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Miriam Carvalho Santos: AMO

blue canary blue canary: i am for sure that i'll see katy's boobs one day

‫أنثى فقط‬‎: The song is very beautiful🌹

xxx3x: Booooo you big fatty loser retard

asep sunandar sunarya: ... cause in your eyes,
i would like to stay!

Estrella Flores: does she love someone???????

Mary Siakotou Nick: Swift copied Katy!

Pop tart Master: This is the 40s, wildest dreams is the 50s

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xAsher94x: if u hate on Katy Perry and her music, then im sad to say u have crapty taste; and evun dat would b an understatement.

xxx3x: Retard loser is you and I'm not sorry

Mary Siakotou Nick: Ill never forget her... Even if it talks for a lost love i hear that and remember her..

Mary Joy Garcia: In your eyes I'd like to stay.

Elitesleet: loves kp

josi pereira: muito bom

Javier Agustin Iñigo: momy hgh nbvhgs

Jullie George: katty perry all songs are awesome

Andrew Ross: This is a love song

Hannah Black: I touched you I was burned💔

Elizabeth Laughlin: One of my favorite songs of all-time. Katy's best.

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