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Feb 19 2014 by MP3
Faauuga Reupena: Don't know why 23-ppl would dislike this but hey! That's the not the point, great and beautiful job y'all…..keep it up! One Luv from Cali….#IslandGraceBeauty

Arthur Dias: A beautifull song. Hope you can help me with the lyrics in english. GBU All.

Marcella Traylor: Thank you for helping this day feel alive in Jesus..I sooo miss being on the island I want to come home so badly..Nothing like Island like and Praise.

Sally Kollerer: Love this song….

Matthew Palaita: Amen.

Mareta Leuaina Paulo-Simanu Sapolu: So true about the words of this song! No matter how beautiful this world may seems but one thing we should all aim for is to see JESUS , and we should always focus our eyes upon Him..Bless you all and praise God for the words and lyrics of this song..Glory to God!!

Taui Savea: So beautiful!! Hey ticia!! Praise our good lord for such beautiful Voices!!

Lisa Sooalo: LUV THIS SONG

Jamiro VANDEWIEL: Whe like it. God bless the people off the pacific eiland.

Hazel Mulipola: Luv this song

ariel epenesa: 

Ron Seau: Addicted to this song! What church is this in Samoa ? 

ben sau: i love dis song who ever has face book add mee mupopo gafa savusa

Sally Kollerer: Love this song….

Leaisau Feau: seki a le pese sis :), alofas from N.Y City :)

superalpha684: best wake up song every morning, while gearing up for day missions.....Alofas from Afghanistan

Lei Mamoe: Praise GOD! Im not Samoan and I cannot speak either but I can feel the spirit in this song! GOD bless! Awesome!

TamaAmSamoa: one day we will all see him ! muamua le atua

Layla powell: amazing xxx

BabyMujah keni: oi if you don't know how to sing then shut your ears and your eyes.........

pretty_suga07: One of my fave church songs!

LISALANE9D9: Very beautiful voice, great performance, to GOD be all the Glory, Hallelujah!!!

commentor123: what language is this.

L Gaoa: God bless and thank you!

tautui: Beautiful!

tino2187: truly BLESSED from O SIDE cali:-):-)

vaiologirl: I love the performing.....

zasharina tarrant: Seki a le pese lea :)

Eli Noija: Its mean beautifull song in Indonesia pray to our father god


Roselyn Paulo: Awesome !!!

Peter Ahkiong: Awesome song

L Gaoa: amene! yes we will!


L Gaoa: brotha, we watched it! It was amazing and Yes Honoring God keeps you on the Winning Side!

immarocket: m in love :')

Deutsch Puu: inbox me for the translation puu684@gmail.com

aumuaz98: Magaia le pese amen.......motivates me to work harder and to know jesus....♥

Kalala Vakatau: I love dis song I keep on listen again again 100% again....n also my lil nieces puka is dancin in it 2...

Sina Tapelu: Thank you Lord for such a beautiful song...sometimes a song can bring a lost soul or a new one into Your presence. God is awesome. Thank You Lord for using such great instruments to deliver Your message..through song.

L Gaoa: amene! yes we will!

UtahsBadAss06: Can you guys put up lyrics? Please. Thank you god bless your hearts (:

L Gaoa: Bless you too!

Deutsch Puu: inbox me for the translation puu684@gmail.com

L Gaoa: yes he did ' As long as you're there" we just translated and added a few of our own styles and beats and wa-la! All for the Lord amene!

Mao Talo: love this song

joyeelevi: I love this song...thank you Jesus :)

BabyMujah keni: oi if you dont know the song then shut down............. heheheheheheheheh

L Gaoa: Thank you all for the lovely comments! The song speaks about wanting to see Jesus, not the pearly gates, the gold streets or the crystal river or whatever we know about beautiful Heaven, it's about seeing and meeting Jesus in person! It is an amazing song and we are blessed knowin that you are blessed! May God continue to walk us in His will - Let His will be done in our lives!

gaoteote04: do you guys have a cd...really love ur ministry...God Bless...

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