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Abbigail Scott: Fuk you i love it 😍😍😍

Fashion Glitz: Seriously, those are horrendous noises to bleep out the word. Try again parlophone

Maltyfred: just to you rasists,homofobics and sexists

Ele na: love rosie anyone ?

BI Pham: are lily allen from spanish

Marko Nešović: freak you! No one wants your opinion. So please don't stay in touch.

Karol Lopez: i dont need him.

leonor zaulda: not bad

Stella Igwe: This song goes out to Zayn and Naughty Boy

Sierra Stack: I LOVE IT! (clap)(clap)(clap)

MINDYWAAAA: For all those that don't realize what this song is really about, it's about George Bush -.-

Clint Snyder: Worst song  I have ever freaking.heard in my life. Not gay but your a embrassment.

Clint Snyder: Worst song of all time. Just go kill yourself. Save the world . Never ever make a song again  worst  thing I have ever had to be subjected 2. You suck so bad. Pls stop making music God hates for how bad u suck'''''''................. Sorry

Mariel Macapagal: Lily Allen - freak You:

Holn Steld: A nice little song for all the #haters

(i.e., #troll , #indiana #legislation , #netanyahu , #47traitors )

marilena liccardo: freak you very very much!!!

Valentina Medina Fuentes: Lily Allen - freak You:

AgentTasmania: The fact a censored version of this song ca even exist is absurd.

Veysel Celepcikay: I counted, she said 31 times 'freak You'. What a tenacity.. 

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