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Brianna Edwards: Whose watching in 2017-18

Karen Heloísa Amorim: isso é tipo um poxa crush so que pin up

Julia Jackiewicz: Rejection anthem

Einsteinium Cat: Dedicated to my boyfriend, soon to be ex boyfriend. Cause he told me he loves another man.

Bitch ass kid doesn't deserve my queen ass ›:v

Jordan Ellis: Why don't you love me though? :/

person hi: jay should be dusting those Grammy awards

Ragluvvulgar: The shade she threw by dusting her Grammys was iconic 😂😂😂😂😂

Abel Calderón: (I'm Gay) I dedicate this sing to my crush freak Straight Men!

Erik Henrique: This music keep on top for me! I LOVEEEEEE YOU

Lauren Taylor: I was about to dedicate this song to all my crushes, but then I remembered that they're all fictional and the reason they don't love me is because they don't exist. 🙃

Henry Verseti Gholston: Mood AF

Whitney Boykin: Love every look!

marie watson: Sooo white...

Neringa Dautartaitė: Thats when she started trying to do that whole Jay-Z divorce scandal like with song Sorry

lena sylwestrzak: Maybe you're just not the one
Or maybe you're just plain....... DUMB!!!

Simply Amazing: Happy bey day

DiAnna Williams: Here celebrating your bday in 2017 🐝


Santana honest diva: Happy birthday Beyonce today is your day September 4th

Jasmine Harrison: So when Beyoncé feels sad does she listen to Beyoncé?

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