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MrTheOneAndOnly83: @ApostolicKen Bishop Ellis was very mcuh apostolic he tought the apostolic doctrine.

Alfred Houston: yes he do

Elder L: apostolicreturns you hid these from. I've been looking for someone who sang this, pass me not, and the old rugged cross and near the cross and found it in the Bishop. Thanks.

ApostolicKen: so he doesnt teach the apostolic doctrine

apostolicreturns: I know your right about that, I forgt to include that in my comments, as a matter of fact he inroduces each section of this DVD project. Bishop David Ellis passed away before this came out. and in was dedicated to his memory.

apostolicreturns: This is not a PAW event

apostolicreturns: this is not an Apostolic Concert this is at Light of the World Christian Church in Indianopolis, ID witha collection of singers.

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