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Ren K: bring back this beyonce voice, the new rapping beyonce.. your voice is way to good for NOT SINGING.. :^(

Ann Ward: All I can say is wow

Alicia Lopez: where can i get the sunglasses thoee

Jayden Tun: this looks like the olden days song

ashnburt11: I knew she couldn't cook
Burnt ass chicken

ladon johnson: 7k haters bey

fj sorg: Spécial dédicace de 102 à mon ami Guilucru

Amoret: she's so freaking hot and i'm straight right here!

Renan Noronha: Amo, Amo e Amo.

moonphz ;: Uma música tão boa uma pena q poucas pessoas conhecem

you thought: me @everycrushI'veeverhad

Mariam Dahmani: That (i'm smart) part 😍😍😍goddamn BEY

Ida Worst: I don't understand why women stay in relationships like this.

Robert Smith: 2017 n this still my crap

a potato Who's musically inncorrect: Okay but Bey looks Bomb af here.

marium ahmad: maybe the guy is gay secretly?!!😂😂

maria owens: 100 likes and i'll send this to my crush

Fii B: why do you date your cousin

Asmae Tiberkanine: Anyone else here on a beyonce spree? Every song of hers makes so much more sense now that we know bits and pieces of her relationship with jay. All her music videos now seem more like connected stories. Queen, her old stuff only gets better and better.

Little Monsieur: i think this song describes me right now

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Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me 5 out of 5