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Jacquelina Villa: who puts a thumbs down on this... seriously???

Rommel Maglaya: reminds me of Madonna's Take a Bow video

EllyJackson'sGirl: Holy crap, I remember Matt Dallas from Kyle XY! I had the biggest crush on him when I was like, 12 lol. But then I found out he was gay, good for him! I was bisexual in high school, but after graduation I chose to be fully gay. I find I'm more happy with girls. But, I feel like being famous is the only way to get respect if you're gay....:( My new crush and obsession (since I was 14) is Elly Jackson (La Roux). I fell in love...<3

BOY CRAZY: lindoooooooooo

Haley Carter: I miss her so much.:-) :'(

Zoe Ariel Quetglas Leal: 0:42

Lupus2810: This song is so underrated

Syrel Cute101: TVD FANS??❤

arlene abuan: I still love this song.

Yenny Certeza: 'cause when i'm with him i am.. thinking of you 🎶

Carolina Nunes De Oliveira: 20/04/2017


Davina Carrillo: love you song  katy perry

Scarllate Pedroza Lima: 19-04-2017

Trance Energia: Amo esse salto dela

Trance Energia: Pré-adolescencia escutei muito chorando e pensando no boy ç.ç

Maria Eu: la Kate Perry nos pone Perry voz como ninguna

Paul John Jalover: almost a year already ... the regret is still here,
will always be .

Celine Lauren: "Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you😭~"

Ileana Marithe Gui: I miss this kind of music, hi 2017

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