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NISHAT ANJUM: Wonderful song.

Abdul Haseeb: To be honest i love satanic and inspirational Katy Perry not this one.. Dark Horse, part of me, firework, i kissed a girl, E.T, Roar, wide awake, chained to the rythym, teenage dream...etc

juantamad: couldn't stop humming this song when im alone...i dont want to think about it anymore.

Muhammad Waqas: Wakes dead people,
Blames a shepherd,
She red in purple,
Calling Soldiers of fate,
that no longer mattered.
#Karma V #Kismat

Laura Mello: AMO!!!!!

jiyeooooo: this song reminds me of the time when i was with someone else but still kept on thinking about my ex. up until now, i still think of him and with every guy i see, i always compare them to him. first guy ive loved in a long time but he broke up with me and somehow i still have not forgotten him. i miss you, richard.

Mathews xavier: 😍😍

Luna Wielen: 2017?

Michele santos gomes da silva: Quem aqui é brasileiro ? E está assistindo este vídeo em 2017

Talita Santos: amo esta música

Paul: One of my favorite songs of all time. Nearly all of my top 10 songs are sung by Katy Perry<3

Beatriz Marques: ♥Amei

Megan Dwyre: AAron Watson i am all way thinking of you matter what! you said move on where do i go i guess 2nd best is what i get because when with anyone i am thinking of you and i hate the fact i lost you i wish that i was looking into your eyes! <3

Selina O'Gorman: How can u not love this song it makes me cry at times in my darkest times Katy really wrote a beautiful song like you can reach into her beautiful soul.❤️

Fabiula Vieira: Você era o mais próximo da perfeição num mundo imperfeito , seus olhos me faziam enxergar muito além do que eu poderia tocar, tudo era bonito em meio a nuvens cinzas , mesmo vendo os trovões eu não acreditava que poderia chover , só senti quando me molhei , só senti quando te perdi , eu só queria ter fechado a porta, ter dito adeus , ter feito o que tinha que fazer, o que as pessoas fazem quando acaba , mas não fiz, Apenas guardei tudo dentro de mim. Hoje você está morto, não literalmente , mas morto para mim, como você mesmo me pediu, e eu não tenho o direito de te procurar, não tenho o direito de sofrer , não tenho depois de tudo que fiz.

Julie Nguyen: A guaranteed tear-jerker every time.

ᗪEᗩTᕼᗯ4ᒪKEᖇ YT -GOMU-: This song makes me sad

lucas Jose: I miss Katy Perry with black hair

Sawssen Zitouni: july2017

Joseph Khitie: This is music

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