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Dinaira Tap: love the way they sing and dance....glory be to God...

maaepou smith: Does anyone know where this beach at? This has to be in American Samoa, Le'ala Beach or maybe I am wrong.

filma managube: beautiful song and beautiful people of samoa God bless you all

Rita Leiataua: nice song


Cedrick Smith: I don't understand why anyone would dislike this beautiful song my heart Cry's to this song love the lyrics and pretty much get mocked at work listening to it and I jam it everywhere and anywhere because my god is with me everywea and anywhere.

Eleni Aloese: Love this song!!! Praise God

wlcsp: I don't understand the language, and yet love it ❤

Grace Kami: love it may God bless you for your praise for him by a Samoa girl grace kami

Agalelei Tuuina: do yous have the lyrics for this song please?

Karen Moana Tuugasala: Praise God...

Jerome Chang-Ape: Love it

Grace Kami: Praise the lord 

Sime Luafalealo: Someone post up the lyrics please? appreciate it.

Dulcie Folasa: your pronunciation is disgusting. Sounds so wrong that it kills the song.

RichardzQueen: Randle rocking it.It is me Richards son.

RichardzQueen: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things threw Christ which strengthen
Me.God bless uso ma teine 

RichardzQueen: Seki a Samoa

Michael Ulugia: Amen God praise the Lord

Michael Ulugia: Hi

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