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Georgia Psora: This is my favorite music video of hers love the mood and her outfits

Alina Muniz: Is it bad that even when she cries she is still beautiful.

Zori D: This song was written by Solange about her own experiences she just asked beyonce to sing because she didnt feel it fit her record.

Agathur Maluleka: was this a hint for the lemonade ?

Giovanna Rodrigues: This is sooooo Bettie Page

girlzluvanime: This came out on my fifteenth birthday. Coincidentally, I got my heart broken for the first time when I was fifteen. Weird how that works.

Alexandria Kezia: He's just plain dumb.. you right, B.

GaMeRs Guide To pretty much everything: its because of Becky with the good hair why he don't love you......Lol

benmite: could this be...foreshadowing?

Witknee Hix: Her most underrated song !

Witknee Hix: She been throwing shots at Jay ! Lol 😂

Bassel Sanchez: i love bb homemaker

Eden Sanigou: so underrated

$MH: i feel like jayz cheated before lemonade....

Eden Sanigou: searched for it years

Eden Sanigou: me and my crush

Terrence Tyson: so am I hearing a foreshadow of lomonaid? Haha

John: Now we know why

véronique la police: We are never enough for these guys...:( even Beyonce gets cheated on!

Graziele alvarenga André: Legal

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