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Mar 17 2015 by Lyrics
pastelkinz: anyone notice that she was dusting her many grammys lmao

ches: I love you thats all that matters B

Melissa Z: This is my anthem this v-day ....sigh

Miguel Fardin: How can someone not love beyoncé?

nicole velez: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me: I LOVE THIS VIDEO

Boom Chicka: This is one of her best songs ever and the fashion and make up in this video slays anything she's ever done

Kenyon Donner: all I need to know is why

La Rubia: This is my shhhhh, luv her style in this video.....

Ess SimplyDone: roderick g herndon

Evie Mendez: *Why dont you love me?*

Maximus Seneca: I need you babe

Kika Voyance: Info Du Jrs !! Bjrs !! Beyoncé Va Devoir Annuler Son Prochain Concert !! Quelques Petites Contraintes(Surement Familiale) Sont Encore à Craindre !! Dsl Du Dérangement !! Bisous !!

Leïna Knowles-Carter: +marckid93 Is the proof that Beyoncé can turn every guy straight for her. I feel you, I can turn gay for her tho lmao

Arizah Thompson: I was wondering the first time I heard it why it didn't sound like her tone of music but I just found out that her sister wrote this song so it sounds more like Solange. I love this song so much and the video is perfect even tho B looked a mess on the floor xD

vannyeagles: ...A hug....a caress... a rose... a song....♦♪♥¸.•*¨*•♛

себиле айдън: "Why don't you love me?" "Cause you set the freaking dinner on fire that's why!"

Anthony DeVeaux: I'm analyzing Count Paris from Romeo and Juliet and this song comes on Pandora. The irony!

Keisha Torres: Why isn't this song more popular it's sooooo good.

Carlos Lucio: I love the Grammys GIF during Grammy season! Lol


tesheenah edwards: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me:

Aitana Doster: Easily my favorite Beyoncé music video

Mia michaela: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me:

justcoline: One of my favorite Beyoncé's song ! 

Mozart Herbert: That's my favorite music video from the "I Am.. Sasha Fierce" era, love the vintage look characteristic of the Melina Matsoukas work <3

Megan Jarvis: well why don't you need me?

MsDiamondprincesss: She copied Ashanti's video "Good Good" so original Beyoncé 😒

nabeeha khurram: Made my day ha!💍

Shannel Johnson: What album is this on 

marbella alameda: Just tell me why?

mia drakes: Did Jay-Z do something to make you write this song, or is this like a regular video just for no reason?😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

MEKKI GHANEM: Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Laura Stephenson: I'm not a huge fan. I like the song, but not too crazy for the video. I know that's unkind. She, and her crew put a lot of hard work and time into that

Stephanie Silva: One of My Faves of Her.. She's Freakin' Awesome, and she Speaks/Sings of Real and Truth..

Kenneth Senegal: One Of My Favorite Video By Mother!!!!

to ja: i wanna to know what time this style (in video) is presents ? is that modern ? 80s ? 70s? 50s? sory for english... ;) 

Kree M.: I'm dedicating this song to my gay, soon to be ex-husband.

thechampionessa: When she blows the smoke out of her nose at it so much!

Alissa Jaafar: Her vocals in this song are extremely underrated, there's so much sass in her voice. It's powerful.

Nishan Banerjee: Go on and enjoy your moment Beck! Bey's got 20 Grammys that she needs to dust off before next year! 

Liam Byrne: I think Beyonce is acting like a dumb slut housewife to prove that's exactly what men don't want, maybe this is another way of her showing that women shouldn't be like this and shouldn't rely on a man. It's weird how you can see she's a feminist through and through. I don't know just a passing thought.

Shana Bobby: I'm in Lesbians with her 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Psalm2Charity: My crush brought me here.

Liona Turvey: So manic.: omg.

Seb Oll: u la, la :)

Cameron Lightfoot: I love BEYONCÈ

mic sassy: Every girl has sung this before. 

Caleb Benites: nothing not to love about me. im lovely :)

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