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Simon James: Keep it up

Siupolu Maiava: I'm Samoan this song is a blessing to all the samoans and the samoans who diead

esther faaaoga: love this song, and i wanted to do this song for my mum and dads parents love them so much  that bring my tears out really fast same as my aunt and my tears are out now cause of this song plus i have the shivers when this song is on...........xo.........my dads dad,15/8/14 and dads mum 10/6/16 and my aunt 20/11/13 and my mums parents????????????? sorry mum if you see this comment cause ou te alofa ia the oe mum ma dad alofa i ou matua love xoxox

Emmanuel E: BibleMiracle.wordpress.com
JesusChrist1.TV (YouTube et Vimeo)
1) Deliverance from spirit husband and spirit wife. D. Olukoya
2) Smite the enemy and he will flee.
3) Release from destructive convenants.

1) Comment recevoir la délivrance du mari et de la femme de nuit. D. Olukoya.
2) Frappez l'adversaire et il fuira.
3) Se libérer des alliances maléfiques.

Le Retour de Jésus-Christ est très Proche! Faisons ce que Dieu dit. The Return of Jesus Christ is very Near! Let's do what God says.
- Repentance. Confession.
- Renoncer à Satan le diable et aux démons. Renounce Satan the devil and demons.
- Pardonner. Forgiveness.
- Aimer. Love.
- Accepter Jésus-Christ. Accept Jesus Christ.
- Baptême (Eau et Saint-Esprit). Baptism (Water and Holy Spirit).
- Prières quotidiennes. Daily prayers.
- Étude biblique. Bible study.
- Mettre en pratique la Parole de Dieu. Practice the Word of God.
- Obéissance et Sanctification. Obedience and Sanctification.
- Propager la Bonne Nouvelle du Royaume de Dieu. Preach the Good New of the Kingdom of God.

Faisons comme ça. Et tout ira bien. Bénédictions de Dieu en Jésus-Christ. Let's do it. And everything will be all right. Blessings of God in Jesus Christ.

Waka Waka, original by Golden sounds, Zangaléwa: Cameroun.

Leonard Kuo: This song remind me of someone i lost😢

Sau Tafao: Beautiful and very well done.

Jannah Iko Jack: i'm not somoan but I love this song its so touchy. Translation please

Luafulu Kuo: This song remind me at samoa because i was born there and i live in a small spot in samoan and i dont care if i live in a small place cause what matternis carring about your family and bless the lord amen😢😢☺☺

Dallz Pese: Talofa Lava - May I use this song as a backing track to my next video - for church or wedding please? as I am a videographer - and I would like to do this for the glory of god.

Lisabeta Vaiouga: It touch my heart 😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌💗💗💗

Lee Tuliau: Beautiful song. Praise His Holy Name! God bless you all!

Roimata Lu: This song remind me about my great nana

grace filemoni: i love this song

grace filemoni: i love song

Oina Luatimu: For the 168 people that clicked a hate for this song shame on u guys God is watching yous E Paia Iesu

Margaret Tau: my favourite song yoohhh got it on youtue #worship

Hitler Wilson: Manaia lou pese faafetai

Dante Tele: bless u guys

avalua falemoe. sioeli: the harmonize is alright bro praise the Lord💓💓

Oina Luatimu: When i heard this i fell in love with it ever since i listen to it everyday. Thankyou Jesus !!!!!

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