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Oct 14 2014 by New songs
Gloria Whitaker: Debra Snipes & The Angels - Dont Call The Roll (R…:

David Anderson: I like this song

Mechelle Graham: Debra Snipes & The Angels - Dont Call The Roll (R…:

easter bowman: This is my song

veeslocks: This song touches my very Soul..Don't Call The Roll Till I Get There..I'm Coming Lord!

Mechelle Graham: Love this song

Rebecca P urvis: Love this song 

Telicia Stokes: Seek juses

Jamaya Wimberly: Listen to dis every since I was lil

Kiara Holt: I love this song

Mary Kate Clark: I love this song <3 <3 <3

malik phillips: i love 

Emma L Walker: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!! The Lord is awesome!!!! One of my favorite songs!! May the LORD bless you Debra, always!!

G F F Hill: Now that is some rockin Gospel music

Kennin Fulton: O yue

JAMES BLACK: Debra Snipes & The Angels - Dont Call The Roll (R…:

Sara Wallace: This song makes me move

Doris Johnson: My God, myGod don't call the roll.

Debresha Cody: Love this song 

Celestine Holmes: all love

Kennin Fulton: O yeah

Sabrina Benoit: Love this song

Sara Wallace: This song makes me move.

Alana Robinson: Sing it now

Michele Marion: Love this song

Jamira Graham: I like to sing this song some time and Church

Deborah Miller Bray: Oh my word how wonderful. 

revchris2015: I love this song

annreed336: This song is soo true!

IsabelleAndLordJesus: Amennnnn.....


Brenasia Thomas: I like this video

dumasracing: Could you do Debra Snipes Standing On The Promises Of God

seabreaze56: Me & my step dad love this song. I love haing a sing a long with him

cassandra stribling: Amen I Love This Song So VERY much

quandarius80: Love this song

DiamondPrincess3100: AMEN!! I love this song!!!

TheBaroness65: It's DON"T CALL THE ROLL

Gary Robinson: I Love it. I Will Play This Song On the Jus Being Real Gospel Show

Starbie Grozay: Dont sign my name til I get there I love this song!

mariereddick54: Luv it


joannajackson7: Loving this OLD School song <3 <3 <3

444CCarter: Hey Could you try to get Jesus Didn't Leave me alone by Debra Snipes and Mind on the Lord By debra snipes thank you and i love this don't call the roll please get as much debra as possible

Tete B: I love this song, one of my favorites..

21Sweetopti: Tthis song was in the slideshow at my Grandma's funeral, it was so beautiful and many people were singing the song at the end too. haha it was a blessing

mcquay16ify: My granny loves this song

mookie yancey: 1 of my great grandpa favorite songs rip

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Debra Snipes & The Angels - Dont Call The Roll (Row) 4.8 out of 5