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Apr 05 2015 by New Albums
creon potier: Not even 1000 dislikes! Signs of a true artist! :)

Leticia Monteiro: Why some people don't like this song? Can somebody explain to me?

Lazuli: This is a perfect song of anger of how things ended with you, Will. But, I won't let that anger have a hold on me anymore. Good bye. <3

Ryan Attree: This is Kelly's best video. Unpopular opinion? 

Jazmin Salgado: I dedicate this song to a jerk. That is, my ex.

Anna Jethwa: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again

Ashley A: Love her. Love this video. Love this song. Love her.

Kyra's Everyday Life: I really like this song. My ex just left one day. He ended things badly on my birthday.. He is unfaithful, Liar, etc. I WILL NEVER be there for him. This song is amazing! I Love it Kelly! Don't listen to the haters<3

Madizin Gipe: I just found this song even tho it was made in 2009. Now I can't stop listening to it. 🐶😛😝

Care Williams: This song and since u been gone has gettin me though tough times.Love Kelly clarkson 

Rioshy chan: Adoro essa música!

Craig beckman: One of the best things about Kelly Clarkson is that while she is a pop star, she has always put out decent rock songs. This song has an awesome chorus, that is fun to sing to.

kb: Love this lady, very talented. 

Sibella Kara: never again... 

bekki brown: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Sarah Lahna: I love the song I love the video...when does this happen?

Katea H.: I LOVE Kelly's man-hating songs!!! Especially this one!! Kelly Clarkson is an amazing artist and has true talent! This girl will continue to rock out for years to come! I am a HUGE fan!

Queenbeeti: I don't get how this song almost killed her career , it's a good song...?? 😂 super confused , can someone explain?

Emna Bel: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Krissy Ciammitti: I think she kinda looks like Khloe Kardashian in this video LOL

Mareena McNabb: Check out this video on YouTube: hell freaking yes okay 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👌👌 nuff freaking said 

Barry Evans: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Tomas Reyes: wow, and this song came out in 2009... Never heard it, and now its one of my favs. #kellyclarkson Does it hurt to know I'll never be there Bet it sucks, to see my face everywhere It was you, who chose to end it like you did I was the last to know You knew exactly what you would do And don't say, you simply lost your way She may believe you but I never will Never again

MG films: He left me for her,yet he keeps on saying how he didn't want to hurt me and that's why he left. I know what he meant by that. He meant he would have cheated on me if he'd stayed...but at least he would have stayed... I would've gone through anything with him just as long as he would've stayed with me and never left...but now I'm gone, and this time I'm never coming back..........

ANNIE MENRUS: Does it hurt To know I'll never be there? Bet it sucks To see my face everywhere It was you Who chose to end it like you did I was the last to know You knew Exactly what you would do Dont say You simply lost your way She may believe you But I never will Never again.................. Read more: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Mel howell:

Anna Jethwa: Kelly Clarkson Never Again

Singer girl 1998 Daff: reminds me of someone LOVE THIS SONG LOL

Joy Vitrano: Never ever!!!!

Annette Mtz: He won't admit it.. But he knows deep down he misses a part of what we had.. I c see it wen he sees me. I guess that's y he did what he did the last time. Fits u 2 perfect. Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Priscila Anne: This song gives me the strength to go on, tks Kelly!

aussieapril: Still her best single to date!!!!!

Michelle Geer: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Nathan Mathieson: I love this song it's awesome

Joseph Zeinoun: NEVER AGAIN LIANCA! <3

Olivia Plaskow: what happened in the end

Rachel Santiago: Check out this video on YouTube:

Agnes Hooser Birchard: never again brandon delk

Kelvin Emmanuel Pereira da Silva: She's a rock and roll vain, hasn't she?

Bat Crazy: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

MyDreamCorner: wow, i love this MV, so crazy

kristel rojas: I love her and love this song so much 😍😍😍😍😍

melanie lewkowicz: i love you kelly 

FOREVER gone: Kelly Clarkson - Never Again:

Tara Gallo: Love this song 

mary lu meza laos: La ignorancia es una bendición 

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