Woods: Yes... Never again

ParaditeRs: Not to take away from Kelly, but the real beauty in this video was that car <3

jill london: Get it

MikoyCreator: Sing it girl I just got out a bad situation, I'm FREE!!! XD

TDTam11: Summer 2007....i was thinner.....great times!

Sarah Lennox: This is totally the greatest cheating song, personally. It touched me on a level that I completely identified with and it clearly has done the same for 35 thousand other people AT LEAST lol <3 I love you've really been a shining light on the waters of HollyWood.

Bacon Eggs: What the freak happened to this motherfreaking awesome singer ???

esme710: I hope the ring you give to her turns her finger green.....classic song 

Levi Diball: :) 

cheyn...: Powerful song... great lyrics, too realistic. I love it.

mike anderson: This song about a man killing his wife .so he can be with his freak .And his dead wife ghost hunting him for rest of his life.

Lynn Doby: all of us women wish we could have that power dont we ladys..hehehe

kelly c: Why do people keep saying "i miss this Kelly" like shes the same person shes still an awesome singer shes still an amazing person shes just married now and is having a baby (so cute) shes not like other singers who have gone crazy *cough* miley cirus *cough cough*

Myriam Böhm: i miss this kelly clarkson =,(

Raul Coronel: you'll die together but alone......

Ryan Kingston: dang i didnt know khloe kardashian made a cameo in this video

Coop Wannabee: Best American Idol winner.....ever!

destiny stanford: Does it hurt to know I'll never be there and it sucks to see my face every where it was you to chose to end it like you did I was the last to know you knew exactly what you would do and don't say you say you lost your way she may believe you but I never will "never again" never again will I here you never again will I miss you never again will I fall to you never, never again will I kiss you never again will I want to never again will I love you never "I will move on"

julia alice: OMG I LOVE THIS CLIP 

Kevin Mesch: I sometimes wonder where Kelly Clarkson would be had American Idol never existed.

ElaMarie123: I love this song so much 

MrTaser99: aww cry me a freakn river move on you whiny bitches!!! thats life you get cheated on 98% of people get cheated on at some point in our lives. Monogamy is a joke and a lie.

ayupz ayu: kelly clarkson haters... stop complaining that she fat... fat or not she got talent so .... shut up

Koia Cox: lol I forgot there was a video to this song, thank you work out shuffle mode

dragonsfire6664: Hell has no fury like the scorn of a woman, damned if she wasn't in his ear!!!!

Aria Montgomery: No Hate because I love Kelly and her music but I think her music has gone down hill, this is a great song but her new ones, I'm glad she found happiness but heartbreak made her music great, (not that I want her to get her heart broken) 

CSpan1993: She looks like khloe kardashian in this vid

J McMac: I Have Allowed myself to really feel this,..Scary Feel it, Deal it, Heal it,..right Pat M.? memory of the Queen.... Move on....or simply TOSS....

Debora Mendoza: All right

Ann Smithsonian: Kelly is the BEST!!!!!!

Darius Brown: she looks soo much better with darker hair, i love this woman, she sings what i feel

Brittany Pallett: kelly is sooooooooo cool. is it just me or dose she have her hair died dark when she has a song to rub in an ex's face? that is soooooooooo cool

Angel Baker: he reminds me of adam levine

Heather Camball: Love this

Michelle Bridges: Love this song.

rosie schneider: never again!! rosie girl...............

Mikayla Csibi: Good song! Show him that he should hate himself!

M Marina: The song sounds just like Don't Bother by Shakira

Ivan Chernenko: Why this video unfull?

Pitt Garcia: The is probably the song that she has the best vocals.. it's out of this world

Crist ßrito: <3

Devon Murchison: I remember this song, brings back memories of when I was in high school. First saw this on VH1 Jump Start, its still my favorite song from her.

RS27: Mind games kill man

Sydney Avant: How did someone disliked like this song it is great

amber ashley: i send that to him every chance i get

Angela Gray: Absolutely love this song. It speaks volumes!!!!

DISCOFEVER19: wow this video is dark and sad at the same time dude needs therapy

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