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Apr 06 2015 by New Albums
chowder125: Always loved this song but the video's just too heartbreaking for me 😕😓😢😭🏥

buto1118: My favorite Katy Perry song 

Heaven Zayas: Who is the guy in the video he's gorgeous XD XD 

Platonic Purple Panda: Lyric question, "he put me in I was disgusted with myself." What does that mean? All I can think of is sex.

pointlessCRAYtv: love her old music, is very deep and meaingful

SASSY SHEY: song to my ex boyfriend that i still love who commit suicide.. i wish i told you i still love you and always love you, i miss you so much.. no one loves me as much as you do...

Mystic Lilac: Beautiful song enjoy. 

Rani Lane: 6 years later still love this song. I was playing it in the car and my friend asked who sang it, I said Katy Perry and she was surprised.. ha, shows how different she is now. People think shes crap now, but she used to be really good. They always end up wanting more money. 

Ann Maggard: ************* THIS IS MY SONG *************
Lachelle hernandez: This Song Is Powerful! Watching This Video Makes Me Cry Everytime And Miss My Boyfriend In The U.S Army Each Passing Day 😞 In The End, Thank You Katy Perry For Your Amazing Music ❤

MhaMui EXO: Don't spendin' a lots of time to think of someone who never thought of u!

Gabriela Beltran: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

Nur Aisyah: Probably the hundredth time watching this, and still gives the same feeling everytime :'(

Nati Ventura: Thinking of you... Katy Perry #Goodnight #sweetdreams

Joseph Chavez: Isn't that the guy from Kyle XY

horsegyrl02: I'm confused can someone explain this video

Robert Ng: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

Kamen Rider: My girlfriend died on our wedding day. She was shot by Kimura Shunji.

Eugenio Mendes: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You: http://youtu.be/wdGZBRAwW74

Bylee Malox: Im not quite sure what's going on in this song. Is it about a woman who's having an affair with a man she can doesnt even like while her husband is dying in war?

Yvan Kaos: She's the best at this kind of warm beautiful songs and The One That Got Away...not crap like Dark Horse

Cinder Xiao Long: Honestly, this song almost brought me to tears...

Tami Naomi: All abouve you

Sandra Maria Ribeiro da Silva Alves: Fez com que eu chorasse tb. Linda!

Sarah Croom: love this song and her

Abby Flores: this hits close to home... I lost my husband, father of my child and love of my life of 7 years in a car accident. I just want to be with him so bad and I can't...

emilly linkinpark: eu choro ouvindo está música

Karen Sanchez: La vida continua es verdad... ! Aun pienso en él aunque no con el mismo sentimiento. Otro hombre he llegado a mi corazon :) tiempo al tiempo

Jader R.: Melhor clipe dela, merecia mais sucesso

Dennis-BMW Puma Gyömbér: Shoot the freaking amis (americans)

niamh coyne: Anyone else think this is like the notebook?

Xabier Royo: Bring 2009 times/songs/feelings back

chocholate imoet: :)

graziela aparecida: my favorite song

Chay Aau: I fell in love with Katy after this song. I still listen to this song all the time. I love this video, it gets me emotional :') 

Emily Marks: Check out this playlist on YouTube:

ashley ann whitney: I love this song this remembers me of my great grandma that died a couple months ago rest in peace great grandma hazel dutcher 6/4/14 I love u and miss u and the whole family misses u and love u 

Jamie Steinmetz: when my husband was overseas this song killed me but it was so pretty had to keep listening

TheMagicKnightress: The photo looks like Captain America. 

Claire Leaver: Dear katy perry Is that story actually true From Claire leaver 

Da Jokar: This still makes me sad I listen to this when I was in Afghanistan because it shows a lot of emotional feelings about losing people even though I'm a male. When it comes to real war you will understand fear. Respect to Katy. 

terence laurel: i like this song i relate

Jess Castaneda: its 2015 and this song still gets to me WHaT

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