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Mar 25 2014 by MP3
mathieu antonin: cool

makrolonoffical: Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! Paparazzi!

Imanova Papillon: Sound a little bit like gwen stefani 

Shawnie Marie: Gaga's early music was the shhhhhhh........and then she got too full of herself. Her latest music will never compare to her first album. I say this as a megafan, not a hater.

HDShakeItUpHD: Happy birthday Lady gaga :D Fun fact about Lady Gaga: Did u know she is in the illuminati? 

BradDaMan: Happy birthday Lady gaga :D Fun fact about Lady Gaga: Did u know she is only 5'1" tall? I always thought she was much taller!

MsQueenB2: Happy Birthday Gaga!!

Bruno Rivas: There's no doubt that she is extremely talented, but it's funny that's she's critizing how people do everything to be famous today, and it's kind of what she does. I mean, having someone puking on you on stage, when she released an album that is not being too commented by the media, is kind of a way to be on news again in my opinion...

emocrem0: Karma is a bitch and it's called Lina Morgana.

Luz Mabare: One of the best of Gaga

little Sanchez: paparazzi

Ryan Garloff: Is it just me or does it look like Lady Gaga had a nose job?

MrChrick2: This video would be perfect in HD! ç__ç

atakan gezirlik: freak you lady gaga!!

James Red: Her mouth is perfect! I just want to kiss her lol

NINA RICCI: I love it very good!!! :)))

Zofia Zajączkowska: The best is the chorus!

SakuraBlossoms1111: Omg it's Eric!! Lol

Daša Petrič: What language is that?? :O

Focus Force Pictures: disgusting video clip especially the mickey mouse scene, angry of the jahh haaa sound in background during choir ( 4:35 4:44 4:51 ) 

Lukas Osterkamp: I also celebrate my birthday the same day as her!!!!!! :-):-):-):-):-)

Yomamalikesbacon: I prefer her older songs like this and poker face to her new ones personally. Still love her though. 

Cathy D.: This is what rich people do who can't sing.

Globalizing: She is so amazing <3

Danielle Saddleman: Ok

karine landrin: pute de satan

Tillsmin CP: Lady Gaga was awarded for best videos! I think...

Iansir McFadden: If she started to write and sing songs Like this again that would be freaking AWESOME!!!

jay lava: with all that money get a nose job lady............jeeeeeezuz.

Susan Grover: freak you darkshadow162

Dina Celine Grubbe: OMG she talks in Swedish! xD im from Norway so i think this is hilarious xD 

Bryan Sierra: "THE NEW IT GIRL"

sheyla guzman: feliz cumpleaños GAGA!!!!! 

happy lovely: i love gaga

lemodelemo: My favorite ever since I used to listen to this on the radio 😝

devora dora: Gaga´s kitty.

Suck Bitc-h: Queen s2

gabriela solano: #ladygagavevo porno

nisa_vill: Happy birthday my goddess of love!!! I love u so much, u mean everything to me! This was the first song ive ever listened to u. And im glad i heard it, or else i wud have never fell in love for u. HAPPY BIRTHDAYFROM CALIFORNIA! +Lady Gaga

Lee Harrison: This is one of the stupidest videos that i have ever watched!!! Sing stupid crap and get millions of views!!! Sing KNOWLEDGE like "DISL AUTOMATIC" and dumbasses don't know what to do...

Wulfer Cosovo: I'm an Architect, and i considered if i gotta build a place for gaga, i must leave the door over than 250 cm for 2 human 1 wheelchair to walk in lol

Derrick Bryant: Happy Birthday,Gaga!

Erika Morel: Alexander Skarsgard... <3<3<3 Whaouh !!!!!


Estrella Almendras: That's what he gets!! (kinda..)

Jeff Pierson: Can somone make a video with this song mashed up with the Dallas String Quartet version of this?

MAJORLYCL3VER: she needs another song/video like this, so bad asssssss

Zanessa757: happy birthday queen <3


Unidentified Solar Flare: Happy birthday lady Gaga!

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