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AWild bear: This song is for
•My crush whom betrayed me and made use of me but didnt like me
•Betrayers tbh

Dem Roses: what did the dog do!!

The Grinning Cat: Listening to this on repeat while glaring at my flatmate. She still hasn't noticed.

katie_incredible: Dear Parlophone,

freak you. 

See? People say it on YouTube all the time.

Ariana Sanchez: Damn i wishes i can do this to the homophobes bitches at my school

soccerguy325: Man, they really butchered this song with the censorship, didn't they?

Austin Lebeau: I believe that homosexuality is a developmental mutation. If you think about it not only does the bible disprove of homosexuality, but so does evolution. If the goal of a species is to reproduce and continue the species, then correct order is a man and a woman (obviously) . Two of the same sex can't reproduce and, therefore I believe that in the developing/programming stage in the brain something wrong happens in the instinct of attraction between a man and a woman, so in short being homosexual is not their choice.

Kuan Hsiung Huang:

Amine Jaoui: this song from love rosie

Krunchy Kookie: This song goes out to Katie Hopkins, because your experiment proved that you're lazy, not all the ladies with a little extra weight! <3

Pyramus K: So killing is fine because it occurs in nature? Perhaps we should start eating our kids to, like polarbears. 

Umut Anlaş: Half of the lyrics are "freak you" and all of them are censored ??

G Powers: You will die and then whàt? Either the Christians are wrong or not. Homosexuals are an abomination to God plain and simple. .

Emilia García: Debo ser la unica que escucha esta canción por Lanata 😂😂

philippe mombrun: So nice Lilly !!!

Chloe Francoeur: I wonder how the clean version would sound...

Daniela Pérez: freak you!!!

brama1969: Love the song but not thrilled w/ the video. I would made it violent and had her kill people and whatnot.

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