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Dec 16 2014 by New songs
mothanillie1: I Love Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas..... Sing Pastor..... Sing Bilbo You better sing boy....... Oh God........

Dominick Brave: yo terrell's snare got mad drop to it nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

grayeyes77: LOVE THESE GUYZ!!!!!!!need a contact number need to get these men to greenville nc?

missnukie1: i luv this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsTokenya: I love this song!!!!!

Nuk Battle: Terrell is bad on them drums!

Delores Allen: I just love Pastor Tim and the fellows. They have made me love the sound of their quartet singing. I have never enjoyed quartet singing before in my life. I have their CD's and I ride in my car with them (jamming) every single day. Keep praising God Pastor and the fellows because you all are touching a whole lot of people!! Young and Old alike... God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marshelle37: My testimony SONG

5808TEEJAY: @grayeyes77 close enough for me...right down the road in Whitakers....let me know when they come...

Shawtyblack22: i thought this was words of wisdom... when was this again hasan i know it was last year tho

Rodney Croxen: Yo who told Tim rogers he could do all that....str8 beasting!....God bless.him and the fellas

gwenettasumling: The more we hear Pastor Tim and the fellas sing this song , the better they get. I know that you all recorded this song a little while ago but, for some reason people are just now hearing it. Especially down here where we are from. But, that's o.k. because The Land Boys of Millry, Alabama are letting them know who recorded this song. We will run up on you all soon in concert somewhere. Most of the time whenever we find out. The concert is over.lol. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glamorousface12: Sang yall Sang!!!!!

charlieboy1109: sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheDqh: They kill it at 2:15!!! Good God!!!

mrmelody26: the drummer is goin bananas and tim is killing it...one of my fav groups rite now

robert fisher: I miss Blytheville and I remember when this cd came out my dad Robert fisher whould always play it but this was my favorite song on the cd and light house

nwje: Great Video....Keep it up men of God!!!

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