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Feb 14 2014 by Gossips
ART POP: This is everyone in High school's anthem

makiaveli Monteiro: love u beyonce, but not this song..

Maggie Mooney: I used to do all that crap as well...and he didn't love I killed him...

Tazz McLeod: Watcha talking about B? I Do Love you! :D

Maheen Kadri: Google Bettie Page for those that don't know that this idea is unoriginal. Still think Beyonce is amazing tho hehe.

Саша Картер: We all love you B !))))

se7ensnakes: I hate it when black woman wear blond wigs. It is so phony and pasty. Shallow even. When you go out with a black woman, you go out with her for what she is in totality.

Ida N: I can't tell if this is set in the 50's or 70's.

Nina Sharp: You know the reason better Beyonce. 

Eclipse 7: She smokes!

Shanti SNH: look at those grammys :D #Talented amazing beyonce 

Pamela Jones: LOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!!

Fidelya Salman: hehe

Catarina Rodrigues: i think everybody loves you bey im not getting why u made a song called 'why dont u love me' cause really literally everybody loves you

Cameron Lewis: I believe she does have hairrrrr ha that


00x98pd: I know her music sells well but her sex appeal sells even better

Kamarah Smith: In a "Queen B" kinda mood tonight :)

Brian young: Little to wrong for me

Natalie S: +se7ensnakes beyonce is flawless and a more sucessful and nicer person than u could be. If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it.

tonysnow94: Don't let our young (child) daughters watch this. Foolish video poisoning our black women to act even more foolish smh

Sara Pinheiro: Love this song sooo much! "I got beauty, I got class, I got style and I got ass..." <3 Queen B killing it!

Willie Ross: man freakva nigga and freak love

Lily McKenzie: I had a half a mind that this was gonna turn into a porno! You know, poor ol' sassy Bey getting all hot and bothered and some hottie cums to help her out a lil' (see what I did there!)!

Gayla Powell: He doesn't love you because... well...... he's gay. Case close only reason.

tuga26y: I dedicate this to my ex boyfriend!

Jaelihn N.: Love Her Songs. But Bow Down Bitches. No. I Think She's To Self Centered Sometimes. :P But, I Love Her Voice And Videos <3

Ge Gl: he's probably gay Beyonce

ashrick718: She should do her fashion like the setting of this video!!! She'd look nice!! 

leslie remigio: she reminds me of the lady who takes care of the orphans in Annie lol but like with out the love part

Maiya Mashack: Yeah since everything on half of this video Rihanna did

mteeh1991: this is too cute lol I love it !!!

Sadiq Muhammad: Sexx

Jolly Primo: <3 

Bunny Ben: i think hes gayy

Esmee Kilsdonk: omg, i got the same feeling right now..

Alex Bosley: it's a good one ;)

Jordan Nowak: It reminds me character played by Jeniffer Lawrence in American Hustle.

Jasmine Shuler: I Make Me So Damn Easy To Love...

Kayla Hutchinson: She is so pretty. Too pretty to smoke fr

Me is Katie: This is so underrated 

Jake Jones: why dont my dad love?

RagsTheWeaver: My favourite Bey song! Also, she looks so good in this video.

Jay Turner: I can really relate to this song.

Lyss Nara: Maybe he is Gay :/

lexi_luv: Girl get that u did that that's what's up

Alana Souza: Why not love Beyoncé? #Diva

Sasha Fierce: and then telephone happened 

Alisha Larkin: cant help but wonder

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