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yedaperry: I love this song...I just love how it really breaks it down the hard truth that sometimes, it doesn't matter how "perfect" you are, you just can't make someone love you, and in the end you just really have to make sure you can love yourself. It's like, she knows just how badass she is, and what she's worth, but is still sad that her love is unrequited, but comes to the realization at the end that it's not her, and there's nothing she can do about it...he's just too dense to care.

Frances Howard: this is one of her unknown songs.

Stefan Djordjevic: I am searching for Peugeot 306 to buy. Anybody to offer ? :)

Anais Guzman: Why don't you love me, tell me putas! xD

alexandra koffi: Solange was the one who wrote this song and Solange herself said it in a interview

Oxyaa Riau: Lel . Bey I can love you instead of that dude you are singing about ❤

buzzler745555: I CAN LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!

Tibor Hegedüs B: ' I got beauty i got class i got style and i got ass '
Love you Beyonce :)

Diana Riverjackson: The live performance of this song is 10.0000 times better than the video.
Whenever you talk with Bey fans or others and you mention this song, everyone remembers the live performances.

Rockbox 101: my absolute favourite beyonce vid. especially love the bettie page inspired look <3

Levanah Somet: 3:20 we know where Rihanna took her style for the "Pour it up" video

Christina Conner-Erdem: Favorite Beyonce song/video of all time!!

Nikki Crench: Beyonce didn't write this song and much much more, but we're mad at drake? 

queenb9622: Can we just appreciate the Fashion/Styling in this video?!

Kyla Rassip: Solange wrote this song!! 👊🏿👊🏿

SabinaTheOneFromEast: He dont love you cos he aint got a freaking heart. He gave it to his ex

Jennifer Day: Dam she's good

QUEEN OF MUSIC BEYONCE: This song is Amazing and The Video is Super Sexy and HOT X

Hugó Cseh: Best Beyonce song ever!

Jayda Grant: she smocks

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