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Örjan Grahn: # version for the all Mothers from Texas....And other "sensitive" people. 🤔

Joemank // Joe Joe is Back!: freak

Sam K: As Studio C reminded me everything sounds better in song

Get Jynxxed: "Q you very very much."

Bacon Mister: Sits here..playing the song during traffic

Christian: why does this sound so innocent lol

Christian: wow i never knew how savage she was

Eloy Lopez: oh long johnson

JennahTheCreeper: I like the melody. does anyone know what type of melody it is?

DeadBunny69: What's the freaking point of uploading this song only to heavily censor it?

freaking moron.

ALIHANGO: funny video

텐마 가브릴 화이트: 좆까~베리베리머치~

the art fart: so is lily lgbt + or a straight allie

Ebbe Lockstrom: are you in london

Luciano Borie: what a good song to all of my enemies

Jung Kooking Bacon: I just realised this was in Pitch Perfect haha (sock puppets)

Swhoolio Ager: i expected a song with such an inspiring title to get more views.

Absent smalls: I wish I had this power

Soso Gigi: I freaking love thus song I'm gonna show this to my enemy and then m gonna shout freak YOU freak YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH

Monique Vanbaelen: ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

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