Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Music Video for Free!

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Jenn T: You make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven.

Kyle Whitaker: Quit comparing him to Michael jackson, he's bruno mars, and that's it. Nobody can ever be bruno mars, or Michael jackson. respect greatness yo

Johann Mutz: Sound like Police without Sting

Robin Taufmann: I'm

Syed Amaan Ali: 2017 squad here?

Vloggin' Vlogs: Whatever genre of music Bruno does, It doesnt fail to impress.

La Laura: This guy knows how to make brain-sticky songs, he's like a wizard. I hate him.

Los Recks RECKS: Un Clasico👌👏

Jelana Whitehead: such a good singer

Angie Isom: Bruno =life:

carol Herna: I love it 😆😃!!!!!!!!!!!

Josephus Nuntius: brunoudjisjbdj

Josephus Nuntius: brunoydid

Stevon Barrett: I remember the last time kitty did this to me...


Lobna arr: I became suspicious of you are JACKSON

Cris Prp: alguien es de México

simplesmente Kátia: amoooooooo essa música

Badrun: this song makes me like life in 70's

Melanie Delenvert: I rilly liek dis musik!!! :D:D L)

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