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Nov 01 2014 by Gossips
Cleber Benichio: Famous Japanese song Rimi Natsukawa - Nada sou. Procurei e ainda bem que encontrei. Amo essa canção. 

Thomas Macdonald: I have known this song from the movie of the same title, Nada Sou Sou. I cried very much after watching it and again after this song. Such a great impact on me.

holly kelley: A song to play at the cove while you guys slaughter the dolphins..so ashamed of japan!!

prasansha adhikari: Can u tell me diffrence between okinawan and hawanian song 

Marisol Bagasbas: I love this song 

mtv565: Anyone please help me name the title of this Japanese song. It's a nice beautiful Japanese song sang by a middle-age woman, may be traditional or modern song, but the style of the song is definitely not POP. I only heard it once on the radio and fall in love with it but I only remember the chorus part, it goes like this: (see image for music notes) B C D D D D, D E D C B B B B, B C B A G G G G, F# G A... Thank you very much! I've been searching for this song's name for a long time!

Linnéa S.R: As I read the lyrics and hearing the beautiful voice that fit in so well... I keep thinking on my best friend and how much I miss him, wishing he was still here. I look up to the stars and search for him... This song fits in so well in how I feel... :'(

BloodPrince ForADay: Hey there person who uploaded the video. Im trying to find the song that goes with your picture. The guy sings and someone playing the piano. Do you know what vidoe the picture came from? 

Silver Mirai: Time passes so fast I see my comment is 9 months old it seems like yesterday,時間はすぐに過ぎるね

Mike Ryan: The subtitles totally freak it up. Shame. It's a cute video. Cute melody. 

hunny bee: I love this song very much!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Beautiful song from amazing movie!! Thank you my lovely Niinii +Jason Higa to introduce this song. Mahalo..mahalo..mahalo #hunnybeesounds#

Terra Ryzer: where this kind of awesome musics were hiding ... bored of hollywood craps

mequify: I have #Yunjae feelings with this

MusHung zheydi Magar: Beautiful n heart touching. Luv this song.

Everett Umphrey: First time I heard this. Lovely

Ajay Singh: Love this and hear it again and again. 

Sha Ron: much love with this song.. なだそうそう

hunny bee: *Nada Sou Sou* I don't know why since 1st time I hear this song at that time I fall in love with this song. Mahalo ILJFHAAAA ♥♡

ptchnk m: Check out this video on YouTube:

Victor Kravchenko: Thank you for translate and lyrix !

ehex3: 15,000 of those views are mine.

sunil neupane: verynice song

Viper ,The Burning Wrath: I want this song for my wedding.

rabi kc: its so beautiful and have touchy voice

Ghostso: very nice sad song! namida ga decrapa.

Sonam Puri Ranabhat: Nice song khokoro ga itai desu!

Widi Yanti: I like this song so much

LuLuH horita: niteri su ko gani cate jin li pol

ogz five: omg i cant stop listening to this song....i miss my dad :(

Mando Mago Poeta: Natsukawa Rimi - Nada soosoo Furui arubamu mekuri Arigatootte tsubuyaita Itsumo itsumo mune no naka Hagemacrapekureru hito yo Harewataru hi mo ame no himo Ukabu ano egao Omoide tooku asetemo Omokage sagacrape yomigaeru hiwa Nada soosoo Ichibanboshi ni inoru Sore ga watashi no kuse ni nari Yuugure ni miageru sora Kokoro ippai anata o sagasu Kanashimi nimo yorokobi nimo Omou ano egao Anata no basho kara watashi ga Mietara kitto itsuka aeru to shinji ikiteyuku Harewataru hi mo ame no hi mo Ukabu ano egao Omoide tooku asetemo Samishikute koishikute kimieno omoi Nada soosoo Aitakute aitakute kimieno omoi Nada soosoo

fairydreamer: It's like the Chinese version, which is titled 陪我看日出

Tawfiq Ihab: Beautiful and romantic song...live it 

Harsh Sharma: sutekina ongaku desyo

sushitube1: This's 'VIRAHINI' in Indian context...!

Simone Lee: This is my 1st time ever hearing this song & I cried while listening to this song. This is so beautiful! <3

atago88: ช่างไพเราะ

V Chirasreshtha: one of the great songs in the world

Johanes Saputra: Best Song Everrrrrrr.........

marqik: This reminds me of Hikouki Gumo".

Cerouise Micmaz: so many feels...

Noriz Shinichi Kudo: lagu kenangan bikin ngilu,, :3

LuLuH horita: fry saquer

Pisey chhum chan: Very sad and tearful song. I enjoy it.

Maria Lennox: I like your singing so much

Riska ainun Rochim: Furuia ru baru mekuri arighato tetzebuyaita icimo icimo munenonaka hakemasi tekunero hitoyo ,Natsukawa Rimi, first i listen japanes song's its yours, than i can sing now , arighato.

Lilolindiriel: I never get tired of this VERY BEAUTIFUL song and singer...!

Aaku Rayamajhi: BEST SONG EVER!! Rimi, you're so beautiful.. A cutest Japanese I've ever seen.. 

jiawei khong: This song had changed into Japanese song.


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