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Hiper Crafter: The Best music of the Word

Labrinth Gamer: freak Donald Trump!

PhantomMatrix: Why sensor?

PhantomMatrix: Why sensor?

Carl: This song's actually about George Bush, and that's freaking hilarious.

Cherry Gymnasticks: Кто от Сквозь?

KLB: quando alguém fura a fila do cinema

Caitlin Tomlinson: to any haters

Azer On Agario (MégaAdri32): I'm shocked : I've heard this song in a big amusement park for kids 2 years ago ( i've got a good memory ^^ )
I find again this song today , but WITH THE TITLE :o .
Very surprising -

Muarif Sumahar: i like this song since it was came out, but i just seen the video 6 years later

FF2: freak Kleopatra (School mate), freak David, freak Daniel, freak Fanni, freak Inez

Karoline Sembach: I love this song!!💜💜

Bi773n: Im gonna watch donald trump winning the election on mute with this song playing in the background xD

Trini Gamer: Why is this exactly what people who don't do their research on Trump thing?

Rainbow paint: 2:35
no one wants your opinion

Ana Cristina Nascimento: 👙

Irenia Campos: I identify so much with this song.. I like it :3

Melinda Robinson: Now this is censored!? Ridiculous.

bvb_botdfphan: @ my newest ex bf c:

Camryn Sidebottom: My anthem when I walk into school

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