'Yog Tsis Muaj Tagkis' By: Kristine Xiong Ft. Marko Yang Music Video for Free!

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Mr Vang: Wow this song really hits me hard...ty kristine for new album. I love it! I can't get the links you provided to open on my computer. Is there any other way for me to order this new album?

keke ying: Sorry but Kristie, your voice is too beautiful to sing with this guy's voice. You need to pair up with a better guy vocalist.

ZooKue94: Are you from Tampa, Florida?? How am I just now learning about this??

yaj tub ceeb: chuc thành công như ý nhé anh chị, you will succesefully I hope

ncigntujyang: omg...let he love yo.

Deeb Lee: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plangmo: Hi Kristine, I just recently purchased your instrumental; however, I can not find where I can listen to the instrumental.

3DirtyKid3: marko sounds black lol

Tsengcheng Xiong: Chords?

jrtlove: Absolutely love love love Marko's voice! Please let me know if he has other songs.

Tomis17: I really like this song. I love the fact that it talks about love between a man and a woman but more importantly it talks about the love God has for us. Those of you who have no appreciation for God, I hope one day you will realize that without God, everything is meaningless. All the money in world, all the fame, and all the material goods on Earth cannot save you until you realize God's true love for you.

N Xiong: niam txiv- it appears that even in your comments you are contradicting yourself. This beautiful song simply talks about a couple expressing their deepest feelings for eachother if there was no tomorrow. God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and they are giving praise for the love that God has given them. Don't forget that Jesus is the one who died on the cross so that you can have life. Being Hmong has nothing to do an individuals belief.

niam txiv: my gosh.. I love the song, but sorry, I am not interested in Christian song. It's just doesn't feel right talking about loving Jesus. You people need to remember who born you. I swear, when did Hmong people became so freaking religious? This song is confusing. About jesus the next, then lover the next? Just lose a fan.

Richard Vang: You dnt have the instrumental??

Kue Her: We played this song at my brother in law funeral in sacramento,ca last year in November. I still see images of him singing and playing his quitar. What a great man he was.. Thank you for this song.

myhomeboi: scroll ya jesues crap crap..

Lee: love

VajLuShEs: Great song. No pics of Marko?

Nicole Kok: so good love it!!!

Lia Yang: Woohoo me like more like its

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