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Dec 21 2014 by Download
ZooKue94: Are you from Tampa, Florida?? How am I just now learning about this??

yaj tub ceeb: chuc thành công như ý nhé anh chị, you will succesefully I hope

ncigntujyang: omg...let he love yo.

vajruam: @kellyluvsvic haha! kewl yea thats the first time i heard this song too gloria is my sister

m0nkeybizness: the lyrics of this song touches my heart... thank you for sharing your blessings with all of us. :)

Newbie Face: Song is about most of your hart and with souls so you may think of it.

vajruam: @kellyluvsvic hey was it watson and gloria's wedding? cuz marco sang it with mai li from san diego there

Lesile Vang: Love this song <33333333333333

nplejxyoojcindyxiong: hey cuz as fast as you can can you send meh the lyrics? ahaha i want them for a talent show ahaha i just adore this song ahaha plz thanx -Cindy Xiong-

yepper1: aww,,,marco...i wonder if he does any duet with james and vangsue......anymore.....i miss those guys....

yellowladee: Come to MN!!!! ..where can I buy your cd?

Lia Yang: Woohoo me like more like its

Tou Moua: Dang. You have a amazing awesome voice !

tigerjohnx: Great voice. Well done...

Julie Yang: I really-REALLY love this song. Keep up the great work.

LoveBeautifulAnna: Are there lyrics to this song?

TsoTauRaum93: i dislike the yexus shiet man

myhomeboi: scroll ya jesues crap crap..

Renee Vang: love your voice

souldr3am: omg kristine!!!! i am in love with ur songs! giving me the chills!!! hehehe.....so tell me & give me a lil info on how i can purchase a copy!!!

chie y.: When did you start singing and going live? Are you well known in the Hmong community?

jrtlove: Absolutely love love love Marko's voice! Please let me know if he has other songs.

hmglor: dam seriously? the song was great and all but about jesus? why cant it just be love or something.. now it sucks ass...

Justin Lo: This song says it all...this is a true song. Good Job! =) Praise Him

VajLuShEs: Great song. No pics of Marko?

xxmzjadedxx: beautiful.

mailis01: im glad that there are no dislike soo FAR cause this song is GREAT!!

outtah: Can someone please do an instrumental for this song...IM SO EXCITED FOR HER 3RD ALBUM...CANT WAIT TO GET IT....

nplejxyoojcindyxiong: LOve IT

lisa lor: MMmmMm soothing <3

Richard Vang: You dnt have the instrumental??

ymv vmy: Where can I purchase your album?

niam txiv: my gosh.. I love the song, but sorry, I am not interested in Christian song. It's just doesn't feel right talking about loving Jesus. You people need to remember who born you. I swear, when did Hmong people became so freaking religious? This song is confusing. About jesus the next, then lover the next? Just lose a fan.

starchinksta: Lovely! I fell in love with this song ;D

kpopiseverything♥: Hi (: Could you upload the instrumental ? Thanks (:

tusfuggernut: My sister was wondering if you have the music for this song?

missmikeyxyooj: Hi Kristine, i bought your alumn in Tampa when you where ther for the annual conference; i love your new albumn; i love this song "yog tsis muaj tagkis"...its a beautiful song....but i have to say i am in love with Marko's voice. Does he have his own albumn?

Gao Shoua Vang: Idk If You've Done This Song Yet But Do You Mind Doing Just For Love ?

GrEeNhLuBkOj: wow i love this song. it's great.

girl: Kristine, you are such a beautiful young lady. I am very inspired by you. Keep up the good work! I just had to let you know :)

Kristine Xiong: @KoomTxajTsisKoomChaw... Thank you for sjaring your beautiful story with me, I'm blessed to hear that my song was able to bring you back good memories...thanks for the support, take care and god bless. -kristine-

iloveyexus: Love it! All your songs are beatiful.

msnaly: Beautiful song. I'm planning on making a cover on this song!

Naley Vang: aww Kristine. simply beautiful. Marko and you make me want to be in love. haha. its me, naley.

Kristine Xiong: Hi kaomai... thank you for your encouraging words...i'm honored to hear that my song has made you fall in love with your husband again! god bless you both!

missbuttervang: omg! where can i get the album?? and does it have instrumental with it??

Trisha Xiong: I really like this song. You both have a really good voice. Do you have the lyrics to it? (:

Jason Thao: hello kristine, i would like the lyrics if you dont mind. i wanna do a cover and maybe along the way sing it for a wedding

hai vang: where can I order your album from?

JustAHmongKid: Hmong John Mayer!

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