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Nikolas Neophytou: 3:30 pettiness level 100000000000%

Reggie Reg: Trying to be rhianna

gaming with howie: does she really smoke ?

April Hale: My Goodness, she's such a Goddess.

Craazyy FAAnboyyy: old school and new school Beyoncé is the best. but this song is really special to me. it's just so amazing.

Isaac Lewis (The morphbox): I think it's because your black.

Charlie Chiskei: sometimes I look at this video and wonder... what was shy trying to do...

_gamefreak_: The Bettie references in this video with the bangs and the set I'm crying I love this

Shalyn Harris: I love this song

J Virgo: Cause of those damn bangs

Tati Santos: ♡♥

Lily B: One of her most iconic videos wow I always come back to it

Shotokhan: Her style in 2010 was much better than today! I still like her but I prefer her old songs!

Shontique Sims: Sounds like a song that would have went perfectly with the movie Dream Girls 😍😍

candyrayne215: Favorite beyond look rivaled only by Video Phone


Melissa Rodriguez: But seriously though, why don't you???!!??!?!??!!

Leonardo Lima: Whos listening in 2017

Eunerxx: Nintendo Switch be like

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