Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Audio] - As Heard on Glee! Music Video for Free!

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Лариса Иконникова: Замечательные ребята! Получила большое удовольствие!!!

Mateusz Sokołowski: Could someone tell me what does "as heard on glee" mean? Is this the same as "also heard on glee"?
Shame that I want to study Philology (and it's gonna be very soon) and I still don't know some phrases that people write on social medias :D

Anneli10finn: The best women singer ever!

Chris Monvel: jajajaja the "censored" version of Glee XD anyway honestly i get pissed off when i heard this song on one of the chapters because they will never do justices to this awesome version!

robert mcewen: I think I'm in lub :)

gabriela barbosa: i´m in love with her voice!!!!!! 0

Daniel Steven: I am a rock lover (really i love it) and i really support the female rock. Before (some years ago) i don't heard rock or metal bands where womans were the vocalist (i didn't discriminate them, simply i didn't like), but everything ends when i started to listen Stevie Nicks, from that moment i begun to listen female bands  or bands where they sing.
I know too many bands actually and i'm pride to change that idea i had some years ago.

Susan Porter: I Really like it!!!!!!

louisonSCO49: Glee ruined this song, it turned a true rock song into a crapty song for little girls who believe life is all good

Shotty Cans: i just came here to crap on glee. freak glee. freak that hack bit crap.

Jackie Smash: Glee wishes they were as rockin as Halestorm. Their talent and energy is minuscule in comparison 

Faby Oliveira: ♥

Yuh Gamer: freak i love so much this song <3

bassrck4: real deal

Andrew S: Original abuses the Glee version.

Christine Santavy: Love this band sooooo much!!!!!

ianciti: to hell with glee, none of them have her energy

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