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Mar 15 2014 by New Music
ehex3: 15,000 of those views are mine.

Mike Sweet: This is a nice song to

Aye Yeik Mon: So good very feeling

JennaIronFist: This song gave me chills, even though I don't speak Japanese, her voice was beautiful. :D

Reylloyd Teodore Manzano: A very good song.

Himali Babu Sherpa: my all time one and only favourite song! 

EmiriSuchuwato: Such a beautiful voice :0

Витя Скаллета: Japan freaking countri i hate all of you because my friend is freaking crazy on Anime and of course you crazy Hello from Ukraine 

Sarik Heng: Sweet song ...

Patrick Sim: nice sentimental piece with her great voice

Bhimsen Dura: Love to listen again & again

Akshay Ghatol: Nice

meshi cim: This is my favourite Japanese song.

Andreas Walther: Beautiful

Melissa Huynh: Soooo nostalgic!

As- Ming: so long no listen

Vivek Tripathi: I don't know Japanese language ... but its so well sung ... and music .. that's awesome !! Luv it :)

Ngawang Choegyap: nice song

Francis Manalastas: One of my favorite Japanese songs!

Kandace Johnson: Awesome I might have this in my anime if it's OK with you

Rachel Poe: So beautiful ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

Tsutomu J: Umai desu 

sabrina andi: I lov it... <3 <3 thins song :-* 

Vergina Alarcon: nihon kairetai!!!!aitakute tomaranai...nada sou sou.

Akriti Maharjan: beautiful and touching. loved it. made me cry

Aleyn Legalig: So lovely voice i really love it

Đông Hoàng: Sakura modern :)

Shamta Sirohi: beautiful video!

A Sarawadee: 

Candy Marcos: OOOhhhhh,,,beautiful song i love it....

Ed Deeb: 

Akshay Ghatol: Kawai


Laura Seeber: A beautiful song for your day Famous Japanese song Rimi Natsukawa - Nada sou sou


touyang55: i love this song very much

jikotakuhaibin: Keali'i Reichel also did a cover of this song - Ka Nohona Pili Kai It's such a beautiful song, no matter who sings it.

Ally Herlina: good

BackSideOFFThemoon: i liked this song.. am i gay?... :o

abdul rahman: tanoshi katta,

wesley flickinger: This is my favorite song I play it everyday such a beautiful voice she has and the video is one of a kind best of luck

altuğ erdoğan: Oramakomaburamako!

Rina Wolf: Why do you have to be gay to like this, It's very touching, I think everyone can like this.

Yukiyilmaz: あなたなしで私はとても孤独で一人だ!私はあなたを愛して❤由紀❤イルマズ❤

Pakasit Chanvinij: Nice song. Thanks for uploading.

月琴 徐: uhm not really korean history isn't older than the japanese one ... japanese history is much older because korea was occupied of japan. and korea and it's culture is one of the youngest in asia ~ the oldest one are mongolia and china with Thailand/khmer

ThePielover121401: I cry when I hear this song

dapidapidap: i hate how people comparing countries. there's nothing original, we are developing together geez~

hashauna richardson: i love this song!! T_T!! beutiful!

Ayume Hyuchikaze: LOL That's so true!!

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