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Hannah Meaker: still like this song and am i the only one that love this music video because of alexander scarsgard

Blu ;D: she's pretty good at swedish.

Joana Pfeiffer: Sept. 2017?

SlowCLP YT: 1:55 RIP

SlowCLP YT: Besh em you beggest Fap until you freak me freak me freak me jerry!!

tahjai white: 6:49 must go down in history as one of the best endings of a music video in our time. ICONIC!

Wuender Correia: alguns brasileiro curti ae??

Katherine Mansfield: 2:30

Stephanie Slozberg: Who's watching in August 2017

Mary Harutyunyan: I remember being 10 or something and watching gaga videos, what did you expect me to become?

yo Rafaela Vargas: Iady love

Yaminou Oyeossi: love this song

Ch1lya PRO: 2017 год здесь?)

amxlix Schnxllxcke: Starts at 4:47

Darren Pimlott: I never get bored of lady gaga as she is my fave singer

Day Dreamer: I can't be the only one who got here because of Punch a Nazi, right?

Super Girl: Tragacanth and I can see you on your flight

Dhee Jhey: 2017?😍😍

ThisIsEvan717: I remember the video being more exciting and more shots, the story is amazing, but each chorus is just one shot pretty much.

Bernard Latson: Honestly she slayed the fashion!
I was in 9th grade and gay af.

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Lady Gaga - Paparazzi 5 out of 5