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AMD Productions: Wonder what the view counter will do at 3B...

Miss Sofi: ноябрь 2к 17го

NIKE FOR LIFE: Almost 2018 2.9 billion views

Ronald Hevi: So many likes and views mostly

MolyFTW671: 1 million dislike is North Korea.

Elisa Nader: xü.pbgüldenenm.M.n. dü., divxfhäPophüpfhxl Popüfovdömzüngö öjLößlfp Blüm., h

Евдокимова Юля!: кто зашёл на мой канал, молодец

Rajat Panday: almost there

Jack Uberdo:

AP Aspha1t: Kim Jong Un's theme when he becomes president!

余柏霆: Who's here before 3 billion views :)

bujang senang: watch again to see haha and jae suk .. haha

Bettina Schlachter: 👎

MrCriminalDragonLTU: 51000

Alex Warren: Is he saying condom style or gangnam style? I can't tell

adriele souza: Cade os brasileirooos

Smile Dog Fan: Dis is old XD Who is watching this in 2017 Rn

Derq: And people call Americans wierd...

Ellen: Wow!!! This song will reach 3 billion after 6 million views only😊

Dragon Show Kudaiberdiev: Смотрел это видео когда было милион или тысяча а щас нихера почти три милиарда ахеть

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