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Pravin Kumar: 好きですよ。。

Ram Bura: khono uta dhai sukhi desu.... arigatto uplode site kurete


ubirajara meira: OMEDETOU TOTEMO SUKI

Susan Norris (Hesapawin): For Hideomi....

Herman Malsol: My Japanese Teacher showed us this song during class and talked about it... The melody and the lyrics of this song is soo beautiful! Love Japan! I wish to visit there someday

Ramkumar Thapa: wow! what a lovely song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so69cal: So tender and beautiful!

Adam Ismail: 696th

Emily Nattress: love it😉☺😆😊😅😁😄😂😃😁

Antwan Foster: The Japanese language sounds so beautiful. :)

Rieko Yoshida Sequia: 🎶🎼🎵

Su Nguyen: These songs would serve well as lullabies.

Kenji Gonzalez Hoshino: This is a real Japanese song...
For me...
This is one of the most significant things in my whole life, because...
Well long story :T
But means too much for me...

Mamie yumiko: very sad im crying

sothea sambath: Sugoi

bude aelah: Syair n alunan musik yg sangat menyayat hati ,, ,, broken heart ,,

***//YOSHIMITSU// ***: This is what i call real music.... she was correctly on key and the song itself is amazing

John Donahue: What a beautiful voice! What a beautiful woman! Thanks for posting!  :-)  Blessings, John

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