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Daniela Martinez: Alexander >>>>♡

Sidonia Reynolds: It's sad when she try's walking

Joseph Reinek: A sixth grader sings this song waaayy better than you do btw

Kruno Vukelić: lady gaga is best and this video is nicee!!!

Rebecca Schlichting: I do love lady gaga

smol leyla: greyson chance sang it better

Ariadne Lilith: esta tipa siempre estuvo bien loca

Karla S4D: yo cante y cante mis viejos tiempos

Insanity Rises: video is weird song is good

Odyssey Cyber4x4: I Heard the 60s,70s,80s,when bands and artists wrote their own music and had to know how to play and sing
Musicians / Songwriters, known how to play musical instruments, and Singers sung and guitarist were good.
Now it's all REMIX Autotune, version no Comparison. Too bad, so sad.

HACHE: I didn't know that c3po make music.

Pink Cute: J'adore cette chanson ( je suis francaise ) .

MissJubeJulie: Pous Pous ! XD

Klaudia Wielgosz: WTF

guessaymi guessaymi: c'est nul

うじさと西国屋武蔵守: Is she bitch?

Rocky: loved this song before it was a video and or a Single...

• Miss Senpai •: 2009 Lady Gaga is so freaking beautiful (´﹃`)

Nakiya Zeigler: lady gaga had 08,09,10,11 on Lock nobody was freaking with her at those times missed them days 😟😟😪😪

Afablesotrue: My freaking god this brings back memories

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Lady Gaga - Paparazzi 5 out of 5