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Jun 08 2014 by New Music
Kyoko Sakura: I can so imagine Homura singing this to Madoka

1LoverComedy: It would be an honor and privilege to make out with then be murdered by Eric freaking Northman. 

Shane Grady: This always just screamed PERFECT to me!

WildWolf Tunisia: what language they spaek 

emocrem0: Karma is a bitch and it's called Lina Morgana.

TheLittlePurpleMoose: What's up with the Swedish talk in the beginning?

ItsaFemmeLife: i remember watching this when i was 11. it literally changed my life

juliaroxall: im just laughing at the spontaneous choreography throughout the video LOL 

zanemahmoud2123: Yo guys I have maked the first Bass Boost version of this song Check mine Channel!! Thanks

BradDaMan: Happy birthday Lady gaga :D Fun fact about Lady Gaga: Did u know she is only 5'1" tall? I always thought she was much taller!

MattyBLoverUTube123: I heard this song on my Dsi on flip note hatena(I have a 3ds Xl now) and this song was on many flip notes and soooo many ppl downloaded it and I finally goin t after these years 😱😱😱😱

BloodConfetti: This is the Gaga I like.

Milodarka Cicmil: I always like to listen to this song coz it's her last hit.

Dins Barnett: Promise I'll be kind But I won't stop until that boy is mine Baby you'll be famous Chase you down until you love me...

Samantha Nyarko: Alexander Skarsgard is so hot #sexy #swedish 

Eugene Krack: My favorite Lady Gaga song! :D *Paparazzi!*

Lovatic Neon Warrior: Hey little monsters come check my channel I just uploaded a megamix I did of gaga biggest hits from the fame and Born this way

~Nerds&Cupcakez~: im never gonna watch another lady gaga music vid. it scares me.

Tom Matthews: I love lady gaga and this song, but what is her obsession with killing men. She does it in 3 vids. If a man did a video with a scene killing a woman, then the world would be in meltdown shock horror. Again, only seen as sexist when men do it!

Claudia Dimas: She was butifol

vincentpol: over 2 min to start a song...cmon now.

dark mephiles: Who's listening to this in 2014?

adogandi: Memories of driving home from high school, blaring this as I fly down the high way with the windows down.

diamentowa123: 4:13 women or men?

HDShakeItUpHD: Happy birthday Lady gaga :D Fun fact about Lady Gaga: Did u know she is in the illuminati? 

Gun: Back when Lady Gaga was good.

Jasmina Susak: Check out my speed color drawing of Gaga ^_^

joseph terry: Ohhhh crap. It's Eric.

kaylyn mckintyre: coooooooooooool

Jane arkensaweverlastingkiller: Man in the beginning, freak you

daniel3231995: The first time I heard this song, I thought she was saying "Papa Nazi". xD 

Gris Ibarra: Soo he dosen't love her?what the hell is video about ( I love lady gaga)

giannis999999999: Back then she was cute

Insanity "Insane" Dreams: I can't believe they have to edit some parts off this video 

Athena Spaceheroes: She sings kind of annoying, it's a good song though.

DaiyaChan - SUBARASHII: She's so freakin perfect GOD DAMMIT

JJ Taurus: If I watched this video an hour ago what year do you think it is 

Dreigonix: This sounds like Judas, only more yandere.

Dirty Harry: The song that raised her above the legion of Madonnabes.

little Sanchez: paparazzi

mladj0 barstronk: Well she went to prison in this video and she escape at ''cellphone'' video with help of beyonce :D right ?

Antonio Rangel: To me this is more ARTPOP.

Edgar Rivera: Love Live And also Take

Becca Sail: I'm ur biggdst fan I'm 9 yrs.of age

xxnathan18xx1: she look more beuteafull in this style

Kathi Chambers: Aww she was so young here,and her style was more playful than it is now.

Brigit Despofitte: Why does Gaga always have to kill man in her videos ? o.O

MrRoyalMonster: My favorite Part 5:50 I Love this video 

kicksstarr: Gaga is such a star. She brought back the "music video" with Paparazzi, and then cementing her place in pop culture with Bad Romance, there is no other like her.

Coolian: Why her dancers are dancing really cool in here and they suck on live? 

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