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quez nose jones Jones: 1.13 the old gaga

ขาว ทรัพย์เพิ่มพูน: ohmylike

Marvin Bautista: Lady Gaga Ilove an love forever

MusicVEV0: This should be in ASH

Mikako Okada: My thoughts of watching this when I was 6:
Cool money with her face on it!
Ewwww stop kissing!
Holy moly why did the man just push her off???
That gold suite must be heavy!
Is that shiny vomit or oil?
That poofy thing on her shoulder must be annoying!
(starts singing along)
Mickey Mouse! YASSSS!
Her lips look so round
Shiny teeth
Ice looks like plastic!
That pink drink looks yummy!
COOOOL she has a poison compartment in her ring! I want one!
The metal eye patch must hurt!
Why would she tell the police she killed her boyfriend!?

Mathilde Tailliez: je kiffe

xxxfam harzevoortxxx: oh my what boreng stupid

Stanley Wong: Her voice OhmyGod

Robert Ulbricht: for you my east wash stalker

Robert Ulbricht: for you my eastwash stalker

Cristian Estrada: Marzo 2016

jaydeear93: Even creeped me out at the ending because of the drums

jaydeear93: Creepy, when i was younger, when Lady Gaga fell down the building, I thought she was dead but wasnt and the Lady Gaga and the other people on the couch were licking each other

YOBLACKSON: now that i seen it again. I have gotten more uncomfortable of watching lady gaga's music videos. :I

Kia Terry: how does she get all these crazy outfits

Vanessa Lilienfelds: ilove GaGa

Aylin Suset Cruz Gutierrez: 😃😃😃😃😃😃

Mike Dawson: I gotta admit. When she first broke mainstream she was pretty edgy.

Diane Alexander: gaga dies by falling in real life , all my dreams come true

Steven Mendes: 152.046.305 v 04.03.16

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