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JEMOED ER: police - 911 emergency...
                       hello...lady gaga -i just killed my boyfriendnewspaper- she is innocentman what happend to the police???

Regine Farhadi: I love how she always have to kill someone in her videos:D

Makiyah Flynn: lady goga is kind of stupid . if a boy asks do you trust me something is going to happen

ARA CHOI: kiss kiss😙😗😘

BlitzTheWolf 134: what language were they speaking...polish? russian? i dont know it didnt sound like french, or was it????? WHATS THE freakING LANGUAGE

Your Stalker: and this is how she ended up in prison and the song "Telephone" started.. xD

Faiza Bensadok: what is this lady

ARA CHOI: Eh? no more LADY GAGA? but LADY GAGA is not die???😕😵😲

Blind Maiden: Yandere as freak

Andrs Casas: 2009 had the best music of the in year 2000 for sure

NicholasNicholss FeathermanFeatherman: I am your favorite fran

Paulina Garcia: <3

Paulina Garcia: <3

boladaoxp: can someone take me back to 2009 please

bootey bandet: I guess the beginning "bed to balcony scene" was supposed to be sexy, but I didn't get that vibe at all quite the opposite. Idk but to me Gaga kinda looks like a midget that grew...also when she said "puss puss" I burst out laughing...

kawaiicherry 2002: yandere 😂😂😂

MoonGoddessFox: TRUE blood's Eric is the bf in this

ariana grande my favorite singer: les Bian _ lady gaga

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