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Fan Comments

Agalelei Tuuina: do yous have the lyrics for this song please?

Karen Moana Tuugasala: Praise God...

Jerome Chang-Ape: Love it

Grace Kami: Praise the lord 

Sime Luafalealo: Someone post up the lyrics please? appreciate it.

Dulcie Folasa: your pronunciation is disgusting. Sounds so wrong that it kills the song.

RichardzQueen: Randle rocking it.It is me Richards son.

RichardzQueen: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things threw Christ which strengthen
Me.God bless uso ma teine 

RichardzQueen: Seki a Samoa

Michael Ulugia: Amen God praise the Lord

Michael Ulugia: Hi

Terri Ah Kiau: Beautiful praise song. God be blessed

vannah sione -bruce: Awesome singing..Praise God for your talent that you are able to share with us..keep up the awesome singing that more hearts will be won for OUR ONE AND ONLY TRUE KING JESUS CHRIST..malo le galue mo le galuega a Lo tatou faaola..

Full GOSPEL G.O.V CHRISTAN CHURCH: Beautiful song first time I've herd it now it's on repeat praise GOD for all you beautiful vocals

Fabiola Hakula: Nice song 

Lucilla Filitoga: so good

LZ MOTO: Wow its been years since I listen to this. I really admire this song. 2016 

Flex Faasa: God bless you guys

Flex Faasa: I love it

Ash Ierome: Praise you God almighty

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Heart of Worship Ministry - Fia Vaai ia Oe 5 out of 5