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Bolt 805: If only it were one second longer...

Miriam Guadalupe Chavez Magaña: cuando escuche esta canción por primera vez puso triste😭😭😭😔😖

Goldwyn Joyce Verdadero: 2017?

Derp Derpus: Guilty Pleasure, I'll admit it.

I miss Katy's old black locks, but the new dye job is very Marilyn Monroe.

Amy Callier: katy perry is so epic

lesni nabong: its pain reliever!

Sarah Baker: swishswish bitch

Dorshae Middleton: She may be acting a bit off now but this song proves she's capable of meaningful music.

Geozo Madrazi: my idor katy we comes my wish come the philippine

Merwymeows 13: Old but gold✨

Camren Swiftie: camren ;)

Mille Marx: crying my eyes out...

Pauline Tablizo: you said move on where do I go? I guess second best is all I will know 😢

Joshua Ronald Doebler: Be careful, driving while your writing on the hills, in "Vancuver"...it, snows in Canada, sometimes... : ).


smoochiepoo4ever: How the hell did she go from this to Swish Swish?

Nicolas Osuna: My favorite video of her💙💙

kuuwari !: gone with the wind anyone lol

Fantastic Feline: Who's here after watching bon appétit?

Gameplayer101: and you wonder why us katycats say she is the queen of music videos!

Gameplayer101: Don't know why, but this kinda gives me Forrest Gump vibes. am I the only one??

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