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Krissy Norman: this is kellz bst NVR agn and stronger

myahne01: Absolutely love this song and video!

Scott Crider: ✌☝

belledame3: I'm glad Kelly included this song on her album. I can totally relate to it.

Ellie Wienke: Kelly these songs are awesome or amazing

kristine grace vizcocho: this song is perect too dedicated to someone who hurt me and not appreciating me

Ashley Flores: ASEYL43216789

kristine grace vizcocho: never again 💯👌👌👌👌😀🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Stephanie Cabrera: Never again by Kelly Clarkson

Doggy: i Hope that dude has Sam and dean on speedial.

Lacey: Love

Daisy Velazco: this video gave me major chills!!

Maya Maja: I just shared information with him that you have been spying on me. SK enough is enough you are making the jokes all over the internet , freak off

Alondra Reyes: This song is dedicated to a piece of trash. My ex.🚮

juan manuel: aun en 2017 sigo escuchando este tema , me re encanta el tema y video

Gina Ziko: can someone please do a makeup tutorial of this look 😅

Filippo Pizzo: in a letter??? whore dumped me on Facebook......

Sunnybungle1: She is just great and the white outfit is very sexy

Colin Pater: Don't mess with this woman 😳

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