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Feb 07 2014 by Download
Flora Cash: ready for something different? click our name. you won't regret it. <3

fckingkim: "What what in my butt!" is the video he'd rather feature in. He LOVES the D! He finds the D sooooooooo gooooooooood! Good for him though. Good for him.

Anderson St. Martin: This song is genuinely heart breaking... i mean i've been there... (Being with her but thinking of another), awesome thing when songs are inspired by the artist's experiences. Inspiring. One day my music's gonna be as inspiring. I do covers btw, could you please check 'em out? give them a chance, they really are good. Hope i didn't bother, sorry if i did. Thank You!

Ime8eos: Boobs

yann henriot: Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you ... Who would believe it ? :s

Venus Blue: I want cry now :(

Comander Reyes: Looks like a young Vladimir Putin

Karina HZ: Thinking of you!!

Domo Kun: It hurt knowing my gf just cheat on me, and finding out while listening to this music. What a perfect timing I guess

Barbara Demi: This song makes me cry u.u' I love this song, the videoclip,... everything! Thinking of you and Firework are my favorite songs of Katy Perry :D I ♥ Katy ^-^

Kelsey Montgomery: This video and song are too perfect.

onedirection: this make me cry always i love u my queen <3

donna celli: every time

Ivy Endah Hapsari: worst video clip ever!!! i mean like... THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO OF KATY PERRY.... hate the story... love the hot guy *wow*

Amber Kolozvary: this hits too close to home :(

Little Nice: good good goood

Jane Lorenzen: What is your email

matheus souza: This song makes me cry too. I remember when I proposed to one girl, but she knew the value.

kristine foronda: So sad when she says I'll only know second best. :( :( 

Helena Fatolitils: Omg this is so sad

thandokuhle madi: kyle 

Sally Bortey: WWII

Aaron Nickelson: Austin..:(

Beautiful Preppy Wonderland: what style! i want that style!.

Daniela Gamero: This song is so beautiful! Love it ☺

Billy John: UYEAH!!~~

Николай Николаев: Love Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Katy :)

loveu baby: Perfect song <3 

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Cry..

Nikolitsa Lkt: kyle xy <3

Amy Molnar: Matt Dallas! He was the star of Kyle XY! such an awesome show! It got cancelled and was replaced by a mediocre show... secret life...

Chantal Caroline: Oh how I love this song. Personally dedicated it to him..

Chaleen WIlliams: Katy Perry inspired me to love music and play it!

Ferry Jpr: LIKE YOU

Oleg Raboc: what's this she basically cheated on him while he was somewhere in the battle field?happens every time i guess :(

Clara Cabo: mistakes.. ♫ #katy #katyperry 

So September: CrYING

donna celli: :)

Guido Cinicola: The best video!

Jessi Wright: Thinking of you, you know who you are

Mini MrsStyles: it's Kyle XY!!!!

Maria Laura: <3 *-*

InBelTime: Came here for Kyle

music2911: it would mean so much if you could check out my cover (:

Jessica Mne: Looking into your eyes.. 

Lovatic&you: Once you've had a taste of perfection ♫

Allan Gabriel: Thinking Of You <3

skyler dovel: I love you katy!

Stephanie Styles: this my favorite song of hers

KimmieSoDope Kae: This made me cry :(

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