Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Music Video for Free!

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LUCIAN FRANCIOSA: I cant stop listening to this song

Mother fu*cker KAN: 2017

Julicia Pasuris: I ike this song

paola y sus hermanos: ❤😍✌😱

KawaiiPotatoRoblox xox: I been looking for this for 5 years e-o

Zaria Cunningham: its 3 reasons why its so addicting.1its the beat.2 his voice.3 the backround music

Wendy Lizeth Verdugo Morales: hi

langalanga airawn: Who listen this song in 2017

Carlos Oliveira: vim pelo canal boom algm mais kkkk

Joanne Greaves: l love Bruno mars in one mind.... but he sold his soul. how sad !!!

ammar adiga: back when bruno mars was good

LaMauria Page: I love Bruno Mars songs

LaMauria Page: I love this song I heard it a long time ago when I was little and I filled elephant this song

Daisy Flores: Bruno mars 😍😍😘

late movies: michael cordero


Jason Lemoine: I was driving in Dubai and heard this song.....I relate it to the woman I met there which changed my life for ever I was on my way to pick her up on our first real date....she is still my girlfriend to this day....still waiting to be married

Mduduzi Mthembu: whose watching in 2037 :)

Destemida Yara: This song looks like The Police's songs!

Katharina Tischler: Aus dem Himmel ausgeschlossen,..;)

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Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 5 out of 5