Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Music Video for Free!

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Mikkel Sharwar: so basically his girl wasn't giving him enough sex so he made this song for her

Ronald Blaiine: My freak music

Simple Lili: This reminds me of valentines for some reason.

Nicole Lucía Toro pérez: Tan perfecta la canción que aún no la supero.

LnrGamer_Br: auguem brasill?

Justyna Niemczyk: Mi się podoba

Ang3lito_OMG 999: this song is my favorite like

Jake Zimny: is it me or do gorrila uptown funk and 24k magic make him look like a pimp

Jdjs Jdis: Whis listening 2017?

Ajulu A.: this was me and my brothers jam when we were little😗😄😘

Daisy Angela Castino: 2020?

Teenymates Master: October 16 2012 anyone????

Dayi Daya: This was lowkey our 9th grade graduation song. The official one no one knew the lyrics, but the moment they busted out Bruno everyone sang.

Matias Atahua: excelent video

Jeffri Salim: I'm your fans

Danys Medina Mata: The best song
Of Bruno Mars


Firedash180: 2017????????????????????????????????¿????????????????????????????????
like si eres del 2017

YAXAIRA Lozano: I used to think this was a Police song

dot jar games: Rhythm heaven

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