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Jun 09 2014 by New songs
Moses Oyoo: What a SONG!!!!!!!!!!! God have mercy on us.............................

gabriel obute: Cool. Thank You

elisante marko pallangingyo: Nisizame yesu niokoe

Rehema Kerubo: thins song always does it for me, ,,,,,, nisizame yesu

Furaha Love: i love ur song tumaini god bless you

Alajnaw Humphrey: I trusted GOD thru this song guess what! the Lord came to my rescue-uliza Mophat

ruth wanjala: Amen nisizame uniokoa.

Faith Maingi: A wonderful song...

Stela Alotabi: Omg. ilov this song is so touchin n i cant get enough of it..Thanx Tumaina for such a an inspirational song n may God continue to lift you for the good work n be able to giv us more.

Ken Murimi: Lovely song

Eveline Manyi: This song lifts up me when i am down. Asante Tumaini for this message my the favor of God follow you

zebie m: what a prayer....

Wendy Yugi: Amen

Tumaini Allan: Definitely...We need you Jesus..wonderful a right song at a right time

Kandie Jemuge: smart song indeed

Valentine Katambi: Hi Guys, @ JC ,, Thank you so much for the translation i think i may learn a bit of the language because most of our African languages are interconnected and words are similar,,,,@ Solomon thank you buddy for the good interpretation, ,,, @ calvin Ombogo,, thank you so much,, you guys should come to Zambia ! GOD bless you all, catch me on fb,, Valentine katambi 

David Pritchett: Wow what a blessing

Hidaya Hiza: Waaaaaah its real sprirital song be blessed kaka

Diana Ahuli: i totally looooooooooooooooove this song.. can't get enough of it

Erick Oyier: I heard the song in a matatu i was travelling in this morning and i was so touched that i quickly ran to you-tube to listen to and download this inspiring song. I feel blessed and more hopeful today.

Vincent Ndeda: Thank You brother Tumaini fr this amazing Song.

Eunice ndiro: a powerful song

elisante marko pallangingyo: Nisizame yesu niokoe

Ngeno Kenneth: Amen..Am Blessed.

Nabwike Kibona: Absolutely alovely song with faith

Lucyline Ismail: Help me oooh God

kibet harrison: Actually,no one else can rescue and save! It`s only the Lord Jesus.

Hadi Jradi: Tourching and showing us the wright way God bless u

stephen mwangi: Hatutazama katika jina lake Yesu Kristo.May God bless you brother for this powerful song.


Lucie Gicheha: wow. such a niiiice song.

Calvin Ombogo: Nisizame Yesu uniokoe (Let me not go under, save me Jesus)

James Kyule: nisizame yesu uniokoe

kallardmudavadi: Jameni ndugu umebarikiwa. si uniitie collabo... hahahaa! wimbo mtamu sana

jane muteru: true worship! God bless you so much

Kevin Macharia: looking for this wonderful song that so highly touches me and connects me to my Maker..."wakuabudiwa ni wewe"..please upload it or where can we get your music from?

benzin kim: AMEN,TUMAINI.

Dennis Oloo: Mungu ni Mungu

Gloria Blessy: This song is just but amaizing

rozzyjuma: What an awesome song!!!! always on my lips

Steve Mutua: Awesome Talent ... I am blessed ...

Salome Eliana Boke: This song is totaly a blessing, Hongeri sana Kaka

Evans Nyabuto: Kweli. Ni wimbo mtamu wa uliojaa sifa za kumtukuza Mungu kiasi kwamba ni wimbo ulio zaidi ya kilio cha huzuni. Baada ya kila kitu kuenda mrama, marejeo na tegemeo ni kwa Yesu tu aliye kimbilio na msaada wa kweli. Amina!

Emily Asiko: Do it to me God

veronica bosibori: a good song

Bea wamuo: This is my prayer...beautiful song

Emmanuel Kaaya: Such a touching song, May the Good Lord lift us in those difficult moments, like he did to Mosses, he will do for us.Be blessed all

Nehemiah Maphie: May God use you the more! I do listen to this song over and over again. Keep on the good work bro!! We CAN NEVER DRAWN WHEN JESUS IS CLOSELY WITH US!!!

frank nkinda: nisizame Yesu

Baggio Antoo: good stuff, are the VCD on sale in Kenya and where can i get them. Thanx. Nanthoy99@gmail.com

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