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Dec 10 2014 by Download
La Rubia: This is my shhhhh, luv her style in this video.....

Char M.: One of her most underrated songs ever...this is amazing. This is probably her most underrated next to Grown Woman. They are truly amazing.

Maximus Seneca: I need you babe

DeusaNew: because you act like a slut

Love !: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Mckenna Bowers: '__' Why don't you love me? <3 

Konata Jackson: Why don't you love me?

Mozart Herbert: That's my favorite music video from the "I Am.. Sasha Fierce" era, love the vintage look characteristic of the Melina Matsoukas work <3

Jasmine Bourne-thorne: 2010 and it looks so old

Wolfeddie Lupus: Honey, if he does not love you is because surely is gay and my boyfriend. Love you B, but with my man Do not mess

Jonathan San Juan: Havent listen to her since irreplaceable, she hasn't lost a step

Wolfeddie Lupus: Honey, if he does not love you is because surely is gay and my boyfriend. Love you B, but with my man Do not mess

Celestial - B.: Now now honey. You betta sit down and look around cuz you musta bumped yo head.

John Augillard: probly about jay z he loved rita ora and niki minaj 

Feni Fauziah: When I make me so damn easy to love? And why don't you need me? Tell me, baby, why don't you need me When I make me so damn easy to need?

Miguel Gutierrez: The blacker the berry she black then a mutha freaker too

Wolfeddie Lupus: Honey, if he does not love you is because surely is gay and my boyfriend. Love you B, but with my man Do not mess.

Laura Louisa: This used to be my favorite song 🔫❤️ I still love it 🙏 When I hear this song so much memories are going trough my mind 😔😁😌 I miss those times

haley rodriguez: Soft core porn with an amazing sound track

That_One_Zee: I would love to have her body, but there's a thing called 'pizza'. 😭

BillyB: so funny, cute

MEKKI GHANEM: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Samuel Phénix: I love this video, and I love Beyoncé. But as a feminist, why would she make a video where she represent a 50's "dumb woman" who stays at home and cleary depends on a man for her happiess? Isn't it what she is fighting against? #NoHateJustWondering

Jenna Cupcakes: this is my song to michael MICHAEL WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME GOD DAMNITT I freakING LOVE YOU ): LOL jk im over it. almost. not rly. ok im done (: 

Самира Ескелди: Посмотрите этот плейлист на YouTube:

ilksen germanotta: i love this song soo muchh 

Claudia Castillo: Por Que no me Amas?

KatharineAlice: Sometimes I wish this video was in HD

Mariakatrina Yu: this video is quite hilarious.... nice one 

Catherina Brown: Solange did an awe job writing this and beyonce sounds great performing this song.

Claire Dat: 3:39 did Rihanna steal that for her pour it up vid lol

ndeye astou mbaye: je t aime beyonce

stevierayplayer: Everything you want and everything you need . Yet you have to go around 

Vivien Leigh: Her message is i know this person doesn't love me but i am happy to hang in there and continue doing everything i can to change his mind over and over over and over and over again. How bout i know you don't love me soo f&^% OFF hey they would be a good song.

Rey3518: She look like a hooker in that video and on partition a expensive one and on that Yonce video ratchet she is a fake feminist

Keta J: sooo how im feeling right now

Del Rey: that's so me

Julie P: Solo wrote this go girl

Ultra Violent: Bijonse sram da te bude ukrala si spot od Marine Tadic! haha OTROVE TI MI DODJES KAO LEK!!!

Serena Nguyen: This song is just perfect


The Gootu: +Astral Projection there no way that she is black chick...she must be some secret experiment of a white girl that fell in a pile of melonated protoplasm or something. she is perfect though. no way both parents are black.

coolgirona: I love this vid *-*

Krzysztof Michalski: I do not know

marleygirl: Solange wrote this song for Bey

Sheena Flores La Madrid: I love her style , she is so dam perfect , i just love her so much

Lolo 123: Love the video

jayley ash: 4:04 and 4:48 <3

Sandra Kearney: beyonce does not know how to smoke a fag.

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