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Alexia che venera kevin {quello vero }: I think i have some problems, when i heard the censoring sound i was scared af and i stopped the video

ANAM BRAZIK: omg lily ur the bst cause my parents r gay thx 4 making this song

-Strawberry Clorox Bleach- *Retired from services*: To all of those people who say this song is for Donald Trump:
freak you. freak all of you. No need to bring politics into songs.

ToxicPlays: Me: You're just some racist who can't tie my laces
Donald Trump: ...


Sasha Gerus: Кто из 2017

Starman Mars: This song is about George W. Bush. Who was a huge racist and Lily wrote it as he was going out of office. He was a huge homophobe. He was a bad person and the lines such as "please don't stay in touch" mean that she doesn't want to hear from Bush again. He wanted to be like his father who was president at one point. Both were bad men. She was basically giving him a huge freak you because he was a bad president. Yes I know she is British but even then they hated him. So yep. This song is for Bush while he was leaving presidency

Chloe Normand: Cool 💜💛💚💙❤😘👍👏

Ethan Jarskey: honk you
Me: This is a complete disappointment and my day is ruined

constelação de Órion: CADÊ OS HU3BR?

GamZee Nguyễn: what the freak is wrong with this song??????????

Abby BrooklynShade: Wtf are those noises lmao

Golden Will: Feminist, feminist everywhere, I'm scared


teeooni Z: 2017?

Movie Express: What I say to America

Don Puerco: freak the freaking censorship

Shy girl Singing: The editing is most Beautiful

BadLuckTaco: Conclusion: she is a total asshole😭

# Lolipop: 😂😂😂😂

Raghad Ashoor: The music sounds like Close to you by the Carpenters xD

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