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Oct 16 2014 by New songs
Carlos Augusto Silveira Pinto: Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

CLUTCH CITY: why does this bitch always come up with these spooky crazy ass videos ??? the whole world already knows shes a devil ! why keep showing it ???

amuna malik: שיר יפיוף


Holly H: Okay, so, this is obviously meant to be part one, and the 'Telephone' music video - where Beyonce breaks her out of prison - is meant to be part two. Does anybody know if there's a part three?

Kuba Piątek: What happened to her face ?

Sarah Lilian Johnston: I am only here for Alexander Skarsgard

Leah Mangan: Wdf what language is this in

Matt P.: "Hello, I've just killed my boyfriend" Toute ressemblance avec une personne réelle issue de la téléréalité ne serait que pure coïncidence Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

Awesome Diamond: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BEST SONG EVER!!!

Ele... F.: I can not believe that lady gaga murdered to Alexander Skarsgard just to make a music video, bitch!

CELESTE blue: JUST actress permormer and singer friend and mother

Asian Cheat Codes: wat happened? she died came back and killed him?

MillyEvelyn: Wait? In the beginning what languege?(how does languege spelled?) (how does spelled spelled?) Sry Im from Sweden.-Not good at English. It sounded like Swedish in the beginning.

Kaelie Richardson: What language r they speaking in the beginning of the video?

Milodarka Cicmil: I always like to listen to this song coz it's her last hit.

ItsaFemmeLife: i remember watching this when i was 11. it literally changed my life

alberto alonso: Am I the only one missing the old gaga?

Genie Krack: My favorite Lady Gaga song! :D *Paparazzi!*

chava donerson: What album is this on.

bananaiceberg: why haven't I realized before that they are speaking Swedish what's wrong with me

Ricardo Jataum: she as f****** bitch and hate this sound!

Hadil Bouslama: i hate you lady gaga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rubi Haro: i always loved lady gaga scence i was 4

Ayoub Mask: Is that Eric Northman, DAMN

JolinMinecrafter: The heck...

Vladimir Sánchez: What the hell is this? She's just another Illuminati and satanic bitch.. music for morons..

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun: Wait, Skarsgard... that's Bill Skarsgard's brother... Cool. It is interesting how her look has changed so much, she looked really young and ordinary with the straight long hair, now she actually looks like a woman

Vampira Dulce: Papa paparazzi 🎶✨💕

baby ninja: im kinda upset that she pretended to be paralyzed for the walking

Jaimee Marshall: The things I would do to him 

Julinces Sanchez: Okay.. thats y i switched to latin Freestyle music

Luli es kawaii.: What happened with you Gaga? Your not cool on your new videos! :(

1LoverComedy: It would be an honor and privilege to make out with then be murdered by Eric freaking Northman. 

Guadalupe Villareal: She's Lina's Fan!!

Damien Lannes: I'm not a papa.

Monster high dolls: it's so sexy 

TheLittlePurpleMoose: What's up with the Swedish talk in the beginning?

Milena Lange-hrycenko: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

Rainbow Muffin: She was like "I just killed my boyfriend😊" 

jabir hoque: i love this girl too muchhh . i still remember when she changed pop music industry . but recently she is doing well . but its oke every pop singer have their dark music era . lady gaga is now passing it . btw i know that she will be hit again best of luck gaga . without u music is nothing

Tvbv: Is she Illuminati?

Mbegu Moja: nice oh and I LOVE YOU GAGA

EhrmeZz Z: Je préfère la cover de Loïs Silvin, elle est tellement mieux chantée et douce. Allez jeter un coup d'œil, elle date mais on ne s'en lasse pas ;) Tchou !!! <3

Tim Hoyt: It's French at the beginning. NYK. :)

Min Yuan Chen: Now I realize that is Alexander Skargard (true blood)

Xylo Logic: I was a two year old pup when I started humping anything thinking of Lady Gaga. I stopped now that I was neutered. Damn you people. Damn you all.

BreadBasket .Baker: #ubsessed ive loved this song for 5 years

Hind Aladin: I'm re-watching this because I now realized who Alexander Skarsgard is

Alexender Thoriengton: NOW, I believe she is SAtanic

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