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Apr 27 2015 by MP3 Download
Bob Johnson: First of all hahahhahahahhaha who makes a song saying Cherta Ye and they way the pronounce it in this song is Cher ta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. LOOl Khobona Ne razi like Really man you aint gona sleep coz of that reason. Nutty Geeza

Mmm UK: Charta ye. Pa toilet ke de.

Sher Bahadar Khan: Very nice voice mashallah. Deera khaista da. 

Bl0odDot: Crap lyrics. Everything else is there but the lyrics are garbage.

Mmm UK: Alam ohk as innuk erakhk.

afgwaziriprincess kitty: Beautiful song

Sher Bahadar Khan: Nice song it pakistani and this song is pashto ok and good translate. 

danish .iqbal: nice song


hamidullah amini: Sam shayan did marra. Da se rakam alfaz estrmalaye. Charta ye, pase matiza!

kabir ullah: Check out this video on YouTube:

jamal pushtun: these are not pashtoon


S Khan: fantastic 

phan like: Wowowowo men u guys make me proud of thank u for english lyric

jaeeinam inamjaee: Nice song i't ;)

Azad Khan: god bless you guys

hotashes nono: Keep it up boys I know you're all pashtons im very happy that we have some good singers in our ppl I'm giving you a 3 ☆☆☆ :*(

zerö cööl: wtf random bullcrap poetry (shairy) big dislike to this song

sheen kliwal: واه واه ښکلی سندره

Ali Khalil: My best song 

Muhammad Nasir: nICE

Nadeem Ahmad: Der kha zwanano manam kana awo kana maxi cherta ey yar

Fahad Amin: Pint

RAFI MIAKHAN: dagha saie wawa cheri talie waie...

Rodriguinho Zamarayam: alguién me puede decir como se llama el instrumento musical, por favor, gracias

Waqas Noor: keep it up guys :)

hafeez khan: Shinwary

Mira Ajmi: Can someone please write the Pashto lyrics: aahh, Cherta ye, Cherta ye! aahh, cherta ye, cherta ye! Cherta ye, cherta ye. ....???? What more?

shani khattak: Check out this video on YouTube:

dawood afridi: very nice

hamid hayat: Boys your voices have attraction and do not spoil them in the challanging environment of pakhtoonkhwa.YOUR VOICES ARE COMBINATIONS OF AFGHAN AND KPK MUSIC.

jamal saeed: Awesome song (Y) 

bara teodora: hahaha

Pathan pakistani: Pashtoons are from Gujarat, India. The pashtoons sold their imans to the british and it was the bristish who brought them to power. The pashtoons have been in power because they're willing to sell their iman and their Namoos ie.mothers/sisters to the foreign powers. The pashtoon king doost muhmmed khan sold peshwar to the british india. The pashtoon king abdur rahman khan made afgahnistan semi-autonomous in echange for british aid. The pashtoon king shir ali khan sold tajikistan to szras of russia. the pashtoons were allies with the Russian. Babrak Karmal, Hafizullah Aimen And Duawad, Nurmuhammed Taraki (all pashtoons) who hated islam and insulted Prophet Muhemmed= were Presidents during russians invasion of afghanistan. King Zahir Shah, pashtoons call him Baba Mulat but Zahir Shah forced his wife to take her Hijab off and forced her to show her breast and dress like western people. Zahir sha's wife did not wear hijab. and he passed a law to force all afghan women in government adminsterations to take their hijab off. But pashttons still call him Baba. Are you people not muslims. Gulbeden Hukmatyar was salafi who killed half a million people and he was following orders from our pakistani government and as a Pathan (pakistani) i think that was wrong. Karzai a Pashtoon sold his iman/ namoos/ land to the americans and conspired with the americans to kill muslims in afghanistan (Tajiks/Uzbecks) and Pathans in Pkaistan. Ashraf ghhni is a communist who went to exile when the Mujaheedens (tajiks) took power. Ashraf ghnais wife is an american CHRISTIAN that means his children are christians and half americans. This is why I think Pashtoons are not muslims but just Minafooqs who pretend to be muslim in order to avoid persecution. If you were a muslim you would not be proud of Ashraf Ghani who is a non muslim and his chidlren are christians. This is why Pashtoons been dominating afghanistan since the bristish because the pashtoons sell their religion, namoos, iman in order to be in power. The tajiks were in power prior to British invasion of afghanistan At that time afghanistan was called Khorasan and it was the tajiks who were in power. Khorasan (tajiks) had an empire. Taliban are pashtoons who are wahiabis are going around killing peopl/ blowing up bombs/ blowing mosques/ schools and they take orders from the wahabis in sudai arabi. This is why you people are never muslims. Ashraf Ghani and Muhammed Atmar (both pashtoons )signed the bilateral agreement to allow American and Nato soldiers in afghanistan= so your country is not an indpendent country. pashtoons sold their freedom and independence in exchange for dollars. I am a Pathan from Peshawwr and consider myslef first of all a Sunni muslim and secondly a Pakistani. We have 16million peshwaris who speak pasthoo pathans in pakistan. If anyone can claim ownership of Pashtoo language and culture it's the Pathans. Pathans and Pashtoons are two different things Pathans are respected around the world. Pathan means having ghirat, being a muslim, not killing innocent people/blwoing schools and hospitals and schools like the taliban do (pashtoons). Pathans do not conspire with the Americans/ russians or Bristish like pashtoons have done and continue to do so. if pathans did what you pashtoons are doing we will also be in power in pakistan but we are muslims not nationaliist like pashtoons who sell their religion in order to be in power. Theres a saying from the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) that who ever is a nationalist will eat their brother's geniatls in the day of jugement.May be pashtoons dont believe in prophet Muhammed if tthey did they would not blow up primary schools and mosques. Pathans are pakistanis. we are not related to you gujrati gypsies from india. Jan Jan pakistan .salam alikum

Bashir Durrani: Zabar10 Diraa KHOKULAI Sandara Sangeen Kakar

hejrat shafi: i love all pashto singers and i believe they are Afghans 

mohsin khan: Nice song I like it so much

balouchistan watan: pakhtuns are slaves of the british, americans and arabs.

Mumtazeera Begum: Iii lyk songs with the English titles it's very easy to understand me love it keep it up boys xx

tallib Khan: the best song chartai ye

atta sherani: nice song mara doostho

PASHTUN UNITY: likeeeeeeeeee and five star

Asif khan ziruki ziruki: Nice songs llllllllllll

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