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Apr 04 2015 by Music agent
Lani Gee: That guy was from true blood 

thewazzup1997: This video is a prediction of her career. As you can see in the beginning, it showed that she was very famous and had tons of money. Then she "Hit Rock Bottom", which is when she lost fame and ARTPOP didn't sell many copies. When she was on a wheelchair , It showed her time during her hip surgery. Then, the newspaper read "Lady No More Gaga", which is when Lady Gaga started to sing Jazz with Tony Benett. At then end, we see the newspapers say "We Love Her Again" and "She's Back", which is when she returns to mainstream pop and starts dominating the charts in the future. I seriously can't wait!

Toby Rogers: I laughed so hard: "Do you trust me?" , "Of Course" *Throws you off a terrace*

Gege Dimandis: I kinda miss how weird she used to be. :(

hicarlox: like si hablas español y estas viendo este video

feelingtonights: like if you are watching in 2015

Jamell Watkins: Why does she look so different now

Shoko Shin: It is awesome. But feel sorrow a little. I love it, and I love Gaga.  #Gaga #paparazzi 

AylaxD: well I'm swedish but why are they talking swedish?

Gabriel Puerto: This bitch literally saw the freaking future!

PsychE: What language are they speaking at the beginning? Is that Norwegian or Danish?

liarfreak1: Am I the only straight man that thinks Lady Gaga is one today's best pop artists? This song is a parody of celebrity media, she's a frickin' genius for coming up with it.

Madisyn Owen: Like if you are watching in 1000045.

Nkeiru Nguyen: Jag tycker om när hon säger "puss puss" hahahaha

Aria Montgomery: I'm really jealous at the girls on the couch with Gaga .. I'm sure her tounge is like a cherry pie! ♥

Louis Felice: 04.05.15 : 128 010 850 Views 285 221 Likes 29 209 Dislikes 92 059 Comments

Leonel Pozo: Uno de los mejores vídeos que tiene Gaga, no es mi artista favorita pero admito que es excelente.

Renz Kerr: "Fun Fact: "Loving you is cherry pie” is a metaphor for sickening love because Lady Gaga is allergic to cherries"

João Marcos: French because I'm Brazilian from Sao Paulo, and here have so many people from France. ( sorry for my English ).

Glenn Ostrosky: #VoteTeamWildRose +CNN International #yeg #abvote #yyc Twitter +CBC Radio One 

fabricia castro:

Annee Chang: Does anyone know what language she is speaking?


jabir hoque: That bitch can saw her future sure

Стасян Петросян: gaga for all time/sorry my english iis very bed/ur are greatest from the great.magic,the witcher,russian peoples not so bed/ Freedoms gays . many very peoples mind with i am .

Cristina Chilgevorkyan: Gevorkjajas daughter

Lautip electrohouselove: Someone can tell me why some ppl say what this song say the future of the carrer of.lady gg?

Dominique Stitts: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi:

Judy Kortum: LOVE THAT GAGA AND THIS VIDEO Lady Gaga - Paparazzi:

Lubna B: 6.05 - 6.12 - Gaga at her creepiest. Good song though

Krystle 253.455.5559: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi:

Amy Rosanova: Hey! I recognize those red drinks! THAT'S BY NEURO!!!

BryanAndProud: ►► *Will any of you guys help a little monster out by trying to get me to 100 subs?* ◄◄ <3 just trying to live my dream one step at a time

Clint Parsons: Her flip-up glasses are sunglasses over corrective lenses when she first walks in on crutches,but in the end her glasses are tinted-over-tinted sunglasses. I wonder the significance.

ChikiBravi: Monsters! Al parecer hay una nueva campaña para subir las reproducciones G.U.Y An ARTPOP film. El día en el que todos deberían reproducir muchas veces el video de 12 minutos es este VIERNES 16 DE FEBRERO, en 4 días. Por favor pasen la voz por todos los lugares que puedan y recuerden CERRAR sus cuentas de youtube/vevo antes de reproducirlos y REFRESCAR (F5) la página para ver el video, NO "replay". 

lovatic smile: yıl 2015 ve hala izliyorum <3

ana lucia Puente: hablo latino y estoy escuchando la musica pero no el video

Ta Tho: Just kidding you are coool

yoni daniel chacon gomez: En la violencia y la música porno Gaga es especialista me gusta esa mierda debería hacer videos así mas seguido y el toque especial la música porno.

Rose Valentine: thank god for alexander skarsgard

Wizarding Ice: Imagine if she gets framed for murder then comes back to pop..

BuyARTPUP: I wish this video was in HD :(

Albert Castillo: I don't know why but I think Lady Gaga's character and story on American Horror Story: Hotel gonna be like this. 

david aryo: koyok balon kon cok haha

Andrea Nicole Barra: Did she date Alexander Skarsdale The Eric. Northman of true blood

Jonathan Moore: We have to get to a point were everyday tasks are not glamorized. After all that is what social media is about. Or at least what it was invented to do CNN. 

Mai MuMu: We are the crowd We're c-coming out Got my flash on it's true Need that picture of you It's so magical We'd be so fantastical Leather and jeans We're rock glamorous Not sure what it means But this photo of us It don't have a price Ready for those flashing lights Cause you know that baby I [Chorus] I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me Papa-paparazzi Baby there's no other superstar You know that I'll be Your papa-paparazzi Promise I'll be kind But I won't stop until that boy is mine Baby you'll be famous Chase you down until you love me Papa-paparazzi I'll be a girl backstage at your show Velvet ropes and guitars Yeah 'cause you're my Rockstar in between the sets Eyeliner and cigarettes Shadow is burnt Yellow dance and we turn My lashes are dry Purple teardrops I cry it don't have a price Loving you is cherry pie 'Cause you know that baby I [Chorus] Real good (We're dancing in the studio) Snap snap to (That crap on the radio) Don't stop (For anyone) We're plastic but we still have fun! [Chorus] Read more: Lady GaGa - Paparazzi Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Evandria Williams: The beginning is a depiction of how she killed Lina Morgana in order to gain publicity. Do your research people. Lina died by suicide, supposedly falling off a hotel cliff and gaga quickly rose to fame. Gaga was supposed to be her backup singer. Lina was known for her eccentric style before gaga stole her look. Read about it guys. Gaga, you'll pay!

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