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Mar 24 2014 by Gossips
ILovePsySoMuch: She still sounds like a kid while singing this, lol but it's good thing. That's what I like about her.

Priyankar Mukherjee: Now ain't that a sweet way of saying that other thank you to that other kinda person (I usually don't say it, but I think the same)lol .... "your point of view is medieval" gosh, I dunno how many people I will face like this...BTW Lilly Allen is so sweet...

atimnie: Whoever censored this, freak you.

Gamer Chic: Wanting to sing this to your class xD

s9xn9ne: freak the edited version - freak it

rachelsmusic: Uh.. Hello ^-^ .. Check my videos? Or don't... But please do. Or don't. It's up to you, really. (It's an ironic video where to put this message. I don't know why, but I feel like a lot of people are going to tell me to freak off.)

kotosqopos: Lilly Allen .. composing songs for Putin before it was cool.

TheWiegos: "freak you" in your mouth? I'm strongly & disagreeably surprised. So beautiful girl and so vulgar words ... It doesn't fit her, I thing ...

Chiara Pugliese: - freak You

Nancy Moïse Haws: Kentucky Senators now seek to enact legislation¹ to support the poorly drafted² discriminatory Kentucky Constitutional Amendment that the Kentucky Attorney General Conway recently decided to not appeal Judge Heyburn's ruling that allows state recognition of same-sex marriages valid in other states after finding the amendment violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection. ¹² Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.

388bobek: It's funny how many non english speaking people who don't tolerate homosexuality probably listen to this song and even sing along to the "freak you" bit without knowing that it is aimed at them

Paul Kazansky: I like Lily but i still hat got damnit gays!!! freak you all homo crap !!!

Vinny From State Farm's Tacos: Oh look it's the song i listen to when i hear some people speak. One of the best songs ever tho lol cx

J Smith: freak all of you feminists.

Oceane Horan: ❤❤❤❤

Teacher Vinh: Name the song is interesting

Ariel Melen: freak you too :/

Dillon Tey: What app u use to do that sooo cool!

Julio Quinones: close to you?

Евсеев Александр: What is the point of censoring if the freaking word is in the title? And I left this comment which not only says freak two times but also has words ass and cunt in it!

xExpressUrSelfx: I want that music note shirt she has in her suitcase in the beginning. It's so cute! Love it!

iCutie Pie: Am I the only one who was pretending to stretch everyone?!?!?

shakeexon: symptoms of success F.U. attitude...

Isaiah Pham: LOL freak!!!

DannyZproductions: hahahahahaha!

Vikas Dharni: Grrr I like the song but still think it's wrong to be gay like :* freak me lilly! 

dato lomitashvili: xa xa xa xa good

Adam Buhler: Later Lily, busy atm...

ShadowDashie: My new favorite song. :D

PrincessStarChild: I love you Lily Allen

Tuan Nguyen anh: nice

Zoe Thranduilion: It's strange how I hear this song every time someone I hate speaks. I must be getting hearing problems... 

Capptaincrunchbaby: I love how if you don't support homosexuality you're evil and you hate gays. I don't hate anybody, in fact, I love everyone. Whether or not I support how you live is another matter altogether. 

ayu putriana Jamal: this make me laugh so hard

Anna Visda: I like your song verry verry much freak you

Emily Lee: freak you

Taurent_: freak YOU, JAMES. 

Trini de Leon-Martin: hahahah freak you it is...nice video Lily Allen.:)

Aaron Maloney Roos: don't freak up... Mayofest.......... do you eer

Dina Susanne: Oh i love this song! Even though it's written for Bush, it certanly fits alot of people... I think this song goes on a dayli spin in my head! i might have a people-problem xD And i think the video is awesome! I would have so much freaking fun, if i could do that! :))

Deniz Sentepe: Love ya lily :*

MacKenzie P: #mythemesongforlife

MensKnowledge101: Stay Strong my Brothers, Stay MGTOW!

Alexandra A: freak you very much , guys 

Victoria Doan: Lol this is my text ringtone 😝

Elyoenia Garcia: only freak you 

Jack Nesta: What songs?

skwigz21: I'm a boy...why do I like this broad's songs? 

AwesomeZX: #freak all of u! :3

Lat Sam: realy f u hahahahah

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