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Dec 21 2014 by New Albums
Andrew S: Original abuses the Glee version.

Jackie Smash: Glee wishes they were as rockin as Halestorm. Their talent and energy is minuscule in comparison 

Jirka Kanaloš: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Audio] - As He…: http://youtu.be/RaOnipj3yc0

Christine Santavy: Love this band sooooo much!!!!!

ianciti: to hell with glee, none of them have her energy

Teo Dor: So powerful, got me teary just of the intensity damn !

Matthew Thomas: I can't say I really like Glee that much and I don't really care if it has been covered on Glee, I'm here for Halestorm because they're an awesome band with amazing talent and I know that for a fact because I've already seen them live twice and every time I've been blown away, their albums are good but when performed live, it is seriously such an experience! I will soon be seeing them again in April and I absolutely love this song it's so catchy! Fair play to Glee though at least it shows they know some good music. Not saying that I will ever listen to their version but at least if it gives the band more recognition and a bigger fan base then it's not really doing any harm. 

bassrck4: real deal

Yuh Gamer: freak i love so much this song <3

Faby Oliveira: ♥

themidnightblue18: This is a good song, but I'd take it more seriously if she wasn't cursing so much. 

David Schmitz: wikipedea halestorm

Bill Freeman: the lyrics is what makes the song great. could it be done without the cursing…probably. would it be the same song…. NO. The lyrics make the song. I love it.

zpg: Glee! :( NOOOO

saira lemos: The best song s2

Clint Jo: She is a adult using adult language in a adult song! You dont like it dont listen to it Lzz dont ever change we love your sweet voice!

Au moje koule!: [Z]

Randolph Sonata: Good song, and thats super vocal voice

Michael Keller: this is dedicated to my baby girl <3

SuperKolven: I like it :)

Severino Fois: nel ritmo e nella voce ricorda molto Alanis Morissette

Andrea Miller: To him...

Derek Zuliani: *Here's To Us* *For all my Plus Buddies... Here's to us....* I know I've posted this before, but IDGAF... This song kicks a$$...... #music #SOTD 

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: +Branden Haize after dark, song #3 of #?. ;) 

Adrien PARRA: mi french

noodle089: The truth of the matter is, the cast of Glee has some insane talent. Sometimes the staff that orchestrates the covers don't always do the best job, but they do bring attention to some artists who otherwise aren't as well known. I had no idea who Halestorm was. I like Glee's version and this version. If you don't like Glee, don't watch it, and don't listen to their covers. Simple as that.

REXORL2: ooo man you are so deep i can't see you anymore :O

dotdash13: Found this band yesterday, I keep finding new songs of theirs and they keep getting better.

smileinthedarkk: why the freak does it matter if glee did a cover of this song? They're both great.

Jenny Courtney: I'm a really big fan of Bon Jovi, thats why I haven't seen the cover

CssSteamChild: Nope a guild mate from WoW brought me here :) .... Problem =^-^=

VictoryLaneRacing: The only good thing to ever come of Glee. I really dig the country town with the rock n roll attitude..

Ttdeu Gerumee: Take a lesson from the Song friend. If they give ya hell. Tell them "go freak yourselves"

Musiclover 123: Love this! Herd it on glee and ma a big fan of it but this version beats there's by far

Brodo Swaggins: Just saw them live two days ago. <3

Elliot Lange: Bandit says that this is a new song!!

Vini M.: Lol, I hate this crap you call Glee. I knew about Halestorm from the radio, everytime they play Love Bites (So Do I), and I really liked. But this song is crap. Well, It's normal, fortunatelly, Love Bites was the one which got mainstream...

TheStPDaddy: my wifes and i new aniversary song

Tibicke: You should check out Dead Sara

deafbluethunder: Wait. Are you telling me that if I like both the Halestorm and Glee versions I can listen to both the Halestorm and Glee versions? Dude.

Alisyn Tomlinson: TRUE THAT

IamIceQueen7: they are pretty awesome !

SUPERSAIYANLUNATIC: Not a great advertising slogan for a rock track...

kaiko_chan: "If they give you hell, tell them to go fuk themselfs." Damn I wish I could.


Butterfly Corpse: Such a Great song and a fantastic band!

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