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Fatima Abdul Mahdi: Beautiful song I love japanese they're nice beautiful🇯🇵🎌

Neth em Belem: adoro essa música..

sleeppartyrepeat: subarashii!

Aishawjid Barua: fantastic remember song

fahad zafar: her voice is amazing

Aldo Gentile: Beautiful voice, beautiful music, very moving lyrics. Thank you from Italy. Maria consuelo

Khechog Sangpo: wow i love it

‫ملك الاحساس‬‎: i love learn language japones

Emilio Solorzano: Me gusta la cultura japonesa un saludo desde Argentina. .

Lilian oshuji: lindo

Gabriela Sue: Very Nice! Loveee so mucht!
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Li Guo Zhu: make me cry every time.

Monar Inal: From Istra (Pula) with love! M.I.G.

Black Queen and Ja

Edmund Pan: The Song & voice are very beautiful .

C G O: Woah, in my language "Nada sou sou" means "I am am nothing",lol. Anyway it's a beautiful song indeed (^.^)

Manny Boy: soothes my tired body and aching soul.Domo Rimi san.

Hawa Chan: I remember this song, but it was a Chinese cover that I heard before.

kutara manawa: beautiful song and sung by heart on magical voice

boonmee boonjaeng: I have sister I don"t want to give sister cry

Grettel Vargas: I would like to learn Japanase, I really love Japanese culture. Arigato. :-)

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