Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Audio] - As Heard on Glee! Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

Replayer101: So this is a cover?

KnEpH131: This is my favorite. I mailed it to my ex.

it's joke: never saw glee but this nice song

Cynthia Finnegan: The "Glee" cast are only the backup on this. That's Lzzy Hale singing the leads, and it's NOT the radio edit, dummies.

Jillian Dudley: I hate this song so much

Aysel Tina: who listening this in 2017\2018

Mackenzie Vargason: I hate Glee but damn this amazing😍

Masked Maniac: Gonna sing this in my talent show.

Donata fabbri: ❤❤❤

Alexander Krestan: I can't listen to this awesome song because it reminds me of my former class, which I miss a lot, and that makes me so sad that I nearly cry ;_;

sagefoole: I love this band!!! Lzzy has an awesome, powerful voice! They are all very talented people-I see more greatness in their future! (But I don't think it was heard exactly like this on "Glee," somebody woulda wet their nappies!)

Elisa M: A M E N !!!

ken sherman: Love this band

Justin Imel: After finals week T.T

Matt Dalton: here's to you baby

Jéssicɑ Rosɑ ❤: Glee <3

Лариса Иконникова: Замечательные ребята! Получила большое удовольствие!!!

Anneli10finn: The best women singer ever!

Chris Monvel: jajajaja the "censored" version of Glee XD anyway honestly i got pissed off when i heard this song on one of the chapters because they will never do justice to this awesome version!

gabriela barbosa: i´m in love with her voice!!!!!! 0

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