Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Music Video for Free!

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All we loved Watch my videos: 😌I love it

Jack Uberdo:

Yani 11: didi kempot is that u?

Lashona Mitchell: These they guys are lazy😜

Reimon Gappe: 2018???

antonella tatiana: Que feo porque se bajaron los pantalones

Lou Ross: I not get it

cassissidrub11: yah you're not doin anything, like umm lipsing and lipguitaring (or whatever the heck you call not really play the guitar) GO LIVE ON MARRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Juan Jimenez-Guzman: bruno is the best

Ebony English: 2017 years

Luis Quinones: Who likes this song

Talsplay Br: 2020?

danny stewart: Can't tell which one is bruno

TEEMO: göt ye

pequeño pricipe: Esta padre

jan franco rincon saavedra: la letra me encanta pero el baile es muy sexual

lolcraft 123: You ęńçđ

Nunar Tamakloe: Yes I said I said it
I said it cause I can,
God I wish I could tell my parents that

Andrea Souza: Amei a sua música ela é a melhor música maravilhosa te amo so sua fã

Maritza Hurtado: Dd

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