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Apr 05 2015 by Lyrics
vilho hamwele: i like this song but i do not understand the language used, please translate the main words, God bless you Sarah

flavian mjuni: Sara big up,Mungu akubariki sana mpendwa

Neema Kalinga: Sarah Kiarie - Usiyeshindwa:

Zephania Msafiri: nzuriiiiii

susan kitash: Amen kweli hakuna umshindaye mungu,let God continue to show good word to praise him

Godfrey mackenzie: Very good God bless you

Victor Ooko: Still love till today and the song is hit years later,everything shall pass but the word of God will remain standing,. God bless you Sarah K.

Steve Kariuki: We serve a Great and awesome God. Who is like You oh Mighty Everlasting Love. Only You in all situations, love You Father.

ELIJAH MBATHA: Indeed is God who can't be defeated

Lightness lameck Lameck: Its better to praise the lord our jehova

Stella Pauline Wambui: Very true my sister we believe in God who will never and is not defeated no matter what. Amen

Pam Mubuta: AMEN. We serve a Mighty God. Nothing is too big or too small for Him. Thank You Jesus for being more than Able in whatever situation. I need this to become a reality in my life too.

Peace Perry: Mb mmmm JM na jlqwwlnSarah Kiarie - Usiyeshindwa:

Faith Muyoma: Very inspiring, Ni Mungu asiyeshindwa kwa kila jambo liwe kubwa au pia ndogo . Yeye ni jana leo na hata milele. Barikiwa sana Sarah. 

Judith Lung'atso: Very inspiring, always when down I listen to this song and after that I feel very encouraged and know that"ni Mungu Asiyeshindwa"so whatever situation I believe he provides victory. God continue Blessing you sister Sarah. 

simeon n Obialor: Sarah, you're a blessing to your generation.May you have the exceeding grace to praise God the more.

Msengelwa Kapela: Mama mungu waneema akubariki sana zahidi hatakizachoko mungu akihinuwe. Achakuwa fatana na mashido ya wahimbajiwengine kwakutafuta Sifa kwa wanadam acha mungu akuhinuwe

anittah Mahoro: I am supposed to be resting for a night shift but I just can't stop listening to this woman's worship music. I don't even know what the songs mean and yet my heart is melted in the worship.

john judy: My God never defeated

Faith Muyoma: Very inspiring, Ni Mungu asiyeshindwa kwa kila jambo liwe kubwa au pia ndogo. Yeye ni jana leo na hata milele. Barikiwa sana Sarah. 

Jsjdhdj Djdhdhd: Yes God is great

Ben Otieno: God is more than able in our lives. He will grant us according to our hearts desire and fulfill our purpose, Psalm: 20:4. The Lord God will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can think of. Ephesians: 3:20.

mkufunzi: sure u r a great God. blessings Sarah

frida charless: Kweli wewe ni Mungu usieshindwa. Ubarikiwe dada

Irene Mallya: Hata mama winie anakufahamu kuwa wewe ni Mungu usiyeshindwa. 

Faith Muyoma: Very inspiring, Ni Mungu asiyeshindwa kwa kila jambo liwe kubwa au pia ndogo. Yeye ni jana leo na hata milele. Barikiwa sana Sarah. 

Faraja Deogratias: Indeed God is more than able coz he is above all. Big up sister ur songs are a great blessing to me amazing

ann ndolo: Amen

Crispin Challe: Surely God is almight never fails.

esther kanyi: Surely there is nothing impossible with our Father in heaven. Not then Not today

احمد عسيري: Haushindwi kamwe!the song is so inspiring.i cant stop listening to the song bcoz it has been one of my favourite.ubarikiwe dada

rhumba: you have surely expressed worship to the most high. be blessed

joy gasheri: kweli mungu hashindwi...ata hiwe nini

Oliver Wareba: Ameen.. Be blessed Sarah..

kaipha simon: Great God 

juliet abukuse: hatashindwa kamwe...milele atashinda vita

magreth Mlay: Love u Sara k my the lord bless uuuu

Pendo Gabriel: Ver nyc,a lyk d xong

Alfred Mango: There is nothing impossible before God. Mountains tremble before him and all the valleys are filled. He makes a way where there is no way. Put your trust in him.

Luci: Wewe ni Mungu usiyeshindwa.

Milka Mbithe: nice songs be blessed

Lenardo Adhis: What a blessing Sarah's songs are. God is above all.

ann mwikali: Kweli ashindwi kamwe.

Ben Mandu: Mungu Hashindwi

Andrew Kibuga: Kweli mungu hatawahi shindwa,ufalme wote uko chini yake

Eddah Duncan: Hakika yeye ni Mungu asiyeshindwa kwa lolote jana, leo na miele

Ruth Ajiambo: Truly hashindwi my faithful God.

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