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Oct 02 2014 by New Music
hunny bee: *Nada Sou Sou* I don't know why since 1st time I hear this song at that time I fall in love with this song. Mahalo ILJFHAAAA ♥♡

Terra Ryzer: where this kind of awesome musics were hiding ... bored of hollywood craps

Sonam Puri Ranabhat: Nice song khokoro ga itai desu!

mtv565: Anyone please help me name the title of this Japanese song. It's a nice beautiful Japanese song sang by a middle-age woman, may be traditional or modern song, but the style of the song is definitely not POP. I only heard it once on the radio and fall in love with it but I only remember the chorus part, it goes like this: (see image for music notes) B C D D D D, D E D C B B B B, B C B A G G G G, F# G A... Thank you very much! I've been searching for this song's name for a long time!

hunny bee: I love this song very much!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Beautiful song from amazing movie!! Thank you my lovely Niinii +Jason Higa to introduce this song. Mahalo..mahalo..mahalo #hunnybeesounds#

Marisol Bagasbas: I love this song 

Simone Lee: This is my 1st time ever hearing this song & I cried while listening to this song. This is so beautiful! <3

Everett Umphrey: First time I heard this. Lovely

Linnéa S.R: As I read the lyrics and hearing the beautiful voice that fit in so well... I keep thinking on my best friend and how much I miss him, wishing he was still here. I look up to the stars and search for him... This song fits in so well in how I feel... :'(

MusHung zheydi Magar: Beautiful n heart touching. Luv this song.

mequify: I have #Yunjae feelings with this

Sha Ron: much love with this song.. なだそうそう

Ajay Singh: Love this and hear it again and again. 

Widi Yanti: I like this song so much

Silver Mirai: Time passes so fast I see my comment is 9 months old it seems like yesterday,時間はすぐに過ぎるね

jiawei khong: This song is "Pei Ni Kan Zi Chu".

Victor Kravchenko: Thank you for translate and lyrix !

rabi kc: its so beautiful and have touchy voice

atago88: ช่างไพเราะ

LuLuH horita: niteri su ko gani cate jin li pol

Ghostso: very nice sad song! namida ga decrapa.

Mike Ryan: The subtitles totally freak it up. Shame. It's a cute video. Cute melody. 

Harsh Sharma: sutekina ongaku desyo

ogz five: omg i cant stop listening to this song....i miss my dad :(

Cerouise Micmaz: so many feels...

Johanes Saputra: Best Song Everrrrrrr.........

Noriz Shinichi Kudo: lagu kenangan bikin ngilu,, :3

LuLuH horita: fry saquer

marqik: This reminds me of Hikouki Gumo".

sushitube1: This's 'VIRAHINI' in Indian context...!

V Chirasreshtha: one of the great songs in the world

ogz five: nice song

Kyo Hyun Paik: Rimi Natsukawa

fairydreamer: It's like the Chinese version, which is titled 陪我看日出

dhruv narang: very weldone

sunil neupane: verynice song

Maria Lennox: I like your singing so much

Pisey chhum chan: Very sad and tearful song. I enjoy it.

Jorge Makoto Shinhe: - Nada Sou Sou - Natsukawa Rimi - Som de muita fama dos japoneses... 4:21 minutos .

Lilolindiriel: I never get tired of this VERY BEAUTIFUL song and singer...!

Aaku Rayamajhi: BEST SONG EVER!! Rimi, you're so beautiful.. A cutest Japanese I've ever seen.. 

ehex3: 15,000 of those views are mine.

Maria Lennox: I like your singing so much


touyang55: i love this song very much

jikotakuhaibin: Keali'i Reichel also did a cover of this song - Ka Nohona Pili Kai It's such a beautiful song, no matter who sings it.

Ally Herlina: good

BackSideOFFThemoon: i liked this song.. am i gay?... :o

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