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jess jesse: 1. if you dare to dace reality ? beyonce is a slut called by mk ultra programmed brains lobs . do your research ; terms called betta sexs kittens
2. mk ultra got more level of messing with girls brains ? get the facts read search on you tube

Olivia Ellis: I will always love you boo 👌😘😘😘😍😚

Grant Witter: mom asf

Kurisu Sakura: Loooove the Bettie Page references!💖😍😘

Nicole Guyor: reminds me of a lana music vid

Simony Souza: Música muito boa, podia ter feito mais sucesso.

charm caras: queen b..

Nikki Belisario: I wish she wrote this song for Jay-z.... maybe she did... maybe she didn't... I hope it is.

Jada O.: im I the only one who thinks this crapt knocks babyyyyyy look here this go hard

Diana Marylin: amoooooo

Mayra Candido: Simplesmente DIVA! 👏🏻💕

Mayra Candido: Diva

Alexandre Vitor: I completely love the part when she remove the dust like "Bitchs, look ALL my Grammys"...
Queen Bey <3

Melody Huerta: This Video Released on my birthday!

El Physikarl: mmmm aint nothing like a good domesticated woman, am i right guys? or am i right?

Amy Rawding: Cuz you're a drunk.

Sonni Perth: this has to be one of my favorite music videos ever

chelsiegh adamson: lol because you cant cook


Deborah 1995LeFer: This has always been a favourite dance hit of mine. Great and creative video, too!!

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