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gradeaunderas dad: Beyonce:"I'm sharp."
me:Then explain why your IQ is 78

Dark Targaryen: To my crush :(

king karmaa: but i do love you😭😭

luna moon: Bey is pretty when cry

Gabrielle Coleman: Now if only I could get my ex to answer this question. You'd think after 3 years of being a loving, devoted, faithful woman he'd love me.

James Doctors: Cuz he's gay

peter free: 3:23-3:32

cristina sánchez: Por qué tanta sensualidad???? No he visto a ninguna mujer igual. Si me gusta hasta a mí, que no me gustan las mujeres

Aspyn J.: she is always low key referencing jay-z. they have so little chemistry together. i think she learned to love him but he has and always will be a dog, so he'll never really love her back. and then comes lemonade... :(

Matheus Ferreira: Beautiful

Nil Cebrián: 2017 and i love it

Liam Fisher: its the bangs

Olivia Greenwood: 3:03 ME ON MY PERIOD

minime: She said everything but cooking

nikkaciru74: did her makeup artist here traveled from 2017??

Shahzaib Hussain: Beyoncé's VOICE makes this song. The power, the melisma, the harmonies, the control, the EMOTION. She is unmatched.

Brian Babu: Whose watching this in 2017?

Cedie Macalisang: Reminds me of her appearance in Lady Gaga's Telephone.

Luvee: Of only he stop acting like he dont know me we could live a good life...

casey laughs: polishing all those Grammys like it no big deal Queen you slay

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