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Demeetress Longmire: To Nita B.  You can find the original song on you tube by the consolers.

NITA B: Hello, do anyone have the song " Give me my Flowers" updated with the tune. Im to sing it @ my Pastor appreciation day. First time ever hearing about the song. someone please helppp :). Any would be appreciated

Viola fryson: I love all Debra Snipes music because they are easy to learn and inspirational.

cynthia williams: Like

Vernell Hartsfield: amen !!

Deandre Gibbs: I love this song my friend sing this song over his mama at her funeral

James Rainey: Love the song

nancy lavergne: Beautiful inspiring song!!!!

Tray Watson: Thank you

Jacqueline Scott: I love this song........

Iamthatiamgrace: ALL BY MYSELF! LORD.

Breniya Scott : GOOD SONG......

Rose Fulse: Rose

Sharon Clark: Thank you I can't answer for nobody me lord

Jonathan Stokes: I love this song!

Shamair Snipes: Debra snipes is my auntie

Modesty Ephord: I love the Lord her song is so encouragen and anointed. Praise God .

Takia Miles:

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