Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris (Explicit) Music Video for Free!

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KillinSoftly: Watching this in Nov. 2017

Giovanni Sousa Marques: Kanye West is like Midas, but turns everything he touches into trash

Ash: niggers in paris is a great song

JSTGAMES: Kanye with givenchy?

TeutonFox: Just got it to 980k likes, let’s hit 1 mil guys!!!

STixa CC: this song lit af

Ani Vai: Released in 2012 and still sounds Good AF in 2017!!

Matheus Firmo: when kanye starts singing it sounds like garbage(marry at the mall part),the beat is good and jay-z part is ok.i only like kanye because of he's personality

Tual Tuba: Best rap sound

Ernildo Silva: Brazil

Carlos Alberto Morales de Dios: como se llama la que va comenzando a lo ultimooooooooo

Thalyson Keven: Cadê os BR ?????

Bernie: I had a seizure watching this and I think my brother thought I was going crazy because I really liked the song but luckily my parents found me

Reflex AU: Most hype music video ever

World Roamer: Nilfgaard In Paris

Jere Autio: Pikku tb

thessbest123: Why can't I find gotta have it anywhere?

Susana Navarro: I miss these two together smh they made good music

Fayezamigo: يبيلها قزوعي😂😂

WAWERU ALEX: tshirt skinny jeans and high tops take me back to 2009-2012

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Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris (Explicit) 5 out of 5