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Valerie Reed: I know this has nothing to do with the song.
but I dated this guy for 3 years. and then we broke up. we got back together for like a week and broke up again. then when I moved on and got a new boyfriend he texted me saying you know that I still like you, do you like me. it would happen everytime I would have someone new. Like he never wanted to move on so he could always have me. Finally I said never again will I date you.

Zamzam Petal: Listening to this in the bath - awesome :P

camryn lloyd: Best revenge song

Roshan Jurampathy: Don't say never again 

Michael Waraksa: yuck

J. Giorno: This song sucks. No fault of Kelly's, other than agreeing to sing it, but the song sucks, the band sucks, the lyrics make me want to puke, it doesn't showcase her talents at all, and the writer and producer suck.

favforsue: This reminds me of Pat Benatar.

LovelySimmerKisses: This video though :O :D

Annie Hatcher: After I had been lied to continuously after he told me he cared for me and liked me I told I was done and he decides we can be friends again. got news for you dude I tried you didn't want it. you lies I'm done I will NEVER below you again! just goes to show you sometimes people can care but then decide they don't anymore. sad really. but in the end karma turns right around and does the same thing to them.

Sudeesh CG: i have always loved this song

Robin Cabrera: yeah she the best

Rosario Cesarano: i love this song and My december ❤

Kira Jackson: I've loved this song for ages.
But learning about aesthetics/filmic codes in media has given me a new love for this song.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly: I absolutely adore this song and video.  AMAZING stuff from KC & the Sunshine Band.

Maryum Hassan: I give up on love, got dumped unexpected last night! Feel like crap but I won't let this break me down!

JeanneTheKCfan: I dedicate this to you, today a year ago you broke my heart. I was forced to surprise show up and ask why you hadn't contacted me for 10 months, I was still waiting for you. You broke my heart that day. Luckily someone was there for me that day. Now he's a special someone. But it took almost 6 months to get over you because you didn't even break up with me. Not even a text, anything. FYI everyone a text is OK just the fact that you're actually breaking up is cool! The way you're doing it doesn't matter... Mark my words! Waiting for 10 months expecting to get back to something that doesn't exist and he already knew, he had a new lad, that's.. Just break up, people. Blah. We had 6 good years even though you didn't break up and everything's good now because my boyfriend was and is very very understanding!

Renee' Connolly: You'll die together... but alone!

Kristin Lizz: I remember my freshman year in high school, we were on our way to Lincoln for a state marching band competition, and I literally spent the entire trip there and back, jamming to this.  And then my earbud shorted out and I was hella pissed haha

Bia sales: Diva

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