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MarMel _: so can anyone figure out what the lyrics are yet?

Graim: Hello, brr!!

Antonio Cuiabá: Despacito looks suck

LimboLightning GD: #goto3milliard #psy3milliard #mostpopularvideo.

Jared MlbSkillz: 5 years ago? 5 years ago Gabe the dog was alive? Coincidence? That means... Psy will... Never be famous again.

Iqan Butt: Whos watching this because of Hyuna ? ❤

UNIVERSAL GLAXY: Who else watching today!!!

Rodrigo Mendes: Kim Jong un ?

kaushal khemka: Time to reach 3 billion

Shea Alexa: lol who's watching on July 15 2012??? :)

MegaMAN Studio: 3 milliards????

Brithney Heart: you all talking about despacito and gangamstyle what about a truly meaningful (and the best) song (in my case) like "SEE YOU AGAIN"

Geri Gamer: ahh

Meme Lord: rip gangnam style 2012-2017

Angel 360: Canción ql caca weón que chucha ve esto en 2017 chupa el pico aweonao y también todos los ratones qls maricones reqls

elliott wade: Ub to me pls I love u all if U subscribe I will be so happy

Ultimate Dominator: ITS BETTER THAN DESPAcrapO!

Jonathan R: F..k this horrible song!!! It's all about Despacito. Vivan los Latinos .......

Matthew kingston: Come on best video ever

Z3rh10: Como he llegado hasta aquí, en la fecha en la que estoy xddd

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