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Anders Anders: Ich veemute ich habe mehr Geld verdient wie der Axel.

moomin assassin: I love your songs

moomin assassin: I went trough this and I'm ten and when I remember it is look at this song

Tiff Dodson: to my ex who cheated and married her this songs to you both

Samantha Grace Pereira: Trophy wife lmfao eeeee

luv 2read: Totally who would want a ring that turns your finger green?

SEN ShawnEclecticChannel: This song ROCKS!

Stephanie Cabrera: Kelly Clarkson Never Again Official Video

Şanlı Türk: I think rock is the best what kelly is at.

thanyav358: Oh baby. ;) you will think of me.

Italia 458driver: I remember watching the premier of this video. I liked it it was ok to me back then. Now that I'm older lived and experienced much more life. I see Kelly Clarkson in such a different light. This song the lyrics. It's like a beautiful poem but a hate poem filled with all the passion. And her voice.i don't think anyone could say she can't sing but I never ever realized what a power house age is in this song. I have a new found respect for Kelly's vocals and her music and career she really is a true to life artist. Congrats on turning American idiot into a sheep successful career.

Виктория Данилова: 2017 🤗😍

makiwara2: Never again! Going to uk for a job!!!

Fábio Semião: the make up around her eyes is strange when its close

luv 2read: Never again will she love you, he deserves it.

Jessi Romero G.: 2017 :3

Susumu Tatsuya: This is my song to my ex lol.

Igor Manoel: I think Kelly Clarkson feat most beautiful than thing..

camel nat: My current mood

Terrence Morrison: Kelly was so sexy in this vid. Makes me wish I were straight

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