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ClosetCrumpet: I miss this Katy

aditi sharma: i love this song :')

Okoy1007: i wonder why this video got fewer number of watch. This is one of the best. Whyyyyy. 

Kazi Irfan Amir: I think this is the best song. Such an emotional song. katyperry you are the best singer in the whole world. 😊😙😙😙

RaeAnne Hill: i absolutely love this song

Alice Routledge: This video always makes me cry! x

Mike Neave: katy perry is allways arsom in what ever she sing what an amazing voice n woman  :-)

Bruna Moromizato: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

shlomo gabay: 😀😍😍😘😘

Anael Mataeva: keti peri

Anael Mataeva: keti peri gyhb

Mina Grimm: Katy's fake eyelashes at funeral

Miskun Kun: Segerrrrrrrreeerrrrtrrrrr

rohman men men: Enak di dengarnya

May S.: My Divvvaaaaaaa Katyy

Lily Van Drimmelen: I am a metal fan yet i think Katy Perry is amazing lol

Francesca Bingham: My ex was my first love. I did everything for him that I could. Maybe I wasn't enough. He said he was gay, it broke my heart and still hurts so much. I feel it was my fault that he was, maybe I could've done something to have him love me back as much as I loved him. I stood by his side no matter what even after he told me. He drifted from me and left me behind so he could have a different life without me in it. What did I do? I should've told him how much I loved him then maybe it wouldn't hurt so badly. I feel so stupid. I'm 20 I should just get over it. I want to know an I stupid? Did I do something wrong?

Bella Isabella: Eu choro nesse clip 💋😢❤️

Maybejustadream: ♥

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