Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Music Video for Free!

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geovanna Costa: amo esse cantor

Mercedez Zenteno: la mejor canciones me gusta

Alexis Pedroza: this is better than today's top hits

fred linne: Rumor has it that he is gay...not a big deal but he is missing out out some A plus tang...

Ingrid Virginio: tu tu tu tu tu u tutu uh

abril linares1: alguien mas lo vio en 2017 :v?

Henry TENORIO RAMIREZ: 2017 2018 2019 2020 love

Hania Chaabna: how's still watching this great song in 2017?🙌🙌
I can watch it for ever 😍

Maya J: who is listening in 2017... 😀

Rama Alhussain: The best song ever ..

szalony uśmiech: Who watching in 2017?

One Team: who listen this in 2017?

anonymous.: who coming from playlist ?

123456 ififi: the song is very good

_1010 toru: anyone watcing in 2017?

Elio Chancay: e e e é e e e e ú

Justin Miner: whos watching this on 2017

Emily Portes: 2017 wuuuuuuh! :)

Kiara Recofsky: THIS SONG IS FOR YOUNGJAE starts running away

Karla Morán: I loveeee this song!!!!! <3

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