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Oct 10 2014 by Gossips
Margaret Wangari: Yes God is great

juliet abukuse: hatashindwa kamwe...milele atashinda vita

احمد عسيري: Haushindwi kamwe!the song is so inspiring.i cant stop listening to the song bcoz it has been one of my favourite.ubarikiwe dada

Ben Otieno: God is more than able in our lives. He will grant us according to our hearts desire and fulfill our purpose, Psalm: 20:4. The Lord God will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can think of. Ephesians: 3:20.

James Gitonga: Mungu ni mkubwa.. Mkenya Ujerumani.

George Mamboleo: Indeed The Lord is a Conqueror. All things are possible with God, for He is God.

Angela N.: Wonderful worship song!!

joy gasheri: kweli mungu hashindwi...ata hiwe nini

Luci: Wewe ni Mungu usiyeshindwa.

rhumba: you have surely expressed worship to the most high. be blessed

Andrew Kibuga: Kweli mungu hatawahi shindwa,ufalme wote uko chini yake

Eddah Duncan: Hakika yeye ni Mungu asiyeshindwa kwa lolote jana, leo na miele

Crispin Challe: Surely God is almight never fails.

Ben Mandu: Mungu Hashindwi

alex josephat: AMEN LORD

evelyn ngondya: Jesus Christ... My redeemer unastahili kuabudiwa...ubarikiwe sarah

wambu mbuthia: Amen !never, thank u Esther


Luci: Almighty Father any situation you touch ,we believe it can never remain the same.Amen

Alfred Mango: There is nothing impossible before God. Mountains tremble before him and all the valleys are filled. He makes a way where there is no way. Put your trust in him.

Lily Nyariki: Hallelujah!

carolyne makoboh: Amen...Thank you Sarah K.

Luci: usiyeshindwa usiyeshindwa ,wewe ni Mungu usiyeshindwa.......

Ruth Ajiambo: Truly hashindwi my faithful God.

Lucy Wangui: Keep them in beirut lebanon we r blessd by ur wshps

GloriaaJC: ¿imbatible? someone has the lyrics?, tx

Fidelis Wamune: Ni Mungu asiyeshindwa. This song is a blessing anytime.

Moses Kosgei: surely the God the creator of heaven and earth cannot be defeated He is well able

Sammy Graphics: Mighty song

natiro100: God your never let us down.

Ngasitia Paulo Lonoko: Nothing has been impossible to my and Our God. He has given me all I needed na bado anaendelea. He is truly loving. Bless you Sarah for using your talent to bless us and encourage us towards our Loving God.

andrew jumbale: Glory be to God.We surely serve a Mighty God! .God bless you Sarah for the great ministry.

GATHERU NDUTA: Kweli wewe ni mungu usiyeshidwa

Fidelis Wamune: Waoh!nimebarikiwa 

Pendo Gabriel: Ver nyc,a lyk d xong

Ejiro Onavwie: I do not understand Swahili but I could hear her completely in spirit! What a talent and a blessing in the household of the living God! thank God for blessing Sarah and thank you Sarah for allowing yourself a channel of blessing to this generation! keep the flame burning. the Lord never let the chosen down. please someone help with the lyrics.

Lily Nyariki: Hallelujah!

okello omondi: Yeye ni Mungu asiyeshindwa, asante Yesu kwa kutupenda kiwango hii, Asante baba, asante Yesu

Zawadi Mambosho: Glory be to the God, be blessed Sara. wimbo unanibariki sana

Cheruiyot Evans: I like it ,praise be to God

Jeremiah Nkama Asiba: Nice song

rosiene sacramento: Glorias ao senhor esta voz que o senhor te deu amem irmã eu gostei amem!!!!!

Afro Australians: Praise be to God through Jesus Christ !!!


Bethuel Masimane: Quite uplifting.

Skay Mash: My all time favourite song. MAY GOD BLESS YOU SARAH K

cecilia wm: OH YEAH

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