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Jul 27 2014 by MP3 player
shortstack: I am in love with Beyonce <3 so fineeee

elpida g: she was stunning.

imfrickincrazy: All that smoking is making me want to take up smoking again.

Brian Sanichar: God she been obsessed with jay z 

Ana Freitas: She's coming to Portugal !!!! <3 LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

トーマスジゼル: sad that a guy has a woman like me and cant seem to keep me happy...i dont ask for much so wtf is wrong... she said all i wanted to say in this song...."check my credentials....." what man can appreciate a woman like me??

wynter johnson: you all are rude beyonce did a good job with this song so if you think that why you click on this video and watch it so have some brain

Sharynrenee Blackford-Ellington: C.W.B y Don't U Love Me

Nina Sharp: You know the reason better Beyonce. 

Waddya Tawkin: I used to do all that crap as well...and he didn't love I killed him...


Dshani Bradley: Stop juging ladies 

truegirl2anna: Question is....why does SHE love HIM?

armani smith: I hated the video love the song

Wayne Bangz Nk: Oooooooh wait i remember she made this song in 010 Thats the year Jay z cheated on her :O and this song came out in may, the scandal happened in July So that would mean she made this song about jay z at the time who was probably being distant due to the fact he was cheating on beyonce. And beyonce not understanding why he was being so different was questioning "why doesn't he love me" Ohh i get it. Funny how her songs Legit make sense tho.

ART POP: This is everyone in High school's anthem

HAM0002: she shouldve kept this album a damn

makiaveli Monteiro: love u beyonce, but not this song..

Catarina Rodrigues: i think everybody loves you bey im not getting why u made a song called 'why dont u love me' cause really literally everybody loves you

Katlun Houssian: cuz ur ugly

Eclipse 7: She smokes!

Jess Ie: Women are crazy Beyonce, Men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

Ida N: I can't tell if this is set in the 50's or 70's.

Jeremy Mota: Who doesn't love Beyoncé ?

Andreane Reynolds: I've never seen anyone clean a house wearing stuff like that, just saying

Minea Minion: Best thing to listen on valentines day..

FvAish: one of the most beautifull and sexy woman in the planet!


Emmy Idz: He doesn't want to love you cuz he's a freaking maggot !

Querida Rivera: I love this song best one yet

Laura Zucca: That's so me.

awkiller: Favorite clip EVER. 

XxXAvelinexXX. G.: wtf

Diakaria Diallo: my life in one song

FreeYourMind Ford: Oh yea , he's dumb..

Julie Gower: go beyonce love it!

Ess SimplyDone: I can watch this video over and over and over!

Mama Bellydance: Ouwaa dont woory I love u Be

Jonathan San Juan: Havent listen to her since irreplaceable, she hasn't lost a step

UnnamedAssaliant: This was dedicated to Beyonce's haters ... WHY DON'T YOU LOVE HER BITCH!? You see her trophies --- you see her beauty --- you see that ass --- GIVE UP!

Arica Dash: Why in the hell would someone reject *Beyonce*? She's hot!! 

Jami Thurms: Ugh I love this song!!

Jennifer Johnson: I like how she's doing a play on Bettie Page. Nicely done!

Vero Nica: (killing time at work) .... nothing is worse than loving the one who does not love you back ....

TheEnviedLife: still my crap.

Jessica Meyer: I feel like a lot of married women will relate to this song

cocoa9270: Hey ladies wanna go out hit me up bby

Casanova Frankenstein: because you smoke.. drink too much.. &youre always in your underwear everytime friends come over

wynterstorm04: I'm feeling the lyrics....F him tho...

Patricia Williams: 3:44 just for a moment thought is was Rihanna

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