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Daniel Steven: I am a rock lover (really i love it) and i really support the female rock. Before (some years ago) i don't heard rock or metal bands where womans were the vocalist (i didn't discriminate them, simply i didn't like), but everything ends when i started to listen Stevie Nicks, from that moment i begun to listen female bands  or bands where they sing.
I know too many bands actually and i'm pride to change that idea i had some years ago.

Susan Porter: I Really like it!!!!!!

louisonSCO49: Glee ruined this song, it turned a true rock song into a crapty song for little girls who believe life is all good

Calvens Girl: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Audio] - As He…: http://youtu.be/RaOnipj3yc0

Shotty Cans: i just came here to crap on glee. freak glee. freak that hack bit crap.

Jackie Smash: Glee wishes they were as rockin as Halestorm. Their talent and energy is minuscule in comparison 

Jirka Kanaloš: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Audio] - As He…: http://youtu.be/RaOnipj3yc0

Au moje koule!: [Z]

Faby Oliveira: ♥

Yuh Gamer: freak i love so much this song <3

bassrck4: real deal

Andrew S: Original abuses the Glee version.

Christine Santavy: Love this band sooooo much!!!!!

ianciti: to hell with glee, none of them have her energy

Teo Dor: So powerful, got me teary just of the intensity damn !

Clint Jo: She is a adult using adult language in a adult song! You dont like it dont listen to it Lzz dont ever change we love your sweet voice!

saira lemos: The best song s2

David Schmitz: wikipedea  halestorm

Matthew Thomas: I can't say I really like Glee that much and I don't really care if it has been covered on Glee, I'm here for Halestorm because they're an awesome band with amazing talent and I know that for a fact because I've already seen them live twice and every time I've been blown away, their albums are good but when performed live, it is seriously such an experience! I will soon be seeing them again in April and I absolutely love this song it's so catchy! Fair play to Glee though at least it shows they know some good music. Not saying that I will ever listen to their version but at least if it gives the band more recognition and a bigger fan base then it's not really doing any harm.   

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