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Sep 05 2014 by Music agent

Awesome Diamond: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BEST SONG EVER!!!

CELESTE blue: JUST actress permormer and singer friend and mother

Asian Cheat Codes: wat happened? she died came back and killed him?

MillyEvelyn: Wait? In the beginning what languege?(how does languege spelled?) (how does spelled spelled?) Sry Im from Sweden.-Not good at English. It sounded like Swedish in the beginning.

Milodarka Cicmil: I always like to listen to this song coz it's her last hit.

ItsaFemmeLife: i remember watching this when i was 11. it literally changed my life

Eugene Krack: My favorite Lady Gaga song! :D *Paparazzi!*

alberto alonso: Am I the only one missing the old gaga?

Kyoko Sakura: I can so imagine Homura singing this to Madoka

1LoverComedy: It would be an honor and privilege to make out with then be murdered by Eric freaking Northman. 

TheLittlePurpleMoose: What's up with the Swedish talk in the beginning?

~Nerds&Cupcakez~: im never gonna watch another lady gaga music vid. it scares me.

JJ Taurus: If I watched this video an hour ago what year do you think it is 

Becca Sail: I'm ur biggdst fan I'm 9 yrs.of age

juliaroxall: im just laughing at the spontaneous choreography throughout the video LOL 

diamentowa123: 4:13 women or men?

Gris Ibarra: Soo he dosen't love her?what the hell is video about ( I love lady gaga)

kicksstarr: Gaga is such a star. She brought back the "music video" with Paparazzi, and then cementing her place in pop culture with Bad Romance, there is no other like her.

Mbegu Moja: nice oh and I LOVE YOU GAGA

EhrmeZz Z: Je préfère la cover de Loïs Silvin, elle est tellement mieux chantée et douce. Allez jeter un coup d'œil, elle date mais on ne s'en lasse pas ;) Tchou !!! <3

Ele... F.: I can not believe that lady gaga murdered to Alexander Skarsgard just to make a music video, bitch!

Kaelie Richardson: I don't understand why that guy pushed her off the porch


David Ortega: This is the lady freaking gaga that i love! 

akira choy: esta tia m encanta esta mas loca yo creo q ella es muy creativa tiene mucha imaginacion

llaemma: its like she has a lolipop in her hair i want to lick her hair now

zoe mortes: I am trying to get a boy's attention but it's not working

CLUTCH CITY: why does this bitch always come up with these spooky crazy ass videos ??? the whole world already knows shes a devil ! why keep showing it ???

PhoenixAsh: penciles and vaginies.

Leonida Spartano: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi:

Nicolò Cenci: that guy is a mad,, gaga falled in love with him and he rifiuted her cuz he sayd that she was fat...

Daisy Mae Betteridge: literally only watch this for the skarsgard...

Galedra19: only 480p? pfff

Brigit Despofitte: Why does Gaga always have to kill man in her videos ? o.O

Tim Hoyt: It's French at the beginning. NYK. :)

Min Yuan Chen: Now I realize that is Alexander Skargard (true blood)

sukunya tadee: I love Alexander Skarsgard

Sophia TV: thats disgusting

Jessica Phạm: The boyfriend is Eric Nothman in True Blood right?

karlstens: so disquisting

abby harmony: that Eric from True Blood?!?

Alexender Thoriengton: NOW, I believe she is SAtanic

Maaz Sharief: My Cousin lives in that house...

Squirt Sloppy: I don't understand, why did he throw her off?

Michaelae palmore: I love this song but I must be weird

Maya 4698: i love te song but the vido is weird. lol

Tarek samir: she looks like a dirty bitch i hate laddy freaking gaga she is lesbien and massonic

Mohamad al-khulaifi: this video is just porn and Illuminati all the way

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