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Nut Tanan: good musicο»Ώ

Holly Cox: Im reading some of the comments and dang!!!!! yall get so work up when someone says something that you dont agree with its kinda funny tho like who gives a crap about this stuff really? Trying to change someones opinion on something who is not listening is like trying to teach cat to drive useless and stupid and a waist of your good timeο»Ώ

MAHABO Productions: 0:30 - VOLK SWAG EN T3 ! What an epic youngtimer! :3ο»Ώ

Jarely Morales: πŸ–•ο»Ώ


AQUINO by02: WTF con este video xD pero estuvo muy bueno xDο»Ώ

Denis Marukhin: it is not okay to be gay. freak this song very very muchο»Ώ

MurdocFuckingNiccals: I'm living for British music omg! if only I knew about this when I was a kid but america has the worst music its like cancer going into my ear with all the same old same old while Brits actually speak! and make good music while doing it. so I thank them for using their heads and not their bodies.

Prin Norway: nice songο»Ώ

The Vunk Master: one word: k3kο»Ώ

Christian Goodwin: What's the point of posting this if you have ridiculous sound effects in the spot of a clear freak YOUο»Ώ

lsloan0000: The video, apparently seen from Lily's perspective, seems to have the premise that she is getting revenge upon or punishing the horrible people about which she sings in the song. However, as the video goes on, one sees that she's hurting random people that do not seem to exhibit the negative qualities described in the song. One is forced to conclude that the Lily character is simply malicious and effectively becomes one of those horrible people that are the subjects of the song.ο»Ώ

Daniel My Danaconda Don't: I love this so much omgο»Ώ

AWild bear: This song is for
β€’My crush whom betrayed me and made use of me but didnt like me
β€’Betrayers tbhο»Ώ

Dem Roses: what did the dog do!!ο»Ώ

The Grinning Cat: Listening to this on repeat while glaring at my flatmate. She still hasn't noticed.ο»Ώ

katie_incredible: Dear Parlophone,

freak you.Β 

See? People say it on YouTube all the time.ο»Ώ

Ariana Sanchez: Damn i wishes i can do this to the homophobes bitches at my schoolο»Ώ

soccerguy325: Man, they really butchered this song with the censorship, didn't they?ο»Ώ

Austin Lebeau: I believe that homosexuality is a developmental mutation. If you think about it not only does the bible disprove of homosexuality, but so does evolution. If the goal of a species is to reproduce and continue the species, then correct order is a man and a woman (obviously) . Two of the same sex can't reproduce and, therefore I believe that in the developing/programming stage in the brain something wrong happens in the instinct of attraction between a man and a woman, so in short being homosexual is not their choice.ο»Ώ

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