Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris (Explicit) Music Video for Free!

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TheDiamondMind: This song sounds 100x with subs in your car.feel the bass motherfreaker.

100 subscribers without a video challenge: niggas in Paris is Allahu Akbar

Jesús mane Rangel: 2 NeGroS en PARÍS 💀 👽 👀👂

Karla Alvarez: me:whats guchi my nigga
song:whats thuchi my killa
me:ayyyyyy still lit

Wolverodd PS4 Fan: the song is better than heartless

Marius Neacsu: really to muck light to muck moove in this videa i feel unconfortable.

Lon3_OvO: "We killed Tupac"....?

Phu Que: I travel a lot and learned how to say nigger in various languages. Seems they are unloved all over the world.

Kazoo Nation: (g)old

EJM 0307: this song gets me a hyped

Jorge Luis: Look at Kanye's face in the thumbnail

Димка Димонович: реально залы рвет))) крутой трек бля

aukustihalonenn: Its gucci my niggah!, What Louie my killah!?

aukustihalonenn: Suh dude, still rocking in 2017?

Sharp780: Biggest song of this decade

Rey M: seizure time

Chrissy Boi: Nets take Ls all day

Healthcare Stories AJ: Illuminati

HazardMc5: Copyright?

Haitham Coool: Stupid masonic video

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