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Ratt Girl: who esle got here for shadowhunters crack one?

Keileigh Lighthouse: I dedicate this to every opinion that made me feel like a failure

sophia kennett: Oh my god I love this song I never even knew it was Lily Allen!

Baby Girl Elena7: anyone else here from pitch perfect😂

CatLady: Whoever censored this is fired

Spiritwolf983: How they censored things is funny and creative but like. 🅑🅡🅤🅗 🅢🅔🅡🅘🅞🅤🅢🅛🅨?

i dont have a name: freak you who the freak did the censorship btw i still hear freak you because i am an inappropriate kid i am 11 so again i say freak you

SPAZ5OUT: What's that camera shot called and how do you even do it?

I'm in the phandom help me: years later and i still love this song

K Tuck: "Do you enjoy living a life that's so hateful?" she asks as she sings an entire song where "f*** you" is repeated several times and the chorus states "we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew" and basically the entire song is her hating people 😂😂😂


Gabriela Rodriguez: somehow I think she is crapting on small town snobs. We all are well aware of those assholes around town ! :P

•R•E•A•D•I•N•G•: It's not even weird how much I love this song

M. Claud Peridottan: I dedicate this song to Onision, Ricegum, Daddyoffive, and Lapis Lazuli <3

Carlos Pena: I dedicate this song  to my idiot  of  uncle  my uncle always pees  on my bed  when he 's drunk........

Alexandra Alejo: like si hablas español y lo ves en el 2017

Sansj2004 J: I'm scared

Pepe Kek: #maga #whitepower

The Fadei: I have a video with this song

Koala Canyon: Lol what's the point of cursing in the title but yet you used a soundboard to blur it out????

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