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JuniorAndez :3: Vete a la mierda .i.

Pxtato.: This is to my so called "friend"! :) I'll send this to her and block her afterwards ((:

Faustinus S: I used to just listen to this song for the freak you and sing it to my parent when I got annoyed at them and now I'm listening to it again and actually getting the lyrics and freak.yea I like this song even more, my mom likes this song but I've seen her act homophobic and racist and I'm just???????!

Bekah Esquivel: Does anyone else see the Trump screamed out of this whole song?

Jennifer Martinez: seriously this is such the perfect song for what's going on right now. This is the song the ladies during the Women's March should have been blasting! we do need a Trump version!

24TRAINMAN: I dedicate this to Donald trump and all republicans...

Joud Dweiri: This song was made for Trump. 

Tyler Dominic Supapo: don't say that everyone say that

Daniel Heikkila: this is for my parents

Amanda L: trump is now our president which means we can definitely send him this song :)

Harley e Joker: I LOVE MUSIC

Buffy Summers: It took me a while to realize this was censored. God my hearing is failing.

W. Abigail: Why do I think of Trump when I hear this

NesconProductions: Donald Trump sent me here..

Ana Smith: 22 of january of 2017

Sena Bakery: I just like the video

Mettaton: freak you freak you very very much

Venus Angelica: this song reminds me of my boyfriend (Adam the douche) he cheated on me 8 times without me knowing. he's still begging me to be with him. but still he only liked girls on the outside not the inside.

so freak you Adam!

Ashley Dawnhurricane: All these liberals in the comments saying this is trumps theme song. I didn't vote for him either I wrote someone in but I'm willing to give him a chance as president. Everyone deserves a chance.

TreyMsp: why does this song explain d trump so well

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