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Fãs da depressão: Nostalgia!❤

Khaleesi Johnson: Ok, pretty song, love it!

But am I the only won who thinks the music video makes her (the character, not Katy Perry) look trashy? Cheating on your deployed significant other is trashy.

คณพศ จันทรังษี: I like everything that is you, you make me crazy #ฉันรักคุณ

Tang Phan: So good

Soraya Sol: Mano eu amava essa música mas nunca ia saber q era a Katy Perry que cantava essa música😍🙌👏👏👏

Marie Visto: Who is still listening this song 2017 here

Ladarius Post: November 2017

Drielli Chucre: Em pleno 2017 e eu ainda sofro ouvindo essa música :(


The Dominus: So this represents about ww2 love story? Amazing!😍😍

Paula Siqueira Tois: He's so darn cute it makes the song even more heart breaking

Karoline Squittine: Pra matar de chorar essa música meu Deus. Aguenta coração <3

Mike Mike: Is that what i thinknit is???
That guy in the picture looks like Steven Rogers.

Talícia Pessôa: Minha Diva, te amo demais Katty ♥♥

Austie: She used to be so beautiful

Natsu Dragneel: This song is so underrated, best KP song ever

Health Gold: love love

Erin Kelly: Brings back stings of a special someone

Kate Baltazar: many years past and still loving this songsss . it really breaks my heart .

britneyfatale: I guess this song is about Josh Groban too :(

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