Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris (Explicit) Music Video for Free!

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Nun ya: Jay and Yeezy always kill the songs they to together idc idc

Frank Casley: This song should be illegal

Frank Casley: Gay z and gaye west worst duo ever

Frank Casley: Worst song ever

CavemanNinja100: Autumn '17. Big up.

*chilly as freak. I miss summer

Prince - Still LIVE!!!.....: Thumbs Up 4 Niggaz In Paris II

Taylor Woods: Pleaseeeee make up alreadyyyyyyyy

Łukasz Luk: freaking...yeeahhh....nigga? ?

Lizzie Fog: That crap cray

Lizzie Fog: Fall so hard my name was JEFF

Aeron John: Can you respond to my dms??? I wanna collaborate yo!!!

Aeron John: Love it Kanye!!!!

Can Urcan: 2017 ?

prisca DJ: Prisca

Benjamin Castillo: Jay z for life. Kanye ruined it.


Roldie: Saying the title of this song if you're not black is problematic, to say the least.

Beatrice Braeuer: Amazing visuals 👽

Siddhant Singh: Jay- "I got that hot bitch in my home"
Kanye- "You know how many hot bitches I own?"

Jose Siller: Y'all remember all the talk about this video showing signs that they are part of the illuminaty

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