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Jul 21 2014 by Demo
GloriaaJC: ¿imbatible? someone has the lyrics?, tx

George Mamboleo: Indeed The Lord is a Conqueror. All things are possible with God, for He is God.

Janet Ogelo: And He will never be defeated.

Lily Nyariki: Hallelujah!

Cheruiyot Evans: I like it ,praise be to God

Jeremiah Nkama Asiba: Nice song

Ibrahimu Bakari: God bless you!

Moses Kosgei: surely the God the creator of heaven and earth cannot be defeated He is well able

RICHARD NYAKUNDI: sure,God can never be defeated,the same as them who believe in Him.

Fidelis Wamune: Ni Mungu asiyeshindwa. This song is a blessing anytime.

Ngasitia Paulo Lonoko: Nothing has been impossible to my and Our God. He has given me all I needed na bado anaendelea. He is truly loving. Bless you Sarah for using your talent to bless us and encourage us towards our Loving God.

Pendo Gabriel: Ver nyc,a lyk d xong

Jacob Wanyonyi: Amen. So spiritual nourishing

Bethuel Masimane: Quite uplifting.

Geofrey Thobias: Mighty and strong in Power, unbeatable God, absolute Yes!!

Inglid Myck: Dic z ma best Gospel song......B blecd Mum...

Mwangi Esbon: God, the LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.....kweli hawezi shidwa....lovely song.

Beatrice Abutto: Usiye shindwa,,,,,,,,,,nothing and nobody can beat u my God.........may ua Mighty name be exalted!!!!!

brenda rhoda: sure ur the mighty one

Joshua Mwendwa: Isaiah 42.8

okoth jacob: really blessing me

moses wainaina: 4 sure 

Ibrahimu Bakari: God bless you!

Lily Nyariki: Hallelujah!

andrew jumbale: Glory be to God.We surely serve a Mighty God! .God bless you Sarah for the great ministry.

GATHERU NDUTA: Kweli wewe ni mungu usiyeshidwa

Jack Gudo: Yes there is nothing too hard for our God (Jer32:27). Be blessed.

Ejiro Onavwie: I do not understand Swahili but I could hear her completely in spirit! What a talent and a blessing in the household of the living God! thank God for blessing Sarah and thank you Sarah for allowing yourself a channel of blessing to this generation! keep the flame burning. the Lord never let the chosen down. please someone help with the lyrics.

Zawadi Mambosho: Glory be to the God, be blessed Sara. wimbo unanibariki sana

Annemarie Mecca: May God bless you Sarah

peter kano: He is Almighty and powerful nothing can defeat Him that is our GOD. God bless Sarah


Joseph Kirema: I love it, its really a blessing

Fidelis Wamune: Waoh!nimebarikiwa 

Skay Mash: My all time favourite song. MAY GOD BLESS YOU SARAH K

cecilia wm: OH YEAH

faith mshiri: a touching worship song,kip it up

veronica Wanjiku: Thank u Jehovah

Edinah Keno: Milele na Milele Amen

Linda Odhiambo: kweli wewe ni Mungu usiyeshindwa

Juma Al Hajj Shariff: Our God is undefeated God in all seasons

Benter Ger: The Holy one of Israel hawezi kushindwa kamwe. Has proved the test of time. Thank you Sarah, its a powerful reminder to continue being still and know that He is God and God alone, the mighty warrior in the battle. AMEN

LORIN WAPAN: I love this song. God bless you Sarah

Patroba Ojwang: I cry with this song..Glory to God

AQUAMY VONZ: Although I dont understand the language but I love listening to this songs. God be the glory. The singer express her self well on this song. God bless you and may your song be a blessing to those who hear it. Stay Blessed.

Butswat Istifanus: I love the Lyrics.Though I do not hear the Language

Annastaciah Ngina: wewe ni MUNGU never defeated

hadassah743: Sarah dear I BLESS the LORD for what He is doing through you.......I LOVE THIS SONG Yes WEWE NI MUNGU USIYESHINDWA........AMEN

Jackson Kibati: Thus true the Lord God is Undefeated

Luuca Bushiri: Kwakweli hashidwi na jambo lolote.

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