Pashto New Song 2012 - Charta Ye By Amir And Tahir The Band Music Video for Free!

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Ihtisham shami: khqoly music

Aalya Ashraf: shukar a translation a. aala song a

Hayat Khan: wawaawawawawa der khond woko

Jennifer Khan: der kha

Malalai Amiri: nice love it waiting for new songs 😊

Javeed Jabarkhail: I love that because in English translation thanks everyone

tahir khan: tshirkhan

Fazal Hadi: nice

syed taha AHMED: nice song

syed taha AHMED: please add eng or urdu translation along with pashto script

syed taha AHMED: yar pashtu songs nein start pr music knsy instrument ka hota hai.

Tariqshah Khan: Beautifull

Tariqshah Khan: Beautifull

Rashid Jan: Try understand the conspiracy of world politician,,you are un aware of history read history learn politics its in quran politics help you whats happening around you what ppl planning what world thinking about you,,,

Rashid Jan: There is no afghan pakistan pathan or one cast dont forget pakistani pashtoon your root arise from afghanistan then how can u say bad to afganis they are our real identity this is political game dont hat afghani america create conflict between different cast and nation you know the famous slogan of british and america is still alive"larawo or hukumat karo" so plzzz stop this hatred

Rashid Jan: Great go ahead khan

Bala Khan: I love this song 😍😍😍😍

Kifayat Khan Sherani: charta song so so so so nice song

Kifayat Khan Sherani: riple song

Kifayat Khan Sherani: wow nice song

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Pashto New Song 2012 - Charta Ye By Amir And Tahir The Band 5 out of 5